Other Cool Stories

These are stories from other Sims-lit writers that I have read and enjoyed. I’m sure this list will continue growing as I read more. But I feel like giving credit to people that deserve it like that. ^^

Fantastic Stories:

Burton Legacy by Bugsie2016

The Family Black by AuroraLockwood

Friend of Foe by Simscognito

Peoples Legacy : By Elifdapeton

the Illusion of Light by IchigoUsagi

Puppy Love: A dogacy by CathyTea

The Star Family Parentacy by rockannie

144 Pagotogo Stoires by Various authors.

ISBI Challenges I’ve read and enjoyed:

Nawatt ISBI

one Moore legacy

Out of Control

Divan Dim Sims in the City By Pammiechick

Brad looking for love in all the wrong places By salisAAA

Full moon on the rise

The Staples Legacy

Maddening Legacy

The Ash Family

Posh life

I’m Surrounded By Artificial Intelligence

Building Newcrest by Legacysims2017

Jungle ruin by Legacysims2017

Livin a Simmin Life by AdamsEve1231

Don’t see your story on this list. i probably haven’t read it yet, and I’m probably willing to read it. Just need to give me a little poke on the sims forums ,