Just a legacy: Lyndsey becomes the heir

I spent several hours going back and editing all the previous parts in the story to add next and previous post links to the story. I’m shocked how many parts I’ve already released. It just doesn’t feel like I had written that many story parts. It was honestly amazing to look back on. Sometime soon, I’m hoping to be able to go back and actually finish updating the table of contents to have cute banners. I’ve barely scratched the surface there, but I did manage to add a few.

Look at my fit elder Brytani, still scaling walls as she gets older. Honestly, I feel I spent quite a bit of this play session just clicking between the sims to see what they were up to, nudging them only once in awhile, but for the most part letting them do whatever they wanted. The generation is closing out, and I just want them to enjoy themselves really.

Lyndsey and Taku spent some time laying down and getting to know each other more. They’re honestly pretty adorable.

The bug hit and Monique and Lilith got some mother daughter time doing the same thing when the sun set.

Then it was dance time, and late night notifications. Everyone was up for so long I ended up nudging them all to bed so they wouldn’t be exhausted in the morning. It’s not and ISBI, so I’m allowed to do that. haha. Don’t need any sims passing out right now. Oh and Taku, he spent the night, I was trying to get a best friend status for Lyndsey before her birthday, then realized that there was no way that she was going to finish the last stage.

Pregnancies: Dina and Caleb Caliente; Anaya and Johnny Jang; Hina and Tetsu Uchida; Hina and Shingo Miyamoto; Leinani and Jamison Ka’ana’ana; Kayla and Noel Gustafson; Lanuola and Dallas Paoa; Bella and Krishna Chauhan; Megumi and Naoki Ito.

Adoptions: Gemma and Osamu Kato adopted Kobe Wasilevsky.

Harmony got a bath from big sister Willow, it was of course filled with lots of splashing and laughter.

Taku and Lyndsey became best friends, and I figured out how to turn the multiple best friend setting on, though I think that was later and I actually have some notes somewhere in this or the next part.

As everyone was going to bed, Marcus came out for a visit. It feels like it’s been awhile since he showed up. And you know what. His daughter aged up to a toddler shortly after. I think he knew.

Here she is, and she’s honestly adorable. She even has freckles! I feel like so few of my sims actually end up with freckles because I forget they exist.

However, I don’t think that Marcus was to happy about Grace being remarried, sadly there is nothing he can do about that.

He’s also in time for Lyndsey’s birthday. Make a wish our sweet Justice Heir!

Oh my gosh all that blue, and I think she actually got Brytani’s eyes! Abbie’s hips though I’m pretty sure. Haha. She’s off to bed while the older two are off to school. Ah, that free day off of school because it’s your birthday, if only that truly worked in real life. Er, I mean unless your birthday already falls on a weekend or school vacation, but you all know what I mean right?

As the first generation winds down, I decided to follow Lilith and Knox around to see what they’re up to. Lots of kissing of course.

And some hot tub woohoo.

And oh my god. Johnny showed up. He hasn’t been around in awhile it feels like. It seems that everytime he gets married, or going to be a father, he shows up to talk to Knox. Perhaps he is filled with regret, but instead uses his responsibilities at home to stop himself from flirting. It’s the only way he feels safe showing up.

“Yeah, I’m having another child.”

“That’s wonderful Johnny! I’m so happy to hear life is going well for you.”

Lyndsey pushed past the two awkward male friends and climbed into the hot tub to take a nap instead of just going to her bed. She only woke up about an hour later to a phone call from her best friend.

“Hey Taku! Thanks for inviting me over. What was it you wanted to hang out and do?”

“Honestly. Just wanted to hang out with you while I worked on my homework so that it’s not as boring.”

“I still have to do mine, so works for me “

When Lyndsey returned home, the first thing I saw was this. Abbie never autonomous introduces herself. Ever, and yet. She just flirty introduced herself to this guy, Arnav Joyson. Whaaaaat?? Abbie, are you having a life crisis sweetheart? Completely threw me for a loop.

Willow decided to do some late night work on her school project.

Monique, Knox, and Lilith joined her. They all had some great conversations and bonding times while they worked.

I honestly don’t remember what this conversation was about, but they look like they were happy, and also up to mischief.

Afterwards, Brytani danced at the radios; as is practically a tradition in the household; and managed to max her dance skill.

Looks like someone is mad i called her a chubby cutie. I really did. I was just looking at Harmony walk by and went oh my gosh, she has chubby baby syndrome, she’s so adorable!!! And I got this glare. CathyTea talks a lot about game aware sims, looks like Harmony might be one. Even more so then this save file seeming to be one.

It’s always exciting to see Paolo show up in other stories because of his connections with Antwan, but at the moment, I don’t recall how he is connected to the Justice family.

Taku is a teenager now!!!

Brytani came out to hand Paolo an umbrella because as he and Knox spent a ton of time outside chatting the wind blew in a sudden storm. Hali’a stopped by with a wave to see if she could get any more pictures for her magazine and went inside to chat with Brytani while the boys continued to chat outside.

“Oh, hey Tina, I’m just going inside, do you need to step in out of the rain.”

“Yeah Abbie. I would like to, thanks.”

I’m… really not sure where Tina went, I’m not sure if she even came inside, I don’t recall, but I do remember seeing a whim pop up. Abbie wanted to flirt with Tina! I’m not sure what’s going on with her with these sudden flirtations out of nowhere. But it’s certainly interesting to see it.

Knox is playing with Harmony and they look so happy!

Taku showed up and he was having a bad day, Lyndsey was surprised and worried about him and tried to talk and clear his mind. “Taku what’s wrong? You can tell me.”

“It’s just some stupid stuff at school. You don’t need to worry about it since you don’t go to Komorebi high.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to at least talk about it?”

“Yeah, I don’t need you to worry okay. I’ll get it dealt with.”

“Well, if you’re sure. I trust you Taku. Just want you to be happy.”

“Yeah… Thanks Lyndsey.”

“So I know you wanted to hang out, but I’m super tired today. Do you mind if I just take a nap. You can chill here as long as you want.”

Taku gulped, “Nah, of course I don’t mind. Enjoy your nap.”

He did pushups and watched over her while she napped. Awwwwwwww, I think he has a giant crush on her! Are you going to be Taku Justice someday?

I know this is a super day to day kind of picture, But I just thought it was so incredibly sweet that Brytani decided to fix the toilet so she could hang out with Abbie while she was taking a shower.

Lyndsey a little groggy waking up from her nap found Taku in the exercise hut working on the climbing wall. “Hey, what are you doing out here?”

“Oh, there’s this climbing wall at school that everyone is competing to get the highest on. I’m er… a little nervous about … it. So I figured I’d practice while you were napping. This program is almost down, I’ll jump off and hang out with you in a couple minutes when it finishes.”

“Oh…. oh yeah okay. Sure.” She was kind of disappointed cause she thought he was done. Then she noticed his bum as he climbed. She could sit here for now. That’s fine.”

“Ta da, all done! So how was your nap?”

“Great, I really needed it! Thanks.”

I know I had something to say about this, but Lyndsey looks so sad, and I can’t remember what the conversation was that they were having. But he talks about her a lot. He really likes her.

Aspiration completed. and for the fun of it, I’m having her and Brytani take ladies of the knit to spend time together in their retirement. With that, I’m also considering Generation 1 over. I have one more part that I started, so I’ll finish that, then do a generation close up post and plans for what’s going to happen moving forward into generation two. This is exciting, and I’m glad everyone has enjoyed reading so far!

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6 thoughts on “Just a legacy: Lyndsey becomes the heir

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  2. I have been releasing so many chapters lately, I really love seeing that others haven’t given up on their legacy! I’ve had a bit of a depressive flare-up lately, so I’ve been playing a lot. I probably should slow down, but the game is kind of what keeps me going right now.
    I might start a different save to give you and Cathy (if she’s still playing the legacy, there hasn’t been an update for a while) more time to catch up, heh!

    Taku looks very different in my game, a different hairstyle and all, but I’m sure it’s the same sim. And he’s an adult with children for a while, since I’m approaching Gen3 fast…

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    1. That makes sense, I’ve just struggled with finding time to play lately or I’d be further along I think. I just lost an uncle I was really find of so I may be doing some depressive playing myself soon.

      On a positive note, this year has been a year of healing for me. So I don’t get as bad as I was.

      On legacy notes, I think Cathy still is when she can, but I know legacysims2017 still is. šŸ™‚


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