Just a Legacy: Meet the twins

I’ve decided to start going day by day and just have these parts be as long as interesting things happen in that day, so here I go with that little change up to how I’m writing this. It should be a lot easier for me except on crazy busy days that end up having way to many pictures. Like parties! I’ll do my best to get parts out more often though as I play. I’ve been really enjoying the Justice Gamily Legacy and I’m looking forward to actually moving towards generation two. I tend to fall off because I don’t want to say goodbye to the founder. Or I get distracted with my various other games and save files. I mean to get back to all of them of course.

This one I’m doing my best to stay up with though because of it being tied to the other legacies going on that have been an absolute joy to read.

I have been distracted by some new changes in my life, so I’ve been slower about getting things out. But I’m happier, schedules are starting to slow down, or rather to be less hectic as we figure them out, and I’m starting to figure out how to get time for other things like story and art again. It’s a slow process, but I’m working on getting there. The only big problem is that I’ve been having some health issues that have my brain all fuzzy and I need lots of rest.

I’m going to mostly do this chapter in snippets of the sims lives instead of in full story. With random little thoughts I’ve had. I’m not fully in the mindset of writing them again yet, but I’m getting there. Maybe I’ll be healthy again soon.

Here’s Willow, heading off to school looking worried about her first day in high school. That and the fact that she’s going in on her first day while a thunderstorm rages outside. At least she can enjoy the fact that she’s going to look good as long as she stays dry. Note, I don’t think I’ve bought them an umbrella stand, I should do that soon.

“Hey wait up! I just have to finish my breakfast and then we can go in together!”

“Awwww, what about meeeee.”

“Lyndsey, you’re still in middle school. We’re going to different buildings now.”

“I know, but it’s not fair.”

“You’ll get there.”

As always when I load the game up after saving to do something else, or changing lots, some of the recent new kids through MCCC have shown up. Looks like this is another batch of good looking kids. Wonderful to see!

It has me thinking about this being a legacy though. I’ve been reading more legacies lately and other authors aren’t afraid to send their spares out of the house when they come of age. I am nervous about doing that. I want to see their stories. I’ll probably counter that by saving the spares to the gallery and playing them in a copied save file or something. Perhaps following EQ’s little thing where she would use her spares to start a new legacy, or a new challenge. I’m getting very attached to all of my sims. Haha.

As for who they will end up with. I’m hoping I have MCCC settings set right so that they can find love, perhaps have kids. But I’m not sure I did ever get it set up right, I’m going to have to look. I certainly haven’t noticed them have any whims about other kids or teens their age yet.

“Hey guess what? It’s your birthday.”

And while everyone is taking care of themselves, I’m going to upgrade their house a little bit so there is toddler stuff again. Okay super quick rearrange to add two toddler beds as a little side ‘room’ in Knox and Lilith’s house on the Justice Plot and back to live mode.

“Are you two ready to age up?” Lilith tickled Karter, “You’re up first little man.”

I just realized this as well. Not only were the twins the only hospital birth of this legacy so far, but little Karter here is the only boy from the 5 kids that became potential heirs.

Here is the little cutie taking his first steps as Aunt Brytani comes running over to watch him age up. She was so excited she didn’t even put on shoes! Karter seems to lean towards Knox’s skin tone and gained the charmer trait. How fitting because of how adorable he is! My best guess right now is that his nose resembles Lilith’s nose, and that his hair has a slight wave to it like hers does; but it’s mostly straight like Knox’s hair.

Then it’s Harmony’s turn who is the spitting image of mamma Lilith, but I think she has Knox’s eyes. She got the fussy trait which I think is going to actually be more feisty. I have a feeling this kid is going to know exactly what she wants and go for it head on.

Little Karter watches as his twin sister Harmony takes her first steps.

Lilith decided to shortly after go and make a painting depicting her kids learning how to walk and run.

The rest of the day is pretty tame. Much of it is spent playing with the toddlers, especially while the kids are all still at school. Harmony gets to play with the tablet and get some thinking skill while her brother works on another skill.

Meaning, he really had to use the bathroom and went to the potty first while his sister played. I can’t recall who was actually potty training him at the time. All the adults in the household have been taking turns helping the toddlers out. This is one big family after all.

Here’s another weird thing that happened. Brytani got her normal paparazzi visit, this time the news people wanted to know about her retirement. But a conspiracy theorist had tagged along which is unusual. Perhaps he found evidence that Brytani was once a leader in an art theft ring and wanted to see it for himself.

Did he see the evidence in the stolen paintings and statues and other items all around the house? His suspicions must have been confirmed looking around the house, but he said nothing to anyone. He came, he observed, and then he left without saying a word to anyone. If nothing else, she is truly retired now, she’s living a fappy life with her family, and there is no reason to antagonize her.

As always though, the Justice house is lively with music and visitors. Lyndsey the current heir is dancing to music instead of doing her homework. At the door is yet another visitor. Today it’s Jade, another long time family friend. I feel like I still don’t quite have my story telling back, but it’s nice anyways to still see everything continuing to move forward.

Now that Karter is done learning how to use the potty, Lilith took the time to teach him some basic needs as well. Brush your teeth in the morning and at night. Always wash your hands after getting into dirty things and before meals. Those kinds of things. I’m not sure how much he understood, but he’s trying cause he loves when his mommy talks to him.

Knox took the time to work on dinner. Though in the middle of the thunderstorm. Typical Knox, always having a great time hanging outside in the middle of storms no matter how dangerous it is. I think I want to give him the stormchaser trait because he practically has it as a hidden one anyways. He never gets afraid when there is a thunderstorm, he’s always happy to be out in the middle of it enjoying whatever nature has to throw at him.

Abbie is helping Willow do her homework while Karter babbles at Ruffy. If I recall correctly, I got this keyboard for Willow. I wonder if she is ever going to play it again. Perhaps she’s thinking about it, and that’s why she decided to do her homework at it.

Knox is playing dolls with Karter. The meal is baking in the oven, though in reality, it straight up disappeared and I need to have someone else cook another meal so they can all eat. It’s worth it though so that Knox can get in some bonding time with his son.

Jade saw someone at the door and stomped up yelling. “Excuse me Vlad, but you’re not welcome in this house.”

I had to laugh because Vlad actually seems to be terrified of her, and I can picture him getting grabbed by the ear and dragged off the property by her because she left as she stomped at him.

Before this day can come to a close though, the family finally gets to eat. I guess I was having a bit of a cooking glitch, but everyone is getting fed now; and to top off the wonderful evening, Marcus comes for a visit!

Abbie is so delighted to see him. They chat for awhile, and then he wanders off to repair the stereo since the party is never allowed to stop in this house.

Abbie of course decides to get in some flirting with her wife before they all head to bed for the night.

Yes, amazingly, I got the entire household sleeping at the same time, even the toddlers!

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4 thoughts on “Just a Legacy: Meet the twins

  1. I used to move spares out a lot in my Voronov Legacy! It was nice to invite them to family gatherings and sort of keep track of their lives and offspring – it got out of hand after gen 5 or 6, it was just too many sims to keep track of! At first, I had them all in clubs and had them all in the house on the regular basis so we didn’t lose touch, but then I just said, screw it. I also wanted to finish the legacy and powered through it in the end.

    Right now, Gen1 only had 3 children. I’m wildly in love with them, and I kind of want Marcus’s genes to live on, so there might be 2 legacies in one! Don’t know how long I can keep this up though.

    Technically, Jarrah’s offspring and Hazel’s offspring could marry at some point because they are not related by blood in any way.

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