BB Season One Characters

On a cold spring day, while there was still a chance of snow, ten contestants met at a house where a new reality tv show was being created. They would be inside a house competing against each other with no access to the outside world. No news of what is going on at home, no contact with their families, No idea if their favorite president is running for office again. No TV, no computers, no phones.

If they can stand being around each other for the next couple months, the last one standing will win 100,000 simoleons! But as the drama unfolds, is the money worth being trapped in a house with a bunch of strangers that irritate you?

Note: Special thanks to Jadevk on the gallery for the big brother house that I slightly modified.

Meet the Contestants:

Name: Kristy Cowan
Age: 44
Hometown: Brindleton Bay, Massachusets
Occupation: Assistant Mayor
Likes: swimming, basketball, card games
Dislikes: bugs, trashy romance novels
Dream Vacation: a Tropical vacation to someplace sunny
Traits: Family oriented, active, perfectionist
Aspiration: Super parent

Name: Gunnar Garcia
Age: 41
Hometown: Springfield, Ohio
Occupation: Repair company
Likes: helping the youth, Italian food, repairing roofs, horror and mystery drama films
Dislikes: DC universe and its hype, people who don’t appreciate food
Dream Vacation: scenic countryside and lakes of rural New York.
Traits: Outgoing, Foodie, Insider
Aspiration: Outdoor Enthusiast

Name: Gracelyn Robbins
Age: 37
Hometown: NYC, NY
Occupation: News Reporter
Likes: James Bond fan, reading, good food, electronic media, creative writing
Dislikes: Idiots, illiterate people
Dream Vacation: Paris, France
Traits: creative, romantic, geek
Aspiration: Bestselling Author

Name: Saul Carter
Age: 28
Hometown: Syracuse, New York
Occupation: Attorney
Likes: fitness, running, swimming, classical music, opera, Harry Potter, Princess Bride, Matrix
Dislikes: Dogs, Rodents
Dream Vacation: Hawaii
Traits: music lover, materialistic, ambitious
Aspiration: Fabulously wealthy

Name: Nash Bernard
Age: 28
Hometown: Philidelphia, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Youth Counselor
Likes: basketball, books, haircuts, Steelers, Matrix
Dislikes: Non-vegetarian food (unless it’s a Philly cheesesteak), the Patriots
Dream Vacation: Tour Europe
Traits: Foodie, Good, Self-assured
Aspiration: Nerd Brain

Name: Kylee Solano
Age: 27
Hometown: Orlando, Florida
Occupation: Student, former exotic dancer
Likes: medicine, backpacking, creative writing, reading, scuba diving
Dislikes: Tourist traps
Dream Vacation: Great Barrier Reef
Traits: loves outdoors, bookworm, active
Aspiration: Bodybuilder

Name:  Kaitlin Gill
Age: 26
Hometown: Malibu, California
Occupation: Sales Representative
Likes: Wakeboarding, snowboarding, mountain biking, swing dance, backpacking, glass blowing, Mexican Food
Dislikes: Fast Food restaurants
Dream Vacation: Colorado mountains
Traits: Active, Dance machine, loves outdoors
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy

Name: Tate Bearden
Age: 23
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Occupation: Civil Engineer for Aviation
Likes: sports, shopping, love stories, Fantasy novels
Dislikes: horror stories
Dream Vacation: Mexico
Traits: Romantic, Geek, Genius
Aspiration: Renaissance Sim

Name: Brenda Pollard
Age: 23
Hometown: Kingston, Washington
Occupation: Model
Likes: live life to the fullest, Maya Angelou poetry, Anything Oprah, comedy, burgers over a grill at a sports event
Dislikes: being judged for her good looks
Dream Vacation: Go to Hollywood
Traits: goofball, dance machine, outgoing
Aspiration: Friend of the world

Name: Clay Granger
Age: 21
Hometown: Dover, Deleware
Occupation: Student
Likes: basketball, romance novels, home improvement projects, Treasure Island, landscaping
Dislikes: Mess, disorganization
Dream Vacation: Japan
Traits: self-assured, erratic, perfectionist
Aspiration: Serial Romantic


A/N: These will be rather long posts unless I feel like breaking them up more. I have yet to decide after seeing just how lengthy they get. On elimination day I do need everyone to get together and vote who they want to save from the chopping block though ❤ It will add to the points they get from the game stuff itself and may just save a fan favorite from getting eliminated. 😀