FF: Frog Fanatic – Day 42

I wanted to get this part out a day ago? A few days ago? How much time has it been since the last post, I’m unsure. I caught a stomach bug and it knocked me out for 34 hours. So I had this open and getting ready to tell the story. Have it out the day after the last one I posted. But life had its own decisions.

My mother-in-law came out and took my kiddos, got the older two to school. took the toddler home with her. than came back to pick up the older two when they got home from the bus, and now they’re all at her house where their father now lives. He gets them all on the weekend anyways, so he got them a day early.

I love my mother-in-law for the most part. We do not see eye-to-eye when it comes to anything to do with computers. She thinks it wastes my life, but doesn’t understand that it is my life. It’s where I do my art, my stories, my gaming. She thinks I should just get rid of it and focus on real life like getting a job.

If it wasn’t for this clashing, she and I would get along wonderfully. I’m unsure how she feels about me divorcing her son… because the process is still going. I’m waiting on an index number. It’s really frustrating… I’ve been fighting in emails for 7 months to get this process moving.

Anyways. Getting teary, and only just starting to function after being sick so long. So straight to the story.

Rani is still working on her favorite activity. Being active. Leila and Lola decided that they would get her a home monkey bars so she could enjoy it whenever she wanted instead of needing to head over to the park. The lightning storm was a little scary.

The upstairs is getting a little bit overly full of paintings. Something will have to get changed in order to accommodate for this. Perhaps opening an art gallery. Little Calli just absolutely adores cuddling and spending time with her family.

Shawn thinks baby sister is adorable and decided to get up during breakfast when Calli was trying some new foods.

“Like this Calli! ” He delighted, showing his baby sister how to use the silverware to eat. Calli still prefers breastfeeding to eating from the weird cup things.

Early morning exams study for exams day. Tina is back to school, determined to enjoy herself and get decent grades.

Making friends with Jacob.

Talking to bestie Savannah Price.

“Molly wanted to be my best friend, and she got mad when I said you were my best friend.”

“Oh yeah girl, Molly hates me. I’m not suprised she got mad at you.”

“What happened?”

The gossip continued all through lunch.

Molly is feeling deeply hurt and decided to avoid lunch.

Tina is feeling creeped out by Molly’s behavior. That and Molly had followed her home to ask her out. Things just aren’t going great for them.

Molly decides to skip class rather than sit next to her girlfriend who she’s mad at. Tina notices.

She found her girlfriend after class. Tossing a football in the cafeteria, and refusing to make eye contact.

“Molly, I’m not dealing with your attitude. I don’t like this. I’m not allowed to have friends that you don’t like? That’s not the kind of relationship I want.” Once again, Tina charges into decisions with her full confidence.

“We’re done. I can’t date you if that’s how you’re going to be. Bye Molly. ”

Tina didn’t care that other people could hear. In fact, what’s his face came to ask her afterward if they could be friends (though it was a best friend option and I found out we can now have more than 1 best friend!!) He was impressed. Molly… not so much. She was extremely upset. Tina doesn’t want that kind of girlfriend though. A crush doesn’t mean she has to actually date the person.

Shawn went back out to the park to play for a little bit before the sun actually set, but didn’t stay long.

He got back home and chatted with Tina while she did her homework and he ate dinner.

“Tests today were hard. We had to do a spelling test and I’m still getting used to the sounds.”

“You’ll get it little bro. Just wait until you get to high school and you have to do theorems and stuff. Such a headache.”

The painting room is really, really, really full. We need to fix this.


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