Just a Legacy: Slow start to Gen 2

I’m still going through a phase where I’m playing lots of other games and I’ve been distracted from playing sims. I have a lot of things that I want to do and I’m struggling to actually make the time for all of it. I have been having a great time with everything that I do get around to though! I’ve been painting the first floor trim and brightening the house up a ton which has been wonderful. It’s a pretty dark house, but adding white trim really brought some light into the room to make up for the small windows and dark rooms.

I had some plans with where to go with the family going into Generation 2.

Except once I opened the game to play, I was playing wow at the same time and hanging out with a friend that I’ve reconnected with after 13 years. I knew I wanted to play sims, but I just haven’t had the focus for it lately. So I mostly just ended up watching them do whatever they wanted. Which… was rather nice.

When I loaded the game it was basically bed time for everyone, so the game ended up having me follow Lilith around as she is a night owl and almost always awake through the night. She started by challenging Harmony to a chess match, but the poor girl was to tired to even make her first move so instead, mom and daughter just had a nice conversation together before Harmony also went to bed.

It wasn’t long before Karter asked for some one on one time with mom as well after he had a nap. So once again Lilith took the spot light even though I was planning to start out the second generation with spotlight on Lyndsey the actual heir. “So how’s school going so far Karter?”

“It’s okay mom. I don’t really care about it. I don’t relate to any of the other kids.”

“Don’t you worry about that. When someone cool worth your friendship comes around, you’ll know it, and that’s all that matters. You don’t need a million friends to be happy. Sometimes just one or two amazing ones is just right.”

“Thanks! I hadn’t thought of it that way before.”

“You’re such an amazing mom. Just wanted to say that.”

“Thanks Knoxie. You’re a wonderful husband and father.”

“Awwww, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Okay. I’m off to bed now, have a good day.”

“And you sleep well.”

As she heads to bed and the rest of the house starts waking up for the day, the new birth notifications come through.

Dina and Caleb Caliente had daughter Aspen Caliente; Anaya and Johnny Jang had daughter Juliette Jang; Hina and Tetsu Uchida had daughter Kathy Uchida; Hina and Shingo Miyamoto had daughter Madisyn Miyamoto; Leinani and Jamison Ka’ana’ana had son Todd Ka’ana’ana; Lanuola and Dallas Paoa had son Grayson Paoa; Bella and Krishna Chauhan had daughter Eloise Chauhan; Megumi and Naoki Ito had daughter Rita Ito; Kayla and Noel Gustafson had son Norman Gustafson.

The kids are leaving for school and “ewwww moms, get a room!” Oh lovely, the teenage years are hitting hard for Willow.

Lyndsey is trying to quickly finish her homework before she has to run for the bus, she completely forgot to work on it. But, no one really cares as long as the kids all have a good time and be themselves. Also, Abbie and Brytani are just distracted by each other because they’ve decided to head out to Del Sol Valley for one last heist, together.

The beautiful couple gets dressed up in their finest and walk the boardwalk to the walk of stars. As a crowd begins forming with Brytani being recognized as the famous retired comedian, Abbie slips away into the local museum while no one is paying attention.

Brytani places her tile for 5 star fame as Brytani Justice down on the Star Walk amidst cheers from the gathering crowd. “Thank you everyone.” She gives a speech, as people are kept back by bouncers so that the tile can dry and be sealed into place properly. No one can read what the tile has been engraved with yet. Or perhaps at all. Perhaps it’s written in a secret code that only she and Abbie can read.

But our audience reading this can. Look at that smug face on Brytani when people are actually able to move in from the ropes and view the inscription engraved on her tile, if they can.

Abbie takes her chance and makes her final heist with her wife’s assisstance.

As she did, Brytani puked on Octavia Moon’s tile. I … am not sure why.

The paparazzi got plenty of pictures and recordings that they’ll be able to sell to magazines and news stations all over in order to make their weekly income. It’s not like Brytani or Abbie were going to stop them.

Abbie apparently hates pigeons. She wandered all the way over here to yell at them and I didn’t tell her to. In fact, I had told her to go somewhere else to meet back up with her wife for story purposes. But nope. She had her own thing in mind.

Also here is this art piece. I apparently had put it in this post forever ago when I started writing it. Laying out the pictures and starting the actual text. Then forgot about it, and I have no idea if I have actually put it into another piece. I’m a bit spacey lately. Things going on. Stuff I want to talk about, but also really don’t want to.

Time to relax until next time. Hopefully the second generation’s events will pick up soon. I do apologize that it is taking me so long to find play sessions lately.

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