7Sins: Envy’s questions

The night that Sloth told Envy that she was her secret admirer led to nothing right away. They parted ways to continue their night, and Envy thought about the things that she had discovered. The things that could change because of the discoveries. What these discoveries could even mean about her past and her future.

First off. She still really loved gardening, and the way she took to it made her feel as if she had been some kind of Gardener in her previous life. She had been in purgatory so long she just couldn’t remember. She wiped her brow of ghostly sweat and straightened from where she had been digging in the garden and looked across the lot.

Lust was at the guitar again. Envy’s guitar. She grit her teeth and tried not to be angry. Redemption, redemption, redemption. The words repeated themselves over and over in her mind as she tried to remember the steps. “I can do this.” She told herself taking a deep breath. “I can stop being angry at people for touching my things. I can stop being jealous of other people’s things.”

Her eyes wandered the lot looking for Sloth. “I can figure out what I want to do about relationships.” She still wasn’t sure how she felt about Sloth liking her. There was also no harm in trying to find out more about her. But right now. No. She’d seen flyers when they were out at the lounge that said that a Love Guru was coming so San Myshuno in a day or so. She would go there. She would ask what the guru thought of her and Sloth. Then she would go from there and see what happened.

Sloth was sitting on the edge of the bed looking exhausted. “Go to sleep.” Envy whispered softly before she walked across the dead-end street to one of the guitars they had accidentally borrowed from the museum.

For the next couple of hours, Envy played lullabies on the guitar. They were soft and quiet with the aim to keep the others at Bay and hopefully let Sloth get plenty of rest.

Envy was tired herself, but there was still plenty of work to be done to get their house livable still. If she was going to make enough money to build a house for them she would need to increase her skill with the guitar through practice.

The other reason she was playing softly was that she was still thinking about her discoveries and redemption quest. She had been tasked with what she saw as her dream of having a mansion. But she’d been tasked with this while living with six other females. Why?

It had to do with not taking care of others right? If she had a mansion, it didn’t mean that she needed to keep the mansion to herself. If she could afford a mansion, she could share her wealth with the world. She could live happily and comfortably, but still, have enough to take care of others. Yes, that made the most sense. Otherwise, she was being selfish and that was a sin in itself, wasn’t it? Like Greed?

She turned and looked at Greed now as she absently strummed the guitar learning its sounds. ‘Do not be envious of others.’ How do you redeem yourself with that?

The only solution she could think of was to not be greedy with what you have so that others will not be jealous of you. Do not pass along your sin, but embrace it as something that sneaks up on all of us and somehow turn it into a good quality.

What were the good qualities of her fellow sins that she was jealous of? Maybe that would help her redeem herself. Gluttony loved food. All kinds of food, and she didn’t care if it was just a cheap package of ramen or a fancy lobster dinner.

Lesson there? … How about appreciating what you have? That made sense. Do not yearn for what you do not have, but fully enjoy what you’ve got.  Envy smiled, she liked that thought, it felt new and refreshing.

She looked at Lust. It was so easy for Lust to fall in love with everyone she met. Envy just couldn’t do that. No one loved her like that. But… Sloth was interested in her, and all she had to do was look. So what was the lesson here?

A faint memory of her past told her that she had always been jealous of happily married couples when she was alone. It had angered her, it had made her sad. She had lashed out instead of looking for love herself. Or maybe she didn’t need to look, but love herself and let love find her.

The Romance Festival was tomorrow night. She would go, and she would talk to people there. She would get tips then. A yawn passed her lips and she wandered over to nap on the other side of the bed beside Sloth after setting the guitar down. Morning could bring more Revelations. She could wait.

Envy slept while the world continued on around her. Her fellow sins were still just going through the motions of the day. They were exhausted, but things were getting better. Soon they would start to be able to build a home. They could get their own rooms, they could have indoor plumbing that didn’t constantly break.

Pride had a hard time admitting that so far, it was thanks to Envy’s hard work. But it was progress.

The maker watched their progress on their redemption goals that morning, they had a long way to go, but they did seem to want to improve themselves, they were just struggling to find the how. If they continued to work together, it seemed like they just may be able to redeem themselves, and this wasn’t going to be a failed idea at after all.

Sloth woke, not knowing that the maker was watching. It was time to stand on top of the fridge, look off into the distance, and play with some clay. Things were looking good. She’d confessed her feelings to Envy, and now it was just a matter of waiting and testing the waters to see what would become of them.

The other girls that were feeling okay felt the need to pitch in on the garden. If it was kept watered so that they could harvest it, they could get more beds for the house and improve their needs, and my goodness, did they have needs. Two beds were not enough for seven people that hadn’t slept properly since their deaths.

Yes… as the Maker watched. They felt that these seven sins chosen as the test subjects of a new redemption program were going to succeed. The bumps in the road were actually making them stronger.

But over the next upcoming week, who were they going to follow the closest to see how they were doing on their individual task? Who was going to be the ISBI torchbearer so to speak?

Envy stirred from her sleep and looked at Sloth on top of the fridge. “How… why?” She shook her head, “Nevermind, I’m not awake enough for this yet. I hope you’re having fun up there. I’m going to get breakfast now.”

“It has a really good view.” Sloth exclaimed in response laughing.

Envy shrugged and finished her breakfast, though it was pretty much dinner time already, then she went to attend to the plants she had been growing. To her surprise, she found that they had already been watered by her fellow sins.

So instead, she helped a few of the plants evolve so that they could grow better. Trimming loose branches that had died so they wouldn’t kill the whole tree, and fluffing others that needed some extra sunlight. Then of course a touch of weeding to keep the root system clear to only give water to the plants she wanted growing.

The Mayor came by for a visit to see how the newest ghostly residents were doing, and Envy nervously greeted him while she thought of the festival starting in San Myshuno in only a couple of hours.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this week with Envy. She has a chapter or two left before I finish out her part of this story beginning. But I want to get the poll rolling so that I can release the results in Envy’s final chapter. 😀 Thank you all so much for reading!!!

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