Just a Legacy: A very long day

Taku and Lyndsey are hiking while they chat. They encounter some fireflies as they are at a bridge, and they hear a voice behind them.

“Taku! Taku!”

He gets more upset as Lyndsey looks behind them to see Korey, Taku’s little brother coming over the bridge after them.

“I knew we shouldn’t have come out to the mountains” He sighed.

He’s been having issues with his little brother Korey. His adorable spoiled little brother Korey.

Lyndsey looked between them and pulled Taku to the side. “Sweetie. Look at his jacked. Look at his hair. He absolutely adores his big brother. That’s not him being mean. Or trying to get more attention than you. That’s him wanting to be like the big brother he loves so much.”

Korey saw his brother’s suitcase gone. He got worried.

He loves his big brother.

Things got more cheerful as they continued walking.

Korey also decided that he really liked Lyndsey. She’s cool too!

Monique spent some time resting her injuries from snowboarding in the hot springs, where she met someone she was really getting along with.

Quickly before Saya left, Monique asked if she was single and if she could have her number. Monique hasn’t decided if she likes her yet. But their compatibility is amazing. At the very least, this may be her best friend.

This is Kazuki Harada. The vampire that Monique had tried to comfort.

It’s like he had known it was his time, he’d lived so long. He’d seen so much death. He could tell when it was someone’s time. He had known it was his time. He didn’t want to meet a new friend, and than break her heard.

Taku has feinted seeing death.

Kazuki had tried not to be missed when it was his time to go. But Monique was there. So she tried to save him.

Death shook their head no. It was hard to get vampires. When it was their time, it was their time.

Monique nodded her head dejected and stayed, crying. To say good bye to someone she barely knew.

She than heard a voice behind her that she recognized. Saya?

The vampire lights as his living spirit leaves his body and is collected in a purple ball by the grim reaper to move to the next realm. Monique sighs sadly and goes to find comfort with Saya.

They comfort each other, and Monique risks a flirt, but Saya seems to sense her intentions and holds up a hand. “I need to get back to work.”


Saya is an Onsen Attendant. Monique lets out a sigh. This might be who she has a crush on. And she understands. Don’t flirt where you work.

Because I’ve been watching over this scene though, I miss the girls going to school. So I get to see how everything is going at home with the elders while the kids are at school.

It’s mostly quiet.

They play chess, and knit.

Though today; Lilith is feeling feisty and is saying some mean things to Knox. He just raises an eyebrow and shoots a comment back, and she apologizes. and they’re fine again.

And then. Another new trait! Oh my gosh, this is so exciting.

Ahhhh no. Knox! :O His life bar is getting near the end. I don’t want it!

Ah! This explains why they can recover so fast. They understand that nothing bad is meant.

Wow, the kids are really meeting people at school today.

They hugged and made up, and went for the hot tub.

They stayed in the hot tub a little bit too long. The kids got home from school. And we got a visitor.

Johnny hasn’t been by in awhile. Lyndsey greets him happily, let’s him know where Knox and Lilith are.

Then goes inside to hang out with Lex who she invited over after school.

Johnny climbs in the hot tub to hang out a bit.

Taku is still here moping around and thinking about life. He passes Monique who is taking care of the bugs.

Harmony is getting read a book by Abbie and fully enjoying herself.

The hot tub is still a bit flirty, and getting chatty. And Taku is on his way.

That’s when I realize that Taku has the same haircut as Johnny. Which I hadn’t noticed until now. No wonder Lyndsey like him. That’s a haircut that this family likes.

Oh nooooooo!

Karter is working on some pictures.

Taku is having a hard time facing Lyndsey right now. Especially since she has a friend over and he’s jealous even though he knows that he shouldn’t be.

Harmony gets quickly attached to Lex. She really likes him and he helps encourage her and build her confidence.

Which is another new thing! So exciting!

Uh oh. Something is wrong with Johnny.

The teens are getting a late-night meal after a very long day. Exam day was exhausting.

It’s also horrible to realize your mothers are both going to be gone soon.

Karter is just trying to focus on happy playful things.

“Taku, you’re a guest here, you can relax. Just center yourself. Don’t worry about chores or anything here. Also… would you like to go to Prom with me tomorrow?”

“Of course I would!”

“So prom is tomorrow. Are you two going together?”

“Mooooom. I literally just asked him. Can you nose out of our business?!?”

Monique spends some late night time after an invigorating nap, looking out the window at the zen pool, feeling a boost of confidence and focus, as she works on her climbing skill. She is determined to do a good job climbing the mountain.

Marcus comes by for a visit as Harmony is working on her own focus.

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