FF: Making Money- A long Day 1

I put this off for another story part because I kind of just wanted to hit Day 42. But I have decided to try another scenario, something I haven’t done in a while. Continue this family with a new one, new scenario I mean. The craziest one. Because I’ve never really done it. I’m horrible at making money.

I’m going to make this family millionaires.


I want to start by showing off the house and how far it’s come from the beginning. I really think it’s looking amazing now. I’ve never like straight edge, square boxes of houses. I love something interesting on every side. It is fascinating to me. I’m absolutely thrilled with how this is turning out.

A lot has changed since the small one-person house at the beginning of the frog fanatic scenario. This is an entirely new adventure. The family is going to pursue something entirely different than they have been.

They are still a team. Taking care of their family together.

Calli continues to grow.

She has started self soothing when she wakes up still sleepy.

They remodeled the kitchen because Leila doesn’t like Mid-century decor. But they haven’t finished out hot to take care of the living room problem yet. It is on plans for future plans. But sometimes the tv stand still gets to her. Something about it really upsets her, but she hasn’t been able to explain what.

Lola of course supports her wife’s remodeling dreams, her only stipulation is that the color scheme stays generally the same. Which of course Leila is okay with. She also loves greens and creams and whites and teals, and light blues. Soft watery colors. It’s joyful.

This morning, Tina has a worried look on her face as she wakes up hungry.

With a little prodding of concern, Tina finally opens up to Lola about Molly. About how she had a crush on her. But maybe it was superficial? Just the fact that Molly was really smart and understood things on her level? Molly had asked her out, but then she got jealous of Tina having friends that she didn’t like, and she wouldn’t even go to class because she was so upset with Tina having a best friend that was her enemy.

It was all so confusing. And she hadn’t liked those feelings. So she had broken up with her. Should she try to make up with her? Had she acted too fast?

Lola listened patiently as Tina got all her feelings out. “I don’t know Molly very well, just when she stopped by that one time briefly. But I want you to trust your gut. Does it say that something is wrong with dating her? Does it tell you that something, even something small, isn’t right with having a romantic relationship with her?”


“Then perhaps she’s not the one for you. It’s okay to not date someone just for the sake of dating someone. It’s okay to not act on every crush you have. People will tell you that you need the experience so you can make wiser decisions later. But that’s not entirely true. And that isn’t for everyone. You are a bright confident woman Tina. You trust your instincts and your confidence. I think you’ve made the right decision for you.”

“But what about her? I’ve hurt her feelings. And I had a crush on her.”

“Her behavior moving forward is up to her. Not you. However, what you do is up to you. If you want to be friends with her. If she wants to be friends with you. Don’t hold things against her. Forgive and move on. If she can’t do the same, that’s again, not on you. It’s okay to have that happen too. Your mom and I will be here for you no matter what happens.”

“So… it’s okay if I never make up with her. What if things get worse because I broke up with her. She skipped exams and I think she’s going to blame me.”

“Again. That was her decision. Not yours. Trust yourself, Tina. You are doing wonderful already. I believe in you.”

“Thank you so much, frog mom! This has helped a lot.”

Rani is barely awake as she eats her breakfast. Leila cleans up around her.

Between Shawn’s own trips to the doctors to discover his hearing issue, and getting his hearing aid. And the doctor trips for Lola’s pregnancies for Rani, and Calli, and now the newest pregnancy. Shawn has gotten a real interest with doctors and medication. So Lola and Leila got him a doctor’s kit. He likes to quietly play with it while watching baby sister Calli sleep.

Shawn and Rani are getting some pirate ship beach time with their friends just for some socialization time. I was incredibly shocked to notice a heart pop up on him. A heart? He’s a child still. You can’t get hearts yet. And then one popped up on one of the goth girls that they hang out with. Mollie and Cecilia. Mollie in pink got hearts pop up. And they were both filled with confidence. I think Shawn has a crush. And I think she returns the feelings.

I’m just going to share some of the beach pictures. Because this part is quite long. And I don’t have much to say. It is a lot of observing interactions. Cecilia Goth and Rani talking. Tane chatting with some random woman.

Tina encounters her mom. They have a short discussion before she decides to just take the family outrigger canoe and go for a float around.

Tane seems to be doing much better with his mom at least.

It is quite a party here on the beach today.

Best friend hug and handshake. Shawn cheered. He really liked Mollie Goth. She was super cool!

Tina was shocked. She was sure that Shawn had a crush on Cecilia. She thought back to the museum. She was positive it had been Cecilia. Did he just like the Goth’s perhaps? They had genes he found attractive? That was interesting.

He found a beach on the shell, and the notification surprised me so bad I didn’t capture it.

He did it! He found the last shell the house needed!

It’s been quite a day here on the beach. Shawn stops on his way home to try to befriend the lifeguard Summer Holiday (how fitting that she’s the lifeguard!), he’s hoping to come back here a lot more often and not need his older brother or sister watching him every time.

Oh my gosh. Look at all these firsts right away!

Calli trying to stand.

She’s coming along fast!

This little one learns so fast. It’s amazing!

“I’m so proud of you Calli.” Exhausted infant isn’t willing to sit in the high chair right now though. She’s worked hard learning today. It’s boob and bed, or she’s going to get cranky.

Uh oh. Some of the plumbing needs repairs. Leila quickly takes care of things while Tina is jotting in her journal before she gets dressed up for the night. It’s prom night.

Looking stunning Tina!

She meets her date inside. It’s Pat. He looks surprised and a little bashful. He’s not a great dancer and he forgot to make sure his outfit would match hers.

Tina doesn’t care. She can dance on her own. They chat for a bit over fruit punch at a table. Him sitting, her dancing.

Then she goes to vote before the results are called. Royalty. Her boyfriend. Jester. Her ex. There’s no hard feelings from Tina. She just can’t date Molly.

Guess what. I think my brother got a girlfriend this morning on the beach!

They took a new photo in the booth. She would add it to her desk when she got home. She liked having the memories of their time together.

Pat has noticed Molly, and they share a glare.

It’s time for the announcements.

Unshockingly, it’s exactly who Tina voted for. I don’t know if anyone else can even vote? But I’m fine with the results.

Molly may not know it. But this is an apology from Tina who is happily moving on.

She sweetheart dances with her boyfriend.

I notice Nico Harris looking at Alex.

Alex Goth, seems to be his crush? His date?

Savannah I think is here with… I think his name was Justice Kealoha. I have some of the NPCs-that-don’t-show-up-often’s names confused. I’m not sure they’re dating. He certainly seems to like her. But I don’t think she’s happy with him if she is dating him. However, I do think she looks absolutely stunning!

Nico and Alex are definitely here together. And she seems absolutely stunned by it. I don’t think she has very high confidence. Every time I see her, she looks miserable.

Molly is looking at another couple I can’t remember the names of.

Pat is getting glared at once again for getting something, someone else wanted.

See the sad look on Savannah’s face? She’s the girl that saw Tina prompose to Pat. She was the one that had been so disappointed and angry. She has a crush on Tina. Not that she’ll ever tell her that. She is determined that being her best friend is good enough.


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