Just a Legacy: Avant Garde

I really didn’t get that much actual playtime when I did the last post. I ended up getting interrupted to go fly with Black Squadron and Khaos Squadron in Battlefront 2. They’re a bunch of really wonderful people honestly, and I always have a great time. Some of them even talk to me about sims stuff! Which is super fun, haha.

But that means I didn’t have a super long post to share, and now it’s time to get back to playing some more while I have some more time. Today in the Justice Family starts with Lyndsey having a guest at the door.

“Hi there!” She says happily to the sad looking kid, “What brings you by our house?”

“I umm, well my uncle said that there was kids here that I could maybe play with?”

“Oh yeah! Who’s your uncle?”

“Uncle Caleb.”

“No way!! Yeah Caleb comes and hangs out here all the time with us, he’s super cool! Are you a vampire to?”

“I… I don’t know. Mom says if I’m going to get fangs that they’re not going to come in until I’m a teenager. It’s part of our puberty.”

“If you get fangs will you promise to come over and show me?! That would be so cool!”

“You… really want to see my fangs? You’re not scared or anything?”

“Why the heck would I be? Vampires aren’t all bad. Just some of them. Like sometimes there are bad sims that want to take over and hurt the world.”

“Oh. Well, usually kids won’t talk to me because of Mom. I just didn’t expect you to be so accepting of it.”

“Of course! Now come on in and play! Taku and I were just dancing and hanging out.”

“Who is Taku?”

“He’s this cool guy I just met when my sisters and I were visiting Mount Komorebi!”

Taku was dancing to the radios when he looked and saw Lyndsey chatting with this new boy at the door. He immediately stopped and turned around heading towards the door, then froze. She can have other friends, that’s perfectly fine, what was he thinking feeling jealous enough to come tell the other boy off for. He’d only just met her recently. It’s not like they were dating or anything.

They started dancing and it seemed a bit awkward, like Taku and Orson didn’t really know how to talk to each other. Maybe they go to the same school? I’m not actually sure where Orson lives, his mother is Lilith Vatore though, so I think he lives in Forgotten Hollow. But… I doubt their is a school there cause there is rarely kids who live there. I could imagine that Forgotten Hollow could be up in a deep forest on a nearby mountain to Mount Komorebi, just not as high in elevation. So the kids could potentially commute there for school.

What made me take the screenshot over the story though is when I noticed their clothes. Lyndsey? Do you have a type? Teal on top, green in the middle, and purple on the bottom?

I completely forgot that Willow was a member of a club until Gunther called her and asked if she wanted to go out to a club gathering because it had been a long time since they had gathered. I was honestly shocked, I’m not even sure when she joined the club. That and Hugo is in it! Monique’s dad!!! I quickly added her to the club and brought her to the gathering as well. This is a perfect time for her to connect with her dad, she’s even a bookworm!

“Thanks for inviting me out WIllow! I’m really excited that you found me a way to get closer to my dad.”

“Yeah of course, sorry I didn’t even make the connection before, I totally spaced on my club membership.”

“Hey dad. You want to get a coffee and catch up?”

“Of course Monique! It’s great to see you.”

“So you’re Hugo’s daughter. Pleasure to meet you Monique.”

They enjoyed a wonderful evening with everyone getting many coffees, and than retiring to the back club room to read. Monique also spent time talking with Hugo and catching up with him.

“Why are you even in this club Willow?”

“Hey, I read! I just have other things to read, not fiction books.”


“I think I joined when I had to for some community service for social studies or something. I really don’t remember. They just kind of kept my membership active for me.”

“This is going to be okay right? Spending more time with you now, even though I’m a teenager and you and mom don’t really talk?”

“Of course it is, I’m sorry I wasn’t around. I got caught up in my own life and time just slipped away from me.”

“We’ve really got to get going soon. We’ll have to do this again, but maybe earlier in the day since we can’t ruin our sleep schedules.” Willow continued on with some technical scientific evidence stuff she’d read about various sleep studies and growing bodies. A bunch of stuff I really don’t understand of course because I’m not a genius like she is. But she said her farewells and excused herself from the club gathering heading home, stopping to apologize to Monique and remind her that they both should be heading home.

Of course, it being midnight in game meant I got some new marriage notifications as well:

Nalani Mahi’ai married Ayaan (Chauhan) Mahi’ai; this one really amused me because I’m pretty sure that she is a mermaid, and in his icon, he’s a pirate!

Joaquin Le Chien and Hana (Wada) Le Chien, Morgyn (Ember) Savalani and Prisha Savalani, Venessa Jeong and Cole (Stock) Jeong, Clara Olvera and Naoki (Miyamoto) Olvera, Kaito Takahashi and Raina (Riggs) Takahashi, Kenta (Ando) Cartwright and Kailey Cartwright.

The girls got home and Abbie was checking her plopsy reviews and seeing if she had any orders to ship out. Then I got pulled away by friends for Phasmophobia that had an update. So once again, I’m cutting this post short to at least get something fun out while I don’t have that much time. I’m alive! And catching gaming times when I can. I’m going to keep working on more posts as I can.

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