The future’s bleak Frosty mornings start the gloom,twisting ice forms from shore to shore.It's not ready to say goodbye to winter.The depths below are still frigid. But the sun will rise to brighten the day,and melt all of the ice back away. I think back on that ice and wonder why,I didn't take it as a sign.To … Continue reading The future’s bleak


Tofu Tacos It's something new.I want to try.I'm nervous. I procrastinate and cut the veggies first.The lettuce crunches beneath my knife.That sound used to make me cringe.Now it makes me smile. I love tacos, always have.That's why, now that I'm trying to be healthy,I'm going to try a new kind. But I've never cooked with … Continue reading Tofu Tacos

Fools in love That first person you meet. It's a wonderful feeling.To be appreciated.To feel loved.To get attention. They make you feel like their world revolves around you.They build your confidence in yourself. It feels wonderful. Every romantic gesture over the days,months,years,you live for those moments. It feels likes you belong together.Nothing can ever … Continue reading Fools in love