Retired/ Hiatus Stories

Some stories I have a really big drive for, and then I just can’t seem to find a reason to continue them…  my heart isn’t in them anymore. And I’ll put my reasonings here. Maybe some time if it suddenly strikes me I’ll bring them back to life. But for now, these ones are on hiatus.

Simulated Life : It started as a Nano Story, and relies heavily on just words. And I just can’t find a reason to go back through and screenshot it… I’ve got six parts sitting in my Draft bin just waiting to be edited and screen capped. And I can’t get builds that I feel do it justice with the vision I had making it, so I’m disheartened and putting it on a back burner.

Homescapes Challenge

Other Cool Stories: Links to other stories I’ve read, this is very much incomplete. I may go back to edit it again one day.

Ode to Cathy Tea: I haven’t updated this in awhile. But I’ve been reading through CathyTea’s stories and I hope to get back to updating this as I finish her various Stories.

My Old journal: This needs desperate updates. Those will be coming at some point.

Quest for Adventure: A reality TV show that was actually being played by other simmers and I got pregnant and just couldn’t handle keeping up with it. Call it a lost season.