Duke-Baker-Green Legacy

“names” indicates not an actual Sims 3 character but is filling a spot. ^-^ Since he plans to get at least as many penpals to complete the complete the collection.

  • Sunset Valley:  Ontario w/ CathyTea

Chance’s First letter to Ontario

  • Appaloosa Plains: “Alexander Cruz” w/ Simscognito

Chance’s First Letter to Alex    Alex’s First Reply    Second Letter       Second Reply

Third Letter

  • Bridgeport: Amy w/ Shadami

Amy’s first letter to Chance     Chance’s First Reply      Second Letter

  • Littlehaven: “Janessa Parish” w/ Karilan/Samasasim

Janessa’s First letter to Chance    Chance’s First Reply    Second Letter       Second Reply

  • Twinbrook:
  • Lucky Palms:
  • Moonlight Falls:
  • Riverview:
  • Barnacle Bay:
  • Champs Les Sims:
  • Lunar Lakes:
  • Midnight Hollow:
  • Dragon Valley:
  • Isla Paradios: