Just a legacy: A hole in the legacy

There is actually a roof on the building, I’m not sure why it’s missing from the overhead view here. It’s not the hole in the legacy that the title is talking about. You see, I’m fighting a bunch of bugs in my game; for example, one is that I can’t open menus right now for some reason. I can’t open aspiration rewards menus, I can’t open knitting menus. I’m nervous about checking any others. When I try to click them, the entire game stops functioning. It just kind of stops doing anything at all as if the menu is open, but the menu isn’t there. I think I need to repair my game. But I forget what that does to the Mods folder. I did update my few mods so I think it’s okay. The only thing I added was the tool mod that I wanted to try out.

I may remove it again.

No, the reason that there is a hole in this legacy is that I got the notification that Brytani’s final day is here. I was hoping to get her the last knitting project she needed to complete the stage of her aspiration that she’s on, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

I feel awful, because it is also Monique’s birthday. She’s going to become a young adult, and also likely witness the first death of this legacy of a member of the Justice Family.

I’m going to get these other notifications out of the way pretty quick here as well:

Pregnancy: Candy and Mark Eggleston; Miko and Max Ojo; Ritu and Rua Chandran; Zoe and Arnold Armstrong; Kyra and Rangi Topasna; Ritu and Ashaya Banerjee; Clara Olvera and Veer Savalani; Rahmi and Thomas Watson; Lavina Chopra and Dakota Anansi

Adoption: Lydia Mobley adopted by Nani and Abbey Shibata; Niko Foreman adopted by Kaori Nakamura and Kiyoshi Ito; Irving Patino adopted by Sara and Simon Scott

Marriage: Clara “Olvera” Savalani and Veer Savalani

Now back to the story. It starts right at the end of the school day on Friday. Saturday is the big day that crazy things are going to happen.

Taku has come over after school once again. I think it’s really sweet that he is constantly coming over. He also gets along really well with everyone. Willow is even comfortable enough to nap with him in the room.

He chats with all of Lyndsey’s siblings.

And as a twist surprise… the two of them have finally exchanged a couple flirtatious jokes and suddenly have a pink bar.

This is one of my most favorite pictures of the legacy lately. One couple is dancing together. One is eating together. And the next heir is dancing between them. I just think it’s super adorable and sweet.

“Good morning mums! Do you think I could make the cake for Monique’s birthday today?”

“Yes, of course!” Lilith said with delight. “I think she would love that!”

And I clicked on the stove to choose a cake to bake and… and cooking is a menu that freezes the game. Crap. Time to repair and see if I can get things to work again soon. If anyone knows how to fix some of these issues that I’ve been having I would love to know how to fix things.

  1. Rocket bases can’t be started, I also can’t download them from the gallery
  2. Menus will not open (is this a CC bug or a game bug?)
  3. Laundry can’t be washed in a machine, it just sits permanently in the machine and can’t be started.
  4. I sometimes get endless repair loops and items won’t repair even when the bar is full

Next post will hopefully be soon. Hopefully I’ll have figured out how to make a cake or have unbroken menus.

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