Just a Legacy: First elder

I haven’t played with the Justice family in awhile because I needed to update my mods from all of the patches to the game since I last played. I’ve had other things on my mind then searching down updates. When I last played, Marcus had just passed away after one final outing with Abbie and the clubs. I wonder if I could find his grave and bring it back to the lot and give it a special place with the Justice family. I’ve checked my notes to see who it was he had gotten married to cause I forgot, that could at least give me an idea where he ended up living, cause that’s the best bet of where to find his grave.

For now, I’m just going to dive in to the game and observe. I’ve still got my bullet journal page to help me a little bit on what I was doing. But I like just watching and seeing what everyone gets up to. I’m starting to think though that I want to play one day at a time, and whatever number of screenshots I get on that day is how long the story part is. Of course, I have to actually notice the clock hit midnight, and I’m not putting that into effect this time because I only thought of it during this play through. I’ve noticed that I have an easier time writing the story parts and getting them released when I’m playing one day at a time.

So going into the future, that’s what I may end up doing.

Abbie is trying to keep in good spirits though. It’s hard when she’s lost her dear friend. She and Monique end up taking some selfies together to try to cheer each other up. Monique isn’t as attached to Marcus as the rest of the family is, so she’s doing her best to support her new extended family. I still want to have Abbie get photos with the family. Not that I can ever remember who she’s taken pictures with. perhaps when she completes her aspiration I’ll have her set up a photo studio and take professional group photos of the entire family. Or start that now since Brytani’s elder age up day will be happening in this part. It’s time.

Next thing I know, Monique has wandered off to do her homework without being told to. She’s a C student still but I think she’s feeling inspired lately and wants to get her grades up. She doesn’t want to just be that dumb sports kid. She wants to be seen as intelligent, because she knows that she is. Perhaps she can even get on the high honor roll! If she studies hard she can do it, and still have time to follow the extreme sports that she wants to.

Knox finished another painting, and I just had to stare at it for awhile. I’m still going to be attempting to recreate it as if he painted it, but I find this interesting. He’s stuck to figures up until this point. Stick figures, framed figures. exploring the movement of bodies. It’s always felt like he’s been drawing himself. But this is different. It’s not like his usual paintings. It fits the style more of the art that I wrote into the story as being his ex fiancé. That is, until we ran into him flirting with someone at the Romance Festival. Someone who didn’t look like the art. So perhaps, that art in the stack of paintings, if we could see into the game, past the generic coding that is shown to us, the glimpses into their life.

If we entered their world and the fully unique levels that live in our world could be seen in theirs, perhaps it was a painting of her.

So who could it be this time?

My thought is that he painted Lilith. They’re engaged now, they haven’t decided to get married, but perhaps they still will. I do know that he loves her immensely. I think the woman in this painting could have been staring dreamily into the distance thinking about someone, or was in love with the artist painting her. I think that Knox could have painted this thinking, or even looking at Lilith and having her pose during the moments of their lives that we don’t see.

But it’s time now, everyone is leaving for school, or work, or busy doing their own thing; and right now I want Abbie to go see Marcus. He was married to Grace Anansi, so we head out to Glimmerbrook. I believe that’s what it’s called.

“Hey Marcus. You’ve been an amazing friend for so many years. I can’t believe it’s already time for you to move on. I want you to come live on the Justice Plot. You deserve a place there with our family. And hey, if you want, you could even come back for a visit sometimes. It would be nice to see you again. But that’s just me being selfish. Rest well if that’s what you want to do though of course. I… really wanted to just say goodbye and thank you for being an amazing friend.”

“How are you holding up Grace?”

“I’ll…. be alright.” She touched her belly. “I was hoping that he would be able to see the birth of his child, but it was his time and he had a good long life.

“Just ask if you need anything, the Justice family is all here for you. That’s a promise.”

“Thanks Abbie. I appreciate it. * She sighed and accepted a hug, “But it’s okay. My friend Dakota has been there for me since Marcus died. We’re going to get married because Marcus didn’t want me to be alone. Thank you for everything Abbie.”

It would make more sense for Marcus to stay where he was buried on his own families home plot, but I didn’t want to lose him, so the grave came back with Abbie and he’s now buried under the tree by the hot tub.

With her friend taken care of, and having a proper goodbye, Abbie finally checked her emails and accepted the next commission for someone that forgot something.

“Hey, I just moved into a new apartment, and would you believe it – no ceiling lights! You’d think I would have noticed that before I signed the lease, but oh well. Would you be able to make me a few Floor Lights?”

It has been awhile since she got any commissions, so she decided to accept it even though she had really only been making candles for a few years. While she is working I decided to do something. I took all of the 5 kids and put them into a wheel to determine who will be the heir. If I don’t end up doing a vote, and no more kids are born, this is going to determine who will be the heir. Of course, I may still do a vote, I’ve been very undecided on that.

Lyndsey Justice as of this current part, is written into the will as the next heir. I’d love to hear opinions on this from you wonderful readers.

For now, I’m not going to stress about it to much, and I’m going to get back to following the household around while Abbie is working on some floor lamps for her client.

First up, I wanted to follow Lilith around. She’s the main one that I haven’t gotten very far with working on my goals with her. I need to get her some enemies and get into fights. But I didn’t want her to risk her body while she was pregnant, so I made her avoid people. Not poke fun at anyone that might take offense and get mad at her and try to start things. But now, the babies have been born and she’s ready to flex her rebellious punk side and get in some tumbles.

She decided to head outside to see who was walking by, maybe she could get in some more delightful yelling at people walking to close to the Justice Family property line. She greeted the N.A.P. inspector cheerfully so that he could continue his inspection, she knew they would get an energy saving bonus reduction to their bills when he was done because they have been taking such good care of nature and conserving energy.

She walked to the end of the sidewalk and looked around as if she was just inspecting the road, ah there! Someone she doesn’t care for to much.

“I see you’ve decided to brave coming back here.”

“I don’t know what you’re going on about.”

“Well since you’re pregnant, you don’t want to be around here, your island air is so much better after all right?”

“What?! I’m not pregnant.”

“Oh you’re not? I could have sworn I was told that you got laid up at that last party you were invited to.”

Lilith continued to pester the sim for awhile with random accusations and mischievous pranks and interactions.

Meanwhile, other things were going on back at the lot. Mainly, the extended family members were all arriving because today is a double birthday celebration.

First to arrive was not actually Hugo, even though he’s the first one pictured as arriving because he is at the door. He wants to be more involved in Monique’s life even though he hasn’t been a part of it for years. She just accepts him back in though, so I’m glad things can work out for them.

But, the first person to arrive is actually Morgan Fyres, paying her respects to Marcus.

In case anyone has forgotten. Morgan is is the step-mother to Hugo’s Wife’s son. It’s an indirect relationship to the Justice family. But she’s been an honorary member of the family anyways as such a good family friend. It’s no surprise that she accepted the invitation for the birthday parties, as well as no surprise that she visited the grave of Marcus to say her own goodbyes.

Quick nap break for the best friends.

Then everyone heads for the kitchen only to discover that Lilith is fighting with the woman who had come walking by after the woman decided to come into the house sensing a party perhaps. Lilith won of course, she loves getting into a good tumble.

“Hey little baby!”

“Oh yes, Look at my Monique’s siblings!”

“Yeah, it’s time for the party. Thanks for the well birthday wishes, I’ll pass them on to Willow and Brytani, sorry you can’t make it. We weren’t expecting many to be available today. It’s okay.”

Abbie answered the phone several times to people who wanted to call and share their birthday wishes and apologies for not being able to make it out because of their own family things or because of work.

“That’s so sweet of everyone mom, but it’s okay. They’re here all the time anyways, and I’ll just celebrate with them when I see them next!”

“There’s my girl. Now make a wish and blow out your candles. I made some cute ones just for your cake.”

“Awww, thanks mom!”

“I want to find cool stuff like you have that could be in a museum!”

Abbie stumbled a bit. Had she and Brytani really never told their daughters about their thieving background. Oops, she might have to fix that at some point. She hadn’t meant to keep it as a secret.”

Willow aged into a one star celebrity because of the fame of her moms, and wow does she love to accessorize! Here is her teenage self looking gorgeous and taking on the genius trait alongside her goofball trait. Her aspiration is to be a curator and find awesome collectibles to add to the family treasures.

On a gameplay standpoint, I’m really happy that she managed to complete her childhood aspiration and became physically gifted. Her social skills were also pretty strong, though she never got crazy book smart, just enough to get decent grades. That’s all that seemed to matter at the time, she preferred going out and playing and enjoying her rambunctious adventures outside.

As she ages up, others in the community are adopted, pregnancies are underway, and sims are joined in marriage. The world still continues to grow, and she’s excited to see what her teenage years are going to bring. Perhaps she’ll even find someone fun to date.

Adoptions: Rowan Riddle adopted by Tina and Yasemin Tinker; Mandy Fuller adopted by Oliana and Leila Ngata; Rhea Gibbs adopted by Octavia and Thorne Bailey; Micaela Cornelius adopted by Avani and Fetu Kalawai’a; Guadalupe Yanez adopted by Gemma and Osamu Kato; Leo Simon adopted by Aicha and Bronson Ichmawin

Pregnancy Start: Evie and Diego Lobo; Lia and Travis Hauata; Candy and Mark Eggleston; Siobhan and J Huntington III; Iosefina Parata and Nuihaur Elikapika; Lilith and Kelvin Vatore; Clara Olvera and Noel Gustafson; Cassandra and Rua Smith; Prisha and Vaea Gupta

Marriages: Paka’a (Bheeda) and Belinda Bheeda; Luna Villareal and Callen Akana (Villareal); Dustin Broke and Hali’a Ausage (Broke); Pranav Chauhan and Rarahu Niu (Chauhan); Ritu Banerjee and Ashaya Banerjee (uhhhh what?); Annie McCarty (Savea) and Vaea Savea

Grace Anansi remarried after Marcus died, to Dakota MacDonald.

Willow surprised me a little bit, though I should have expected it honestly. With all of her wild energy she went straight for the climbing wall. Perhaps a little competitiveness in there as well so that she can climb as well as Monique. Or she wants to join her sister when she goes to Mt. Komorebi so that they can climb and explore together. After all, Monique has become her best friend.

As mentioned though, hers isn’t the only birthday today. Brytani also has her age up birthday today. She’s finally going to be an elder.

She has put it off for so many years, but her time is finally coming. She looked across the cake at her wife. “I’m glad we’ve gotten to spend so much time together Abbie. This has been a real blessing. Thank you.”

“You’ve still got time left. We will spend many years together. Don’t talk like this is the end.”

“Who knows what the future will bring. I don’t have a wish to make. I just have thanks to give to you. You’ve made my life feel complete. I couldn’t be happier.”

“Here I go!” Brytani jumps and spins into elderhood.

“This isn’t going to be nearly as bad as I expected. I’ve had a wonderful life. I can finally retire with no shame and spend the rest of my life with the woman I love.”

Final notifications pop up as if to say, yes, Brytani may be getting towards her final days, but the world still continues to grow as more wonderful sims that could be met are born.

Delivery Notifications: Lilliana and Makoa Kealoha delivered son Antoine Kealoha; Miko and Max Ojo delivered daughter Liana Ojo; Supriya and Justin Delgato delivered daughter Guadalupe; Tianna and Lacolm Dove delivered daughter Annalise Dove; Raarahu Chauhan and Tobias Pizzazz delivered daughter Parker Chauhan; Hana Wada and Salim Capricciosa delivered daughter Paige Wada and son Demetrius Wada; Jenna and Kado Akiyama delivered Korey Akiyama

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    1. I had completely forgotten how I had decided to roll the heir in the beginning. So I finally decided to get around to it. 😀 it gets rerolled if there is new potential heirs born, but I don’t think there will be unless there is a huge surprise


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