Just a Legacy: Milestones Arrive

Lilith gets back from work with her promotion to level 8 of her career. It completes her aspiration. I’m debating weather to continue having her try to get to level 10. I feel like she would keep working until she absolutely has to stop.

But I noticed the new milestones and I’m fascinated! I called memories being put into the game awhile back. It was a notebook/scrapbook thing that had appeared in a speech bubble that reminded me of the memory thing in … sims 3? I believe? And I was all excited. I’m so thrilled that I was right that memories was coming! You can hover over each one to get more information about the memories.

Here is one of them just to show it off a little bit. I’m not going to go into each and every little one. But I think that this is really cool!

Then I found this tab. Yes! YES! YES!!!!!

A family tab. The number of times I’ve tried to click on a family tab instead of just household and the option was never there! I’m so thrilled that it’s finally here!!!

The link of their parent that was just an empty icon before is gone. But this tree does show that in order to show up in the family tab, you do still need to know the sim.

This is something that still annoys me. A deceased spouse, should still show up within the family tab. Just as they should still appear in the family tree -.- but for some reason, both parents only appear for the children once there is a divorce, or a death.

I’m now looking at Abbie’s milestones. And this is an image of the new graveyard garden. I’ve updated it a little bit.

I’m glad Brytani is at least still in the milestones.

Here’s a quick glance at Knox’s milestones as well. The best friend being Abbie. ❤

Lyndsey and Monique spend a lot of time together since they have similar interests.

Uh oh. Willow woke up to get ready for school and discovered her first puberty signs. Acne.

She put on some acne treatment and felt more confident. She didn’t want to face anyone at school looking like this after all. She tends to talk to everyone. Moving straight on to school, Lyndsey gets a text message.

I’m not sure exactly what is going to happen, because she’s at school when he asks. But I said okay. I wonder if he’s just going to be basically a roommate at the Justice Family Household for a couple days. He must be feeling a lot of stress from the fire. Is he having a falling out with his family?

Lyndsey is thrilled that she convinced the school to set up a climbing wall. Now she gets to practice for her trek up the mountain with Monique during school breaks!

The girls look great! Time to attend foreign language class though. Willow doesn’t understand it, so she made a cheat sheet and hid it in her desk.

Taku did in fact show up!! And wowie, Look at what Lyndsey is thinking about!

She welcomed him. And then asked if he wanted to mess around. We already knew what was on her mind.

He tried to hide his emotions, but Abbie and Willow clearly know exactly what is happening.

And two teenagers in love can’t hide their emotions that well.

Knox is taking care of the garden today while Willow is looking around for collectibles.

He than starts sharing his knowledge of being green with Harmony so that she can pass the ideas on to the next generation, and to share his knowledge with Taku who hasn’t really heard much of it before. He seems to be fitting right in with the family. Lilith is listening again with a smile of peace on her face. She’s just feeling calm and relaxed. It’s a nice change to the fast paced lifestyle she’s lead.

As the sun begins to set, her sister stops by. It’s almost time for her elder birthday as well I believe. I for some reason thought they were the same age though.

Though Angela might have more kids?

I’m thinking about this. and then…

WHAAAATTT * fangirl squee* We can have more than three traits now?!?!?!?!



I was also just thinking that I needed to head out somewhere with Monique to see if I could find her a love interest. And she was sitting around, analyzing a romance novel. And Bang. New trait!

See look! 4 traits!!

Harmony was feeling down, so Taku went to cheer her up. How sweet.

Lyndsey and Monique after getting some rest decided to head back out to the slopes, taking Taku with them this time.

Taku was still angry. Something was still bugging him. Lyndsey kept an eye on him as she got skiing practice in.

Monique ran into someone that was also upset and seemed to be struggling with the slopes. So she tried to cheer them up. He seemed very defensive of being touched. But he was thankful that she tried to comfort him. He looked almost fearful of being touched.

Possibly he’s afraid she’ll realize he’s a vampire.

Lyndsey finally took Taku away to walk the hiking trail. “I need to know what’s wrong Taku. How can I help?”

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