Just a Legacy: Short Day

It’s funny. Both of my legacies currently have teenagers that I’m following to high school. My own kids are going to be in middle school in a year. Well. less than a year. My oldest two will both be in fifth grade in September when my youngest turns 4! When she turns 5 she’ll start Kindergarten. It is so wild to think about.

I wish I could have more kids. Or at least one with my imzadi. But it’s sadly not going to happen unless science babies could be real. In that, he and I could have our DNA make a baby that I can’t carry. I’m being all sappy and sad again because my emotions are currently a mess still. Being sick really messes with my head.

So here I am, back in high school with Willow. This cutie is looking at her with adoring eyes. I might have to keep my eye on them as a potential.

They’re even in the same class! Lyndsey isn’t particularly interested in anything at high school. Her boyfriend isn’t here after all.

Harmony is doing some weeding all on her own. She’s really taken after the parents of the family. None of the other kids are really that much into gardening, but she seems to love it.

She comes in after to chat with Willow.

And as days often end in the Justice Household. The family gathers in the living room. To cuddle. To do homework. To chat. To listen to music.

To just think about life, the day. Relax.

Willow swears that she sees Brytani again. She lets out a small “Hi mom.” But no one else seems to notice.

We close out the day with… well… Karter practicing holding his breath in the hot tub. Which I didn’t even know was a thing. I could hear him blowing bubbles and making funny noises. It was wild to see.

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3 thoughts on “Just a Legacy: Short Day

    1. I know. I can’t believe it. I have a preteen. And by the end of the year. Both of the older two will be in double digits. I can’t believe how fast it’s gone. Sometimes I forget that means I’m older two because basically once I started counting their birthdays I stopped counting mine.


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