Just a Legacy: Wrapping up Generation 1

Because Abbie was able to complete her goals at the very end of the last post, I’m planning to use this one to kind of wrap things up as the Justice Family continues to play out their lives.

Abbie is trying to keep my attention now that her generation is coming to an end though. She keeps doing or thinking interesting things that I have never seen her do before. Perhaps it’s a “midlife” crisis, or some kind of retirement panic, knowing that her story is ending soon. I just hope she knows that the story of her family will continue.

Quickly before the story ending the generation really gets rolling, here’s the latest pregnancy, adoption, and marriage notifications for this section.

Pregnancies: Bob and Eliza Pancakes; Bess and Jules Rico; Belinda and Paka’a Bheeda; Maaike and Don Haas; Jess and Dylan Sigworth; Prisha and Akira Kibo; Penny and Tobias Pizzazz; Venessa and Cole Jeong; Christie and Arnav Joyson; Olivia and Enele Kim-Lewis; Teulia Turei and Dakota Anansi (excuse me stop cheating on your wife who was Marcus Flex’s wife!! Actually Marcus would probably be okay with that but I’m not sure Grace is); Jenna and Kado Akiyama (Oh dear. . . there could be a lot new siblings in laws);

Adoption: Octavia and Thorne Bailey adopted Agustin Corral; Teulia Ausage and Naoki Olvera adopted King Steinberg;

Marriages: Ritu Chandran and Rua (Niu) Chandran; Kaori (Nishidake) Dotson and Xavier Dotson; Junko Sasaki and Shea (Burdick) Sasaki

Lilith is still keeping up her antics of yelling at people she decides that she dislikes on sight. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but this is Lia Hauata, the spouse of NPC Travis from the BFFs household. They’re both elders, so I don’t think we’re going to see them around for much longer. I don’t think that Lilith particularly cares if she has enough time to make up from a fight down the road though.

She just loves arguing, yelling, and fighting random strangers on her “turf.” I don’t mind so much since she is working towards her public enemy aspiration goals whole heartedly. In fact, I’m pretty positive she is going to be able to complete it! She has no fear towards taking on difficult situations, and she’s even doing amazing in her career as a Getaway Driver… I mean a chauffeur for her professional coworkers. Wink, wink.

Oh, looks like the game wanted to also announce births as well! Haha.

Births: Alice and Eric Lewis had son Seth; Alex and Pierce Moyer had daughters Clementine and Clare; Eva and Salim Capricciosa had daughter Danielle; Kalamainu’u and Dirk Dreamer had daughter Gabriela; Elsa and Zayne Arnold had son Deandre; Lorelei and Alexander Shalvoy had daughter Gemma; Avani and Fetu Kalawai’a had son Bruno; Aicha and Bronson Ichmawin had son Alden; Riya and Rangi Parikh had daughter Kayla and son Brooks; Sofia and Nuihaur Elikapika had son Terrance; Holly and Hugo Villareal had son Luciano

Yamachan had three daughters: Cassiel, Wendy, and Cecelia.

Abbie and Brytani cuddle on the couch and work on knitting projects together even though neither of them really knows what they’re doing. It’s just an excuse to spend some cuddled up time together. Who knows, maybe they’ll get good at it and decide they’ve made some gifts for others when giving times come around. Saves on money that way at least and is special because it’s filled with love and made specifically for the other sim. I don’t expect them to actually finish the knitting aspiration, but I thought that it would be fun to have something for them to casually work on when they’re not just doing whatever when I’m not controlling them.

Brytani has already completed her short and medium routines(as far as I can tell) so she’s really just got plenty of free time and I’m letting her do whatever she wants as I start paying attention mostly to just the kids. She has managed to max two skills so far but doesn’t seem to have any intentions to max any others. She really is just fully relaxing and enjoying her life in retirement with her wife.

Abbie has completed her aspiration and is just relaxing with her wife and learning knitting for fun. She still is keeping up her Plopsy and putting little projects she makes on it, but she’s not actively taking commissions anymore. Instead she’s getting back to Gardening and cooking more home meals for her family. She also is pondering doing one last hurrah and going out to steal something from the museum again for the thrill of the steal.

It might be something fun to do with Brytani on a nice little date now that they’re getting older and their kids are almost young adults.

Monique, Willow, and Lyndsey are off to school so I’ll get back to them later, especially since they’re going to be a large focus of the story very shortly anyways.

However, I will follow Lilith in the back there who has picked up Harmony I believe. She’s doing some caring for the twins before they age up to children. I feel like they really didn’t get all that much attention during this story so far; and it’s amazing to realize that they’re already going to be kids soon. Things feel like they are flying really fast as I’m trying to get back into gaming more often. Though that is clearly not happening much yet.

For the moment in the story, Lilith is still just working on her career and her thrill of being mean and making enemies with people that she doesn’t care anything about. The twins though get all her love and attention as she helps them take care of themselves and learn about the world. Her birthday to elder is coming up very fast, but I don’t think that I’m going to have her retire just yet. She only needs one more promotion to complete that goal of her aspiration, so I think I’m going to have her do that before she retires.

In her free time when she’s not taking care of things she’ll just be continuing to be mischievous to others, and more than likely work on some paintings. She’s not into it as much as Knox is, but once in awhile I’ll see her go to a canvas and start a painting just for fun.

Here is the first page I had made in my bullet journal when I made a page for the Justice Family. It was quite awhile ago but the goals have been going really well. I never updated for when they aged up and just kept playing however I wanted, or rather the sims wanted. Letting them be free to be themselves. But a bunch of the goals were able to be completed.

As of right now, Lilith really hasn’t checked anything off, but she has been making progress on all of it. Knox really didn’t care about his career at all and I think it could have just been removed entirely. So I did! As for Brytani, she’s completed the one goal she had and is incredibly happy with her life. Abbie… may still work on trying to take photos, but I keep forgetting about it, or even who I’ve taken pictures of for that matter. I’ll probably poke that a bit in game for the next play session, see if I can max her photography skills and get a picture of Brytani while maxed. But honestly… the memorialize a sim goal of legacies has always confused me. There’s pictures up all over. I’m writing a story about them. I feel like… that goal is checked off despite not doing it “in game” and I kind of wish there was an option for that.

Here’s the girls, back from school. Little secret though, Lyndsey asked her friend to come over. That’s right Taku is here! So while Monique and WIllow go off to do whatever they want. I decided to focus on Lyndsey and Taku, and seeing what happens there.

To begin with, not much really. They decide to dance together and just have a good time chatting and catching up on how their days went.

Brytani is cheering about having finished knitting a cute hat, and one of the guests (because as usual, the Justice Family always has guests over) asks if it’s for Lyndsey since she’s the heir.

“Not sure. Might be. I’ve just been practicing really.” Brytani replies. “I’m not sure that the lime green really suits her though.”

“Doesn’t really fit my style, but not because of a clashing color.” Monique chimes in.

This is a fairly normal conversation of the day to day that goes on in the house. Also, look! This couch was made by Abbie. More and more of the furniture in the house has actually been purchased, but I just wanted to show off the fact that Abbie does in deed make some of it as well. The flea market often gets bought out, as well as a little bit of five fingered deals. Or is it called ten finger deals. I can’t recall.

As you can see, even when Abbie is napping, Brytani still would like to stay near her wife. I didn’t tell her to knit here on the bed. She just did. Lyndsey made sure to sit and keep her moms company while she worked on her homework.

Abbie was taking a nap specifically so that she could be awake enough for the twins birthdays. Oh yeah, because wow, their birthdays really were super soon, surprise! Here’s Karter blowing out his candles with Daddy’s help.

Here he is aging up…. blonde? Wait what? What happened to his brown hair? And whyyyyy!!! I may end up putting it back to brown once I can actually enter Create-a-Sim again. But I’m still having the “sims must age up outside” glitch, so Karter toddled all the way outside to age up underneath the pretty sky night lights. Looking good Karter! He’s working on being an artistic prodigy and is a bit of a slob like his mom. I have a feeling that he would do quite a bit of finger painting.

And be thrilled about it.

Birthdays aren’t over yet though. Harmony, it’s your turn!

She also wanders outside to somehow gain blond hair instead of her red hair, but she hopes to be a whiz kid and gains the Green Fiend Trait like her dad. Fun fact, she also became the neighborhood Eco Master to replace her father so that he can retire. It now makes so much sense why the Day of the Dead Celebrator who consoled Knox when he was said about losing friends was a child. They were just taking over for their parent.

Then, I get this notification as the last kids in the house age up. Oh boy. It’s almost time to say goodbye to Brytani. It feels like this all went so very fast. It’s really late at night though, so everyone goes off to bed while the twins stay up with free reign over the house to do whatever they want.

They choose to get to know Marcus who comes back just to see how his dear friends the Justice Family are doing on this special day. If he could, he would wait around until morning. But his energy is used up before the sun rises so he has to return to his grave to rest until the next time he feels the pull to come visit.

The twins love him. They’re glad they were able to get to know Uncle Marcus who’ve they’ve heard stories about.

It’s Lilith’s birthday in the morning. That’s why Marcus wished he could stay. She doesn’t have much to wish for either. She was struggling. She was fighting with her sister. She was a single mother. She needed a job. All of that has been getting fixed. She’s got more kids. She has a huge family. She has a husband. She has a home. She even has a wonderful job that she’s doing amazing in. What more is there to wish for?

Maybe she’ll think of something later and her wish will still be granted.

“You could just enjoy old age and retirement with the rest of us.”

“No Abbie. I don’t think I’ll retire quite yet. I’m not ready to sit still, there’s so much life left in me.”

“No matter what, just keep enjoying life Lilith. You know we don’t judge you for anything here.”

“Who’s up for some hoops later? Family game?”

“I’ve got plans after school, but maybe tomorrow mom.” Monique answered, bringing her food to the living room to eat with the family.

Lyndsey shrugged, “Not a big fan of basketball, but it could be fun.”

Abbie grinned, “Knox would absolutely love to I’m sure.”

“We have a day off school, and we’re playing chess….. why?” Karter asked his twin sister.

“Because I’m going to help you be as smart as me.” Harmony replied to her twin brother.

“Well then you have to play legos with me later. I’m pretty sure Dad said he was going to get me a set for our birthday.”


It’s insane. This is officially the end of generation one. I’m sure I could wait until Abbie actually dies, or Lyndsey becomes a young adult. But I don’t feel that I really need to. This just feels like the perfect time for the story to switch attention to someone new. It’s already been in a bit of a transition for a little while and I feel like it’s time.

Time to see where the story leads. Time to worry about new goals. Time to make a new page in my bullet journal!! I’m going to be concentrating mainly on the older three girls. The twins can pretty much do whatever they want, though I’ll make sure they have what they need for their aspirations if they wish to work towards them at all. I’ll be starting a new table of contents for generation two soon. I’m also get back to working on the banners for generation one as soon as I can. I can only handle making so many of them at a time because I just haven’t had the attention span lately.

Time to move on to Generation two! See you then!

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