FF: Making Money – Double Birth-Day 3

Today will be a little stressful. It’s Calli’s birthday. It’s Luke’s birthday. And I want to see if I can get Shawn the final friends he needs to get a second aspiration completed because his birthday is tomorrow. It’s cutting it very close. But I wanted to give it a try.

Tina is once again taking care of the family a bit. But her family is taking care of her too. Shawn can tell that she’s having an angry day. So he gives her a hug to help her calm down.

Baby Luke is exhausting. So Tina is stepping up elsewhere int he house the best she can while moms catch up on things and do their best. That little bit of help is greatly appreciated. And Calli loves her biggest sister.

Rani is getting her painting done. She’s standing as still as she can so that Leila can get a quick sketch down. The Darwin’s wanted to have everyone as a painting in a family gallery. But it got put off for awhile. Now they want to try to catch up on it again.

The school day doesn’t have anything to interesting. It was a fairly calm day. Tna tried to apologize to Molly. But the conversation didn’t really go anywhere.

But Tina did end up declaring that she dislikes argumentative sims. Which is funny. Since she picks so many gossip/drama fights.

Lola is finishing up baking a cake for the double birthday (and to reuse for a birthday tomorrow. Just have to put those candles right back on!)

Calli is trying the last few foods. Pretty much everything she liked ended up being vegetables, which is fascinating.

She’s getting to try some finger o’s before she ages up. Because Luke is first. And she is still hungry, and will not be getting any cake. We need it for tomorrow’s birthday after all. This way we take care of her needs, and stuff tomorrow. Woo! And bonus with more firsts!

Oh my gosh. He is precious.

“WHAT IS THAT?!?” but in baby babble.

Fire? I get to spit on it? OKAYS!

Oh my gosh, she aged up with some yellow as well. I think I may put her back in purple. But it’s time for some CAS updates. I … kind of forgot to get Shawn’s preteen CAS update. Completely forgot to watch age.

It looks like they learned with Shawn. Calli has hearing aids as well. Both ears though. Something tells me that hers are more temporary like the tubes my oldest daughter had in her ears to clear up infections and aid her hearing. She was able to have them take out at 8.

Tina took Calli in to pee her first time on the potty. Leila tried. Lola tried. But Calli eas determined that Tina help her.

Shawn is working on making friends still. He met a couple kids at school and invited them over. This one is Jeremiah Scott and has the vibe of being a really great best friend to Shawn.

Meanwhile. Luke is getting some playtime on the tummy time mat. Which is frog themed! Squee! Still so excited about this.

Jeremiah and Shawn spend quite a bit of time bonding, hanging out together on the swings and chatting.

Luke is now getting tummy time lessons, and is going to get breastfed as a reward for all his hard efforts to make sure to refuel all that energy he is using.

The boys are still swinging. Where’s the other guest?

Ah, there she is. Sasha Moon is playing with the doctor kit.

When Shawn realizes this, he’s super excited to share his knowledge with her. She looks bored. He feels embarrassed, so he tries some really immature jokes instead and she starts laughing. It was hard, because they bad compatibility, but in the end they’re friends.

Sasha decides to stick around for awhile and dance and enjoy herself.

Oh look! Lola has decided on a new trait!

Calli frequently hiccuped and was a self-soother, loved carrots, and mashed peas; liked sweet potato puree and homemade hummus, and liked oaty o’s. But now she likes being carried and is a light sleeper. Probably on account of her hearing aid and trying to get used to all of the changes. and cuddles are nice usually.

I feel like I forgot to share this as well. Shawn and Ranidae are now jokesters. Oh also, I’ve given the family another slight makeover. Rani got a pre-teen look, and Tina got a new slightly longer hairstyle to indicate some aging. The adults is where I’m unsure what to do. When do you get new outfits? I don’t know. I’m still in clothes from high school if it fits. and most of the rest of my outfits are garbage one i’ve had because of maternity and sickness. And I’m incredibly unhappy in most of my outfits and have given up on clothing shopping.

That’s… that’s a whole other ballpark that I don’t want to crack open right now. A lot of hurt and pain there.

3 thoughts on “FF: Making Money – Double Birth-Day 3

  1. I just love these kids! I feel soft for Shawn. I hope you get some clothes you like! Sometimes, I just get one type, like cotton socks or new t-shirts. The last new t-shirts I got, I hated at first because the cut and fabric felt different from what I’m used to, but I got a good poem out of the experience, and after a few washings, I’ve come to love them.

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    1. My imzadi keeps trying to get me to go clothes shopping (he loves it) , were slowly getting there. I’ve found a couple dresses now and a pair of jeans. But most clothes are still eluding me. I’m working on sewing skills still. See if I can make my own and take out the frustration of finding the thing that fits me right.

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