Ode to CathyTea

CathyTea is one of those people that has done amazing things to help me out. For starters, she and sis friendsfan367 helped get me started in their thread on the Sims forum. She’s helped me through issue after issue and opened my eyes to so many things that the world of Sims has to offer that I have never noticed before.

Now I think to myself…”How am I going to return such a favor.” Well the answer came to me when I thought of the number of stories she has. I’m going to read them, and I am going to put my basic thoughts down in a little “you should go read this specific story for this reason” kind of way, right here on this page of my blog.


Completed Stories:

Walden Once More: 

This is a story about the great-great-grand neice of Henry David Thoreau, who is learning how to survive the room challenge in order to come to terms with herself and the world. It a story that really makes you stop and think.

Septemus, my son: 

This is a story about a man adopting an alien child to raise and love. An alien adoption story that can make you fall in love with the characters every time. This is a beautiful family and is also one of the leaders of the collaboration to save the bizabjoto.

Goofy Legacy: 

A ten generation legacy based around the goofball trait… There isn’t much goofy to be had in the traits, but there is a lot of love and amazingness in the entire Bough Family. A read worth the many chapters it takes to get through all ten generations. Every minute with the Boughs was enjoyable.