Just a Legacy: Lyndsey’s date

This is an incredibly short post just because I wanted to keep getting things out and I haven’t been able to play again but I still had these screenshots left.

Taku invited Lyndsey out on a date which I thought was really sweet. They hugged when they arrived at the bar. He seemed to know that she would be feeling down about the death of her mom and he just wanted to cheer her up. He didn’t even try flirting with her even though it was date. He literally just wanted to get her out of the house and doing something besides being at home, or doing school work.

He got her to play foosball and just have a good time. Well as much of a good time as she could in between random tears from missing her mother.

When she seemed to have enough of that, he got her to play Stack-em-wood-logs the llama tower game with Max Ojo. He is older than them, but he’s been around long enough that they still have a good time with him.

It was an incredibly short date, but she needed the outing to try to get over Brytani and feel better. So this is a short and sweet post just to show that there is still some happy going on.

Abbie is incredibly sad, and has been wandering around a bit like she’s in a daze and doesn’t know what to do.

Adoption: Guillermo Swann adopted by Nani and Abbey Shibata

Pregnancies: Evie and Diego Lobo; Yuki and Duane Behr; Octavia and Thorne Bailey; Kalamainu’u and Dirk Dreamer; Holly and Hugo Villareal; Annie and Vaea Savea; Angel and Aditya Anand; Avani and Fetu Kalawai’a; Yuka and Isamu Nishimura

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