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MST: Intermediate School Blues

Gino has accepted that his parents are often very busy making a living for them, but it doesn't mean he likes it. He finds more and more time to himself as they get more famous for their cooking at work and on stream. Greg has been working as a caterer for large parties filled with … Continue reading MST: Intermediate School Blues

Just thinking

I have several stories that I have been writing and not publishing. They're not ready. One of the reasons is that I don't want to overwhelm my blog with half finished stories. The other reason is why I'm posting this thought post. I just got invited to my high school reunion. I had a bunch … Continue reading Just thinking

BOTW: Hayley ages up Alondra celebrated her young adult birthday quietly with her best friend, she didn't feel like she needed the entire club there. But she had an entirely different opinion for Hayley's part. Her best friend absolutely deserved the craziest celebration with the Troublemakers that they could possibly throw. So they set it up. Her … Continue reading BOTW: Hayley ages up