Just a Legacy: All about Prom

Prom time in both of my currently active legacies (hoping to get back to my plum family soon as well I miss them). I’m doing a lot of life clean up though. And every little step is taking a lot of effort. I have a lot to recover from.b

I feel like I’ve been hiding myself for so long, and only in my writing was I ever myself. But I was in pain, and now I’m in the healing process. But it still hurts to heal.

Karter is chatting with Lilith this morning about nothing in particular as kids sometimes do. Why is a train so noisy? Why do little pigs eat roast beef? Random questions about life’s observations.

She answers as best she can, trying to follow his train of thought that seems entirely random but must have had some connecting bridge between each subject.

Harmony listens quietly as she picks up her breakfast dishes. She doesn’t have anything to add, she’s just taking the information in.

Taku is still over, he’s staying in Knox’s old train car storage crate trailer. There’s still a bed in there. Usually Monique uses it, but she’s been borrowing Abbie’s bed during the day and going to train climbing at night, so they’re sharing. However, it doesn’t have a bathroom. So he really needs to pee when he wakes up.

Wake up potty time is the only time I’ve really succeeded in getting the toddler to consistently use the toilet. She’s almost never dry… But she’s at least peeing in the morning.

Potty training with my children for some reason is the hardest skill to level. Or I should say when they’re in their toddler stages still. Childhood and now preteen is bringing on whole new challenges. One of them has issues with not being lost in their own world. And the other has academic struggles. We’ll keep pushing through each challenge though.

Just like the Sims do.

Taku is sweet this morning though. He goes to help Harmony who is working on her math facts.

Then he’s back with the other teens, chatting at the kitchen counter. It is now Knox’s turn to waddle to the bathroom.

I realized that the Snowglobe collection had been completed. I forgot this. But where did I put them?

They were displayed all nicely in my collections room that I had completely forgotten about. With Willow liking collecting. I’m going to see if I can get her to complete another collection while she is in the household. Perhaps the elements since it had already been started. And I can set the ones that don’t actually go in the board, onto the shelves with the snowglobes.

It means that I have also been reminded that I was working on other collections in the room on this side. With some decent progress on the MySims trophies, and the first skull found for the sugar skulls.

I may try to work on some of these as well.

Absolutely Monique, of course you can have a new trait! I’m not going to deny that for you.

I had Abbie go and offer sugar skulls to the graves. I wanted her to be able to say a thank you for being part of her life to the graves before she takes her turn. She greeted the Day of the Dead Celebrator and chatted with him. Then she asked if she could have a proper sugar skull.

“Thank you, it means so much to me.” She said as he handed it over, giving him a hug. She gets to leave behind another collective for her daughter who is fascinated by completing collections. She knows her time is coming to a close. She hasn’t left behind a lot. But she wants to leave important things that are meaningful behind for her children and loved ones.

Teen party before Prom… I didn’t know that this was a thing, but how exciting! However…

Why is Willow mad?

It’s at the Jang household. Johnny Jang. Practically her Uncle’s house.

OMG. I saw the urn and panicked thinking it was Johnny and I had missed a notification or something. No, it’s Johnny’s ex-wife/ widowed by, Katrina Caliente/Zest. I picked up her grave, and will be (have at this point) added it to the graveyard at home. While she wasn’t a direct part of the story, not really. She was important to Johnny, and he ended up being an important part of the story.

Hey everyone! Willow and Lyndsey greet everyone, introducing themselves to those at the party they didn’t already know. Some of them I believe are even connected distantly to the Justice Family. But it’s all very confusing and complicated.

Taku is already inside in… Wow, that is a pattern-heavy outfit. Each one is okay on their own, but together it’s just to many patterns in my opinion.

Willow and Lyndsey join Taku and the party host (another Monique) inside the Zest Trailer.

Walter, Westley, and Maximilian Jang. The triplets.

Their little sister is on the couch, Johnny’s daughter.

Walter and Monique Doran might be going to prom together? Absolutely adorable loving looks. Awwww.

Now we’re at prom. I’m super proud of how the girls dressed up for prom. They look absolutely amazing.

Willow looks fabulous with her hair down and decked out in shimmery teals. The color really suits her.

Guadalupe Yanez is one of her friends, so she ends up dancing with him for a little while.

I just thought this picture was amusing. Double fisting needs filling potions.

Samson Bheeda and Riku Wada; two more friends of Willow, as she makes her rounds hanging out with everyone because she is miss popular, loving to talk to everyone.

Lyndsey however is just spending time with Taku.

They spend the entire night together.

Voting for her princess of a sister and her boyfriend. Might as well be proud of both of them right?

The lovebirds still spending time together. Lyndsey looks like someone entirely different tonight. It’s wild!

Taking pictures with her friends. At least as many as I can get to work. The photobooth doesn’t like to cooperate with me.

Voting time reveal.

Standing next to her clashing “friend” Princess Miller. They have really bad compatibility, and even a little red bar. But almost matching dresses.

Awww poor Jalen. Lyndsey only has eyes for one person.

Taku wins Jester.

Lyndsey wins prom royalty.

They dance together out in the rain with their new hats.

There was a plan for an afterparty, but the storm just wouldn’t let up. This is the indifferent Lyndsey walking calmly through the storm while everyone panics. I’m going to have to get her the storm chaser trait I think it is. The one that says she’s not scared of storms, to make the trait official. It’s wild to me that she is so filled with confidence that she is unphased by the storm as she walks through in heels.

Wait, what?

Oh no. Tina. :[

Taku spends a surprising amount of time at the graveyard. I think he’s got a lot of life that he’s thinking about right now.

After such an amazing night, Lyndsey asks if Taku will accept a promise ring, and they can be together forever after they graduate.

He accepts and immediately gives her a massage.


3 thoughts on “Just a Legacy: All about Prom

  1. Aw. That was a good chapter! And I can totally relate to the challenge of being lost in one’s own world. It’s safe and interesting there, and I can handle it. But this world needs us, too, so we have to figure out how to move from one world to the other. Schedules and music and set chores help me with this, as an adult.

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    1. My bullet journal is how i’ve been managing it, but when I get sick, and fall behind. Or i’m just having a bad day/week/month it just seems to add up. I’m still in the learning process of who I am, and how to help myself be my best.

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