Homescapes Challenge

I wanted to do a building challenge just for fun and to improve my building skills. So when I stumbled upon this challenge: The “Homescapes” challenge and shortly after got invited to play the actual game on my phone… i figured, “you know what… why not!”

So this will probably be a relatively short challenge/story. I just wanted to do it for fun, and I probably won’t follow the rules perfectly because when do I ever? They tend to be my inspirational bouncing off points šŸ˜€ So here we go!

I decided to try to actually make the house and the people from the app game. This is Austin Butler. He’s gone home to visit his parents…



The only problem is they’re selling their house, they’re getting to old to keep up with it anymore and it has fallen into disrepair. Austin doesn’t want them to sell it. So he’s going to rennovate it make them want to keep it.

And my goodness… does it need some rennovations.

Story parts here: