Just a Legacy: Bestfriends Farewell

Rowan Riddle, The youngest Tinker child. I’m not sure we’ve met him before. But it’s about time we were able to. Abbie is paying her respects.

The middle Tinker child, Darius Varela. Helping Abbie figure out how to access the obituaries.

They never quite made up. But they never stopped caring about each other either. Abbie and Tina wanted to be friends but couldn’t get over their differences. So it still hurts a lot that her friend is gone.

She eats with the family. She pays her respects. She’s sorry for Yasemin’s loss. She herself is hurting.

Hi old lady.

This is Gem Paewai, One of Olive’s daughters. Oh my gosh. she has children!

Olive fell out with her mom as well. moved to the city. lost touch with everyone. Abbie keeps track though. she knows people. and watches out for those she knows. She lets Olive know.

Her kids are surprised this old lady knows their mom.

Estrella Paewai is this daughter.

Husband Fetu Paewai. Haven’t seen him in a long time.

Then it’s time to go back home. Abbie was able to pay her respects. She was able to find comfort in catching up. Getting to know her friends’ family a little bit better. Saying goodbye. Showing she never stopped being a friend. She was sorry. Sorry, they had fallen out so hard. Sorry she didn’t know what had really gone wrong. Sorry, they hadn’t been able to make up. But she would never be sorry that they had been friends.

Knox wants to do one more painting. I keep checking back on him. Worried. I know it’s almost time. That bar is glowing.

Taku and Lyndsey are enjoying each other’s company.

But she quickly moves on to the kitchen. She wanted to make a honey cake to show Knox. He and Abbie have worked so hard on taking care of their bee hives for so many years. They’ve harvested and sold so much honey over the years. She wanted to show him the fruits of his labor. She’d studied and learned how to make a honey cake. So much of her life was influenced by him and mom.

Monique and Abbie had been checking on the old soy plant garden that doesn’t get as much attention anymore.

Lilith was yelling at someone walking by again. One of her favorite pastimes.

Lyndsey finished baking a honey cake to show off to Knox what she could do now with all the hardwork he and Abbie had done with the bees. She was calling everyone to come eat, had stepped outside to call out to everyone spread out across the lot.

Knox was there. He saw the cake. He felt pride. But something else. He reached in the air. He could feel his time.

By the time Lyndsey got back in the room. Knox was on the ground. Harmony screamed.

Monique, and Karter were quickly behind. Lilith came running from the woods. She could feel the shift in the air. It almost was like a stab to her own soul. She could feel it. She ran home.

Willow and Abbie arrived last and were shocked at what they saw.

Prankster to the end. Or as a coping mechanism. Lilith makes a noxious cloud in the crowd. Since she is almost never mean or mischievous to her own family, I think that she is trying to cope with the fact that her husband is on the floor dying.

So many mixed emotions during this.

Willow decided she liked pop music which was playing.

Abbie had a moment of flirtatious looks with the reaper.

Monique was thinking about magicians. Maybe one could save Knox.

Lyndsey got a text message that made her laugh and then she started crying again.

Harmony is going to attach herself to Lilith and be clingy for a while. She is devestated.

Karter just cried and cried and cried.

“Knox would have loved this cake. Good job Lyndsey. At least we can remember him. He had a good long life.”

Lilith starts talking to whoever will listen to tell of her memories of her husband.

4 thoughts on “Just a Legacy: Bestfriends Farewell

  1. The first generational shift is always so hard, seeing all the familiar sims die one after another – at least that’s how I feel.
    I love your sim cards! Do you have a blank for me to use? I might try on my next save.


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