Just a legacy: Elder Abbie

I think pretty much everyone has moved on to second generation that all started their legacies around the same time as this one. I fell a bit behind even reading stories, let alone finding play time and getting my own chapters written. On top of that, to keep this legacy going I have to make sure that my mods are always updated before I play.

Er, oops. Didn’t mean to have more than 8 sims in the household. At some point I’m going to have to make a decision about what to do with the spares. I really don’t want to let them go. But on the other hand, with this not really being a scored legacy… I think I can force myself to let go a little.

Let them go off and have a mystery life outside the house. I haven’t really been doing a great job with skills and aspirations anyways. Sometimes when I play I have a focus, I have something I want the sims to complete. Maybe it’s a story inspired thing. Or I suddenly get overtaken with the desire to have them finish an aspiration, or level a skill. But mainly, my focus has entirely been on watching them interact.

What stories do the sims have to tell?

What about Knox for example?

He has cared nothing about his aspiration, he only ever seems to even go to work to make money. He doesn’t actually seem to care about it. So now that he’s an elder he signs his retirement papers and gets ready to focus the rest of his days on what he loves to do; spending time in the garden, and with his family.

Karter likes to play princess, and even though it’s not really the kind of okay he enjoys, Know does love to spend time with his son. He will drop everything to just go play in the castle for whatever adventure Karter is looking to have today.

Or maybe Harmony wants a conversation with her dad because she’s feeling a little blue. The adults are all getting old. But it’s okay Harmony. They’ll be around for a little while still. You’ve still got time to spend with them, and even after they’re gone, they will still be with you.

Not just in your heart and memories either, because this is the sims, and they get to be ghosts coming by for visitations.

Knox isn’t the only one that gives the twins attention of course. Karter will sometimes pester Brytani to find out how she makes people laugh. He doesn’t always believe her, her jokes are weird. But she does have some fascinating stories to tell and he loves listening to them all.

He will double check stories with mommy Lilith sometimes. She doesn’t know all of Brytani’s stories, but she has similar ones. Like one time when she was in a car chase over a stolen painting. Kind of like the ones on all the walls. He likes that story, it’s super cool!

Brytani has lots of other stories, she’s lived a pretty long life, and she’s made the best of it the entire time. Sometimes she’s pushed along by the currents, and sometimes it feels like you’re in deep water moving sluggishly as if time is at a standstill.

But keeping laughter in every moment has brought her to the happiness she has today so she regrets none of it.

I’ve had Brytani tell jokes at every party since she joined the household. I forget the exact rules for how to use jokes to memorialize a sim since it’s hard to do when you can’t write your own name for them. I have to believe that some of these jokes have been about the kids, have been about Abbie. I have to believe that some of the jokes have been told on stage, perhaps even memorialized in one of her tv specials.

I feel like the entire second generation, and Abbie, have already been memorialized by Brytani’s hard work and humour. I thank her for that.

Karter could use another dose of Brytani. He had a bad day and decided the best plan was to destroy the dollhouse he loves so much. He didn’t do it on purpose. He was just a little harder on it then he thought he was.

Sometimes, I take these screenshots with nothing particular in mind. No story ideas,nothing particular personal experiences they remind me of or thoughts on life in general. Just a look at the family in action during their day to day lives. It’s simple.

Sometimes I just want to show them being a family.

I know the generation is coming to a close. Birthdays feel like they’re coming out of nowhere and getting more often the closer the end of generation one gets. But in a way, I’m looking forward to it. Right around the end of generation one I tend to get distracted by other things. New ideas, new projects.

But this time feels different. When I got sims 4, I was not in a good head space. Sims was honestly an escape. I’d briefly had sims 2 but hadn’t done much with it. I think I’d played a plant sim that lived across from an angry farmer. Then I got gifted sims 3 with a few of the expansions and I played that a tiny bit. As in I think I managed to build a single house before someone bought me sims 4 with a couple expansions (including vampires!!!). Years ago, I had played the sims on the gamecube. I was awful at it. I couldn’t understand the controls. I couldn’t play the story mode. I just generally was frustrated by how bad I was at it, though I loved the fisheye cheat. The only thing I was good at was killing sims and making graveyards.

I got the sims 4 and realized, oh my gosh. I can actually live longer then a couple days. I understand these controls. The gameplay is actually playable for me. I was so excited. I got hooked. I’ve fallen in love with all the games since. But coming back to my point. It’s no longer an escape. The sims don’t have to be doing amazing. I don’t need to micro manage them in order to feel some control over something in my life. I can just enjoy the game. It’s a wonderful change.

2021 has brought so many good things to my life. I’m honestly feeling more mentally healthy than I have in years. With the group of us that all started legacies around the same time, I’m feeling a passion to continue this legacy past generation one that I haven’t felt in a long time. I’ve had so many family and friend deaths that I just couldn’t face losing sims I’d grown attached to. It’s different now. I can accept it and move on. I can keep seeing how the family will grow, in fact I’m excited for it.

On top of all of the support that I’ve realized I’ve had around me and was just blind to in my depression, my new boyfriend has also helped me start completing things. I’m not giving up before the end. He pushes me and inspires me to keep moving forward and complete things. We’ve been gaming together, and he’s also been completing games that he never quite finished. We’ve been a huge positive influence on each others lives and it’s honestly been amazing. I’m really thankful for everything he’s done for me. The sims is one of those things. He only has the base game, but he’ll listen to me talk about my stories and push me to keep writing even when I’m struggling through a writers block.

(He also helped me finish up some outfits on a character I was making for a Batuu playthrough. Story to be released at some point.)

These two teenagers fangirl screamed and scared the crap out of me. I have no idea what they were talking about. I also don’t think I’ve ever heard the fan girl scream in the sims before. I didn’t know it was a thing. They had no speech bubbles when I was able to look at them to try to see what they were talking about, so I have no idea what made them scream like that.

My attention quickly got pulled again as Lilith got a phone call from Emery.

“Aunt Lilith, can I come over to play with Lyndsey before she becomes a teenager?”

“Of course!” Emery showed up pretty fast to come hang out with her cousin. I like how this screenshot looks like it was taken looking out the window next to the door from the chairs.

You know what I think this is? Jokes about fantasy war games… like world of warcraft. I wonder if she has a series of jokes covering a bunch of the various MMORPGs out there. Perhaps even some of the Sci-fi ones like Star Trek Online. Guild Wars, Final Fantasy, D&D online, ect. There are just so many out there.

Of course, this one had to be the final one, which I kind of did on purpose. You know that going to art museums is all about her previous heist life. But it’s buried in jokes so it can’t really be used as real evidence, and she’s also retired and not preforming any more except at home for private events. Her friends aren’t going to report her to the cops and detectives that have been after her for years.

It says there is another medium routine that can still be made, but it won’t let me actually have her write anymore, so I think she did it. I think she has completed all of the medium routines!!

With that, she has also maxed out her comedy skill and completed her Joke Star Aspiration. I’m going to have to be careful with that hilarious trait though! I have been traumatized enough by sims dying from laughter in the past. It’s weird to think that Brytani has completed her life goals. Abbie is about to be an elder and just has a tiny sliver to complete for her own aspiration and life goals.

I think with this part, Generation 1 is going to be officially over. Lyndsey also becomes a teenager today. Well, according to the calendar, but I have a feeling they’re both closer to midnight that their actual birthdays begin. So i’ve been taking my time since I haven’t seen that “it’s your birthday” notification. Lyndsey isn’t even close to completing her aspiration, so I’m waiting for the game to tell me it is closer to time for her. But Abbie will be aging up shortly.

“Hey Emery, great to see you!”

Emery seems to be full of pep at all times. She’s such a cheerful girl.

Her visit kind of got interrupted by the Akiyama kids asking to come over and hang out while their mom is at the hospital for some checkups after their sibling was born.

“You two are the best friends I’ve ever had! I’m so glad we met at the park!”

Here’s a funny thing I discovered during this latest play session. I finally found the MCCC setting to have more than one best friend!! I’m going to pretend that Abbie and Marcus actually were best friends now that I’ve realized that is a thing I could have done.

Eric came over remembering when Abbie’s birthday is. It’s been awhile since he was by so it was a surprise to see him show up just in time. Lilith invited him in and didn’t actually yell at him to leave, another shocker. It’s been a very interesting day in the Justice family. I guess everyone is also realizing that things are going to change soon.

Cause it’s time. I decided not to give Abbie a potion to extend her life. What reason would she have? She’s found the love of her life. She got some bonus life at the beginning of the legacy because I somehow had aging turned off. Her wife is an elder, her kids are all about to be teenagers, she’s about to complete her aspiration completely. I can’t see her having anything left she wishes to complete before her time is up.

Abbie thought about her wish. Then walked all the way around the table. It’s like she was also thinking hard. What does she wish for? Is there anything left that she regrets not having done in her life?

She blew out the candles. and then walked all the way back around, brushing past Brytani and then to the center of the living room where she spun into her elder age, grey hair and wrinkles.

She’s joined her wife in the final life bar. She still looks gorgeous and happy. She’s happy with the decision. Here is her final wish.

Brytani and Abbie held hands and walked outside to the archway that had been set up so many years before at the entrance of their front walk. “We’ve been together for years. It was a long road to even find each other. I want to reinstate my vows to you for this final stage of our life. I want you to know that I’ve always loved you, and I’m so happy to have spent my life with you. I couldn’t imagine having made a family with anyone else.”

I don’t even want to try to write out everything they said. They ignored everyone that came outside. They didn’t invite anyone to watch, and no one stayed to watch. This was a private moment for them. To show their love for each other.

In fact… with the look that Abbie is giving Brytani, I think I’ll leave them alone for this moment too. This could take awhile.

It went on for awhile, and Abbie decided to nap in the hot tub afterwards. That’s where I’m going to end this part. It’s strange seeing her as an Elder.

She’s at 41% of level 9 in the fabrication skill, but after that her aspiration is complete, and I’m calling that the end of generation 1. I’m going to do one more part so that she can get that level, and then I’ll be trying to focus on Lyndsey who is the current heir. Though… I really haven’t been labeling them as gen 1 or anything… and I’ve kind of failed to update the table of contents. (i’ll fix that) It’s been a wild ride to get to this point. Thanks so much for reading along!

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