Just a Legacy: Makeovers finally

I’ve had to wait until a sim left the household, and I kept not wanting to let any of them leave. WIth Brytani gone, I can finally upgrade outfits. It’s also my way of procrastinating because I feel like I need to refresh my memory of my own story again. I’m not actually sure where I left off, and I don’t know where I put my notes went.

I’m really good at losing my place. Haha.

So up first, here is my makeover for Knox. I decided to have his hair grow out a little bit, and give him some slightly warmer clothes as he’s probably a little colder now that he’s older.

Next up of course I have to give a makeover to Lilith. I had her finally take her hair down and age her clothes a bit. But I think she would have still kept it looking young and fun.

Now on to my wonderful founder! Who is still alive. Whoo! This is actually confusing me, cause for some reason I recall her dying already. And I’m not sure why.

I’m going to include a few extra outfits for her simply because I don’t remember what I shared for her and I seem to have made quite a few for Abbie over the course of the legacy so far.

This is a fully new outfit because I felt that Abbie needed another mourning outfit.

Of course, next up is the teenagers where things get a bit more complicated since they never really had proper makeovers, to begin with. I of course had to start with Lyndsey the heir.

She has a fairly simple style I think, and I tried to stick mainly to what she had aged up wit, but cleaned it up so that I like it more.

Next up is her sister Willow.

I noticed that WIllow has clothes in lots of different colors, so I pushed that further and made some pretty rainbow outfits for her.

Next up is Monique as the final teenager currently in the house.

I’m shocked by how toned Monica is. I really hadn’t realized that she had gotten that incredibly toned with all her workouts on the climbing wall.

Now it’s time for the twins! Karter is up first.

And now finally, Harmony!

Harmony had some surprise colors in her wardrobe, but for the most part, she seemed to lean towards neutral colors. So I tried to reflect that with the few changes I made.

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