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Photograph Adventure The grilled dogs of early spring are ripe with the smell of charcoal,I can imagine my father standing over the grill,tongs in hand.Making jokes as us kids played nearby.Every family gathering it seemed my uncles and my dad were there.Grilling.Laughing.Blurred by the heat in the air released by the vents. But it's my dad … Continue reading Photograph Adventure


Mother’s Guidance A bird's call calls my attention to the sky.Wings flutter, and I just catch sight of the silhouette,then it disappears. I don't know what it looked like but I can hear the call,it's hard to be sure, but I could guess a sparrow.My mother would know. I used to bird watch with her all … Continue reading Mother’s Guidance

Peek-a-boo Flowers When snow melts away,and the sun shines each day,come the peek-a-boo flowers,with their growing powers. A surprise by a fence,is this bush not so dense, but already budding,this flower so stunning. Pick one or two, but leave most to grow.Or even better, plant more in a row!Treat them kindly, and in return,A bouquet … Continue reading Peek-a-boo Flowers

Self Portrait Painting a self-portrait is hard. Do you take a photograph and paint from that?Or is the motionless photo too still and lifeless to express yourself from? The photograph shows the color of your skin,your eyes, your hair, your clothes.But it doesn't show the spirit within. Your blank canvas still waits for paint,yet you … Continue reading Self Portrait