Just a Legacy: Young Adult Monique

So I figured out that the TOOL mod that I wanted to try out was the exact problem that wasn’t allowing me to open menus. So one bug is fixed. Yay! I’m going to play a bunch of sims now while I can before another patch comes out and messes up the mods again and I take my sweet time to update them. Hehe.

This part is mainly going to be about the wonderful birthday we get to celebrate today! Only… there was a slight problem.

Harmony has blossomed into an incredibly helpful child. As she’s growing up, she has started taking on the duties of helping to care for the bugs and make sure that they’re healthy. (Before some of them just vanished in a glitch. Sad!! I have to replace them next time I play. They were healthy and everything, so I know they didn’t just die.) It’s rather adorable how much she helps out. In this play through I spent most of the time just watching instead of actually controlling the sims.

Lyndsey as the heir started to bake the cake for big sister Monique. Brytani was able to work on another knitting project, but she was far to confident and happy to really put lots of creative inspiration into it. She mostly just auto pilot knitted as she just enjoyed spending her final day with her family. Knox and Lilith danced together in their almost complete retirement. Lilith still was refusing to give up her career just because of her age. She didn’t feel the need to retire just because she’d gotten older. In fact, wasn’t it more useful to be an elder that didn’t draw attention during robberies. Who would ever suspect her.

Brytani and Abbie sense the end coming and they decide to enjoy the day together just relaxing. (And some woohoo of course.) I followed their whims when they weren’t controlling themselves.

Taku called and asked if he could come over for a visit and celebrate Monique’s birthday. But it is obvious to everyone that he is there to spend some time with Lyndsey. As I got to have Monique set up her birthday party since the calendar says that it’s her birthday…

She gets the action age up before I even get to have her blow out the candles. I feel so bad, but she gets a sad emotion effect from having a missed birthday. She aged up before noon… Oops. Happy birthday anyways Monique! She rolls the loner trait, and honestly, it makes a ton of sense for her.

The teenagers all decide to hang out together and chat. Sorry correction, teenagers and newly adulted young adult. There is also a little bit of playful flirting between Taku and Lyndsey.

So much so that I actually noticed her get a whim. This is the fastest that a sim in this playthrough has gotten a crush on someone. She’s crushing on Taku hard. They’ve barely got a pink bar. It’s a sliver really still, and yet. She’s very much into him and wants to kiss him.

She takes him off to a different part of the house away from everyone and surprises him. Admitting that she has a huge crush on him, and giving him a kiss.

He’s completely shocked.

“I’ve had a crush on you forever too Lyndsey. I never thought that this was going to happen.”

While they’re having their first kiss, Knox and Karter are playing with the doll house.

Abbie, Willow, and Monique are enjoying a chat in the living room.

Brytani is… talking to Harmony? Or the wardrobe, not really sure; and Harmony is collecting dishes around the house.

This will be an interesting turn in the family dynamic in the house. I’m shocked that the heir already has a love interest after such a short time when Abbie took so long to decide who she was in love with. Generation two is going to be very interesting!

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