Rules of the 7 Sins Redemption Challenge


  • Create  seven sims that you feel represent the seven sins, “Gluttony, Lust, Envy, Greed, Sloth, Pride, and Wrath.”
  • (tip: if you make a new game and want a lot that isn’t already bulldozed you may want to just make a random sim to enter the new file. Bulldoze the lot you want, and then make your sins.)
  • The sims can be either gender and whatever life state you want. Alien, Sim, Vampire. Cats and dogs won’t work for this challenge but I suppose you could fill the 8th slot with one if you wanted to.
  • The traits and aspirations need to reflect the sins as much as possible. You will be redeeming them as you go along. (Eventually using cas.fulleditmode to delete a bad trait and replace it with a good.) Pick three “Bad” traits for each sin.
  • Hard mode: For 5000 satisfaction points each stage that you remove a trait, you can purchase the Re-traiting potion instead of using cheats.
  • Buy any empty/bulldozed lot you want your sims to live on. Use freerealestate on if you have to because you don’t want to motherlode or it could mess with money collecting aspirations if they’re used.  Once your lot is bought, reduce house funds to 0. Money 0
  • Now add a ghost trait to each of your sims, each sim must be different. (traits.equip_trait X where x = any of the following death traits: anger, cowplant, drown, electrocution, embaressment, fire, hunger, laugh, oldage, exhaust, steam, Vampire_sun) I don’t know pufferfish, poison, or rabid rodent fever. But I can assume they’re something similar to the rest.
  • When the sims achieve redemption you’ll do the opposite. (traits.remove_trait X)
  • Note, some of the death cheat traits break during patches and don’t always work. 

First Stage: Can’t help who you are

  • Sinful Ghost Sims are not allowed to get jobs in the living world.  They must make money however else they can. Paint, harvest plants, find frogs and breed them and sell the offspring, ect.
  • When they travel, they must all travel together.
  • First stage is collecting enough money to try to keep the sins happy so that they can make even better money and build a house to move on to the second stage.
  • In this stage, it counts as a house if they have at least one bathroom, one kitchen with a place for them all to sit and eat at a table or counter, and bedrooms that will give them each their own bed.
  • Must live on the one lot together.

Second Stage: Getting a career

  • When the sins actually start to have a home, having started with nothing they are considered to actually be working on redeeming themselves and are allowed to get careers.
  • They can only choose one career and cannot change it until they max it. Choose wisely.
  • Still cannot live anywhere but the home lot.
  • Whatever aspiration the sim was given that matched their sin is the first step to redemption here. They must complete the aspiration in order to remove one of their negative traits that make them the sin. (Sloth probably has lazy for example, which isn’t necessarily a bad trait. but for the sin challenge it is ‘one of their bad traits to change’)
  • traits.remove_trait X may have to get used here to completely clear the old trait if it still decides to function in secret even after being removed. Just a glitch note. 
  • Once the first aspiration is completed for all sins move on to the next stage.
  • The sins must still travel as an entire group if they go anywhere unless it is to work. Exception: You are allowed to follow a sim to their work for ‘get to work’ jobs. 

Third Stage: On the path to redemption

  • The Second aspiration to be picked for each sin is to be their turning point aspiration. Where their first aspiration summed up their sin, this new aspiration is to be their journey.
  • In this stage, the sins can freely travel without taking the entire household with them.
  • Each sim during this stage must make the largest donation possible to one of the computer charities.
  • When the second aspiration is complete you may once again take one of their bad traits and turn them into a good trait. (I like to think of the good trait as the ‘opposite’ of whatever the bad one was.)
  • Yes, you can already be working on the second aspiration for sins that get their aspirations completed faster. You just can’t get the other perks of this stage until all sins have made it to the third stage. 

Fourth Stage: Moving out

  • You probably guessed it. Time for the third aspiration! This one must be selected to represent a complete turnover. From evil to good so to speak. Example: Perhaps Lust started with ‘Serial Romantic’, decided to tone it down to ‘friend of the world’, and then finally finished with ‘Big Happy Family.’
  • The sins have almost redeemed themselves and can finally start moving out to their own lots if they would like to.
  • Must make at least 2 max donations on the computer for each sim this stage.
  • When the third aspiration is complete, remove and replace the final trait.
  • When the aspiration is complete, and the donations have been met, you may finally redeem yourself and become a living sim once more!
  • It’s okay for them to become living sims at different speeds. 

Fifth Stage: Living again

  • Congratulations you’re no longer ghosts! You’ve redeemed yourselves and have joined the land of the living once more.

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