V-Pec: Kathleen’s frustrations

Kathleen is in a bit of a cranky mood looking back at memories this time.


QfA: The Maze Quest

Christine: Hey everyone! And welcome back to the Quest for Adventure! Last episode we got to meet this seasons guest Questers as they entered the house to begin their journey. We gave them three days to get settled in and get to know each other before we sprung the first quest on them. For those … Continue reading QfA: The Maze Quest

ISBI: Current Family Tree

https://app.theplumtreeapp.com/public.html#5b7991f876eb8e000f2a72bc Posting the link as a link, because the embedding code doesn't actually work. I wanted to post this family tree to show what I've been doing and why this story has been on such a long hiatus. (Besides the Side stories with Antwan's Scrapbook pages and the youtube videos I've made... ) I'm working … Continue reading ISBI: Current Family Tree