Just a Legacy: Partihaus Renegades

Oh that angle is unflattering, sorry Lilith.

Anyways, it’s go time. I left off with poor Lilith sitting outside the hospital in labor, and now it’s time to meet the new baby to see who tops off this generations children!

First hospital visit of the legacy! :O I just realized this!

And OMG… it’s twins. I forgot I could have more than 8 sims in the house because of MCCC. So yeah, that happened. Harmony and Karter Pleasant-Greenburg. Looks like I won’t be editing any sims for a little bit. Or Knox and family will have to move out and I really don’t want to do that!!

Karter on the left, Harmony on the right. Welcome to the Justice Family little ones.

Lots of little things to take care of in the household. The bugs and bees are all still alive and well looked after, incase anyone was worried. The entire household takes turns making sure they’re fed and nurtured, and that termites leave the bees alone. Marcus has stopped by for a visit to hang out until a party on the bluffs starts that he wanted to make sure Abbie got an invitation to.

Abbie has something to do first though.

Because we’ve got babies to look after now! Poor Lilith can use the help when Knox is busy and Abbie loves children so she’s delighted to help.

But it’s time for the party on the bluffs. Everyone wants to throw one last huge summer bash before summer ends. Swimsuits required for this party.

So many friends to come to this one. Friends, family, and club members from both the Renegades and Partihaus. It’s a giant pond party. Abbie starts out by doing laps while everyone is chatting. Do you see the reflection of the surprise attendee?

Angela doesn’t really understand why she was invited. She spends most of her time swimming by herself and avoiding people. We’re going to keep trying to get you involved Angela. At some point you’ll get comfortable with everyone. Hopefully. . . probably.

But look there! In the center of the first group to arrive. It’s Tina! She accepted the invitation!

The renegades and the partihaus who were also invited are hanging out at the entrance chatting before they actually head up to the water. It’s been awhile since they were all together so they’re catching up.

Caleb seems to have something on his mind and is chatting with Abbie, Tina, and Lewis about it.

Marcus is on my side here and is chatting with Angela trying to make her feel more involved. Marcus is such a sweetheart, always looking at people that are feeling or actually treated like outcasts and trying to include them. Just like he does with Abbie all the time making him one of her best friends.

Tina and Abbie actually smiling at each other. Also Tina’s hand is cupped under Abbie’s boob…. is that what the tension has been this entire time? Tina fell in love with Abbie but also loves her wife so she was frustrated by her crush. Then when Abbie turned out to actually like females she was mad that she could have made a move, but also didn’t want to hurt her wife?

A foolish crush that wasn’t returned. But perhaps enough time has passed that they can be great friends again.

The party is going amazing! The chat circles constantly move around as everyone chats with everyone else and just has a great time together.

Pond party for the last week of summer! Come on all, come join the fun! Brytani had to practically drag the rest of the partiers up to the pool. I guess they were feeling a bit nervous for some reason.

Angela… you’re so moody. I gotta stop inviting you everywhere. You hate everyone and everything and if there is a mess you have to clean it. Girl, take a break and relax and have some fun. We just want you to be able to relax and enjoy yourself.

She’s still avoiding everyone. Sigh. But at least she’s in the water again.

Paolo is making some moves on Ulrike. Interesting.

Max wants to get to know Abbie and Brytani better, but is nervous. He never really has chatted much with either of them even though he tends to get invited place. Poor kid, hopefully he’ll get more comfortable with them.

The swimming chatting circles rotate constantly, but I enjoy watching them form. It’s kind of fun.

Wait, is that Angela actually joining a circle conversation?! Woohoo! Yay Angela!

Before we break up for the evening. A backflip from Abbie.

Perfect form (probably. she barely splashed) Thanks for swimming and chatting with us everyone. Have a great rest of your summer!

Back home, Knox has been promoted to Construction Technician and is playing chess with Lyndsey since she asked for a game.

It doesn’t last very long because he gets a phone call… from Johnny. I was wondering when and if this was going to happen. I guess while he was briefly single he couldn’t face Knox though. Now he’s trying to show that he’s still happy.

Haven’t heard from you in years. How have you been?

My wife died and I remarried. My new wife has triplets who keep me busy and we adopted a teenage daughter together who needed a home.

Oh that’s wonderful, I’m so happy for you!

*Justice family phones start ringing*

Oh one moment Johnny.

Me, Shadami. The watcher: Actually starts crying.

At least he got to have one final party with the club. T.T Marcus nooooooooooooooo!!

You’re going to be missed so much!!

“If only” kinda shared look. We have different lives though, and we’re both happy with them.

This is Monique Doran, Johnny’s teenage adopted daughter with Anaya Jang.

These are the triplets from left to right Walter, Maximilian, and Westley. I still love their names. and wow…. they ended up with Johnny. I hadn’t even made that connection!

The family is mostly forgotten by Knox as he wanders off to dig in the sand and think. Katrina’s urn is even sitting on the doorstep and he’s just gotten the news about Marcus. It’s going to be a tough night for him.

Eventually, Tommy martin, day of the dead celebrator decided to help Knox deal with the losses. It’s a bit of a shocker that this has happened. What will the legacy surprise me with next?

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4 thoughts on “Just a Legacy: Partihaus Renegades

  1. Poor Marcus! He’s still alive in my game but I haven’t played in forever so… who knows. He’s old. Brytani has died a while ago in my game. It’s funny how we chose different premades to be part of our families but they still kept showing up in our respective saves.

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