FF: Making Money – What’s in a name Day 2

The after prom party went to the pier carnival.

Pat could not stop showing off his crown. He was very proud of it.

Tina grabbed some ice cream and called everyone over to join her. The whole group hung out and laughed and chatted until the early morning hours.

Stopping only to take turns in the photo booth for commemorative photos.

Savannah staring lovingly at Tina when she couldn’t see.

She was extremely upset when Pat came over to kiss his girlfriend. But whenever Tina was looking, she was smiling.

She hides her emotions well. To Tina at least.

Jacob can tell. Between knowing his friends, and werewolf instincts that allows him to pick up on subtle things that reveal lies. He knows how Savannah is actually feeling.

Caliente and Skylar take a photo together. I thought Skylar was coming to be mean to Tina more (they’ve gotten quite a red bar on Social Bunny) but when she actually took the time to talk to Tina in person, they were laughing.

Also, I think Caliente is gorgeous.

Come on cranky child. Time to get you fed. I love that there is a frog playmat. It fits perfect in the house.

Calli was in a mood though. She didn’t want to eat the mangos. She didn’t want to eat the papaya paste.

Two different food attempts later. Calli had at least eaten enough that she wasn’t trying to bite people. The poor girl was cranky. But Leila is trying to ween her off of breastfeeding.

Rani got mad. It’s not fair her baby sister got so much attention. What about her?! She used to get more attention!

Leila frowned, “sweetie. That’s not fair. Do you need help eating?”


“Do you use a diaper still?”

“No…” Rani had a sinking feeling she knew where this was going.

“Do you want your parents getting in your business whenever you’re playing at the park with your friends?”

“well… no…”

Leila patted Rani’s shoulder lovingly before picking up Calli from the high chair. “We still love you sweetie. It just seems like less attention because you need us less. But we still love you just as much.” She hoisted Calli on her hip. “Are we here for you whenever you need us or have questions or need help?”

“Yes mom…” Rani sighed, still feeling pouty.

Meet Leucomelas Darwin. Or Luke for short.

Now is as good a time as any to share a little bit about the names of the Darwins.

Kaloula (or for the story, Lola for short) is a genus of frogs, also known as Asian narrowmouth toads.

There are quite a few of them. The screencap is from a wikipedia page.

Image credit – PInterest – Photo by Jono Dashper Wildlife

This is one of the Banded Bullfrogs which are kind of rather adorable in their own way.

Next is Ranidae (Rani in the story) is the family name of another frog family, often called “True Frogs.”

There are so many, and a few of them would make some fun names as well, but I just went with the family name because I thought it sounded pretty.

Image Credit – Wikipedia – Hose’s Frog

Here is one known as Odorrana which also happens to have the look I tend to think of when I think frog. So I thought it was a fitting one to share as an example of Ranidae.

Callidryas (Or Calli, in the story) is named after a very specific frog.

The Agalychnis Callidryas , aka the Red-eyed tree frog.

Picture credit – Leap habitats.com

I think it’s one of the most famous frogs. That might just be my experience of it though.

Now is the newest child, Leucomelas who is named after another well known frog. The Yellow-banded poison dart frog. The Dendrobates leucomelas. In the story, he shall be Luke.

image credit – wikipedia page linked above.

So what about the others who weren’t named by me? I want to look up their names too.

Shawn – God is gracious
Tina – Has many meanings, because it is short for multiple names, many having to do with God. but it can also mean River. so it feels like to me it means a river of God.
Leila – Daughter of the Night
Lola – Lady of Sorrows
Rani – Queen of song
Calli – Beautiful one from the forest
Luke – light giving

Here is the award added to the wall with the shells. Thank you so much Shawn for finding the very last shell we needed!

Tina tried some more foods with Calli. This child hates everything.

But she loves snuggles!

So does Luke. Tina was taking care of the kids today because Lola really wanted to get back to diving, and Leila wasn’t allowed to take family leave (FOR SOME REASON. -.- I had her take it, but they sent her in anyways while Lola was at the hospital. grr.)

Rani is out swimming again.

Look, teenage guests! It’s Caliente feeling sad about a death in her family. Tina helps cheer the cheerleader up. And who is that? Why that’s Mollie Goth! A teenager two days ahead of Shawn!

Oh gosh. Yeah.

Shawn will be a teenager soon! :O

And here he is, just swinging away happily.

Cecilia Goth joins him.

These two are still great friends.

Uh oh. Tane is mad again.

Lola is on her way home, and so is Leila.

Leila got home from work and took over care of feeding Calli really quickly while Lola got dried off from her dives.

Finally. After all this time. We finally found a food that Calli actually likes. Carrots! Quick, order some. Add it to the garden! We’ll make carrot … foods. What can you make with carrots? Jam? Soda? …. cake? xD

Once Calli had some food in her, Leila went off to nap and Lola now dry took over to entertain the infant. The kids were wrapping up their afternoon activities. As always, everyone had an active day and were heading to bed with the sun.

Calli still wasn’t full, so she got to try another new food with Lola. And wow. We found two foods in one day!


3 thoughts on “FF: Making Money – What’s in a name Day 2

  1. All the infant progress is so amazing! I can’t wait to have some infants in my game. And I LOVE the frog names. I remember I started a frog fanatic save a long time ago too when the scenario was out and maybe I can find it and finish it.

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