Just a Legacy: Goodbye Brytani

Yup, it’s that time. The day and the post is finally here to say goodbye to Brytani. She’s had a wonderful life and it’s now time to completely say goodbye. It feels really strange honestly. It feels like I just started this challenge even though it’s been almost a full year! Can you believe it? It’s been almost a year already since we started this casual legacy train that honestly lifted up my spirits in a really dark time.

There is something special about our sims telling stories that overlapped. We weren’t tied to any specific story, everything just unfolded as it wanted to. It’s also been a long journey even though I haven’t gotten as far into the legacy as I wanted to. So much has happened in the past year or so, it’s hard to imagine. But in the end, I’m really glad that I have the sims and the sims community to turn to for good and bad.

As far as the Justice family is concerned. It’s just another gentle, relaxing day. Monique is watching the clouds with her little brother Karter.

Abbie and Brytani are flirting and having a great time being in love as the heir Lyndsey watches on and smiles knowing that she’s going to have a beautiful relationship like that some day.

Monique moves off to work on her climbing skills, today it’s trying vertical overhangs to strengthen her arms more instead of relying so much on her legs.

Overall, it has been an incredibly normal day for the Justice family.

The night owls Lilith and Harmony work on her homework while the rest of the household sleeps.

Karter does an amazing thing and actually collects the trash around the lot. Usually it’s his twin sister who is on top of the chores making sure that the house is always taken care of and clean.

More notifications hit the newspapers and online articles to say that the world is still turning.

Marriage: Macie Lam and Kiyoshi Ito; Rose Donohue and Naoki Olvera; Yamachan and Michael Bell

Births: Bess and Jules Rico have son Jabari Rico; Belinda and Paka’a Bheeda have son Tony Bheeda; Jess and Dylan Sigworth have daughter Abbie Sigworth and son Zayden Sigworth; Penny and Tobias Pizzazz have daughter Macy PIzzazz; Christie and Arnav Joyson have son Tucker Joyson; Olivia and Enele Kim-Lewis have son Vicente Kim-Lewis; Jenna and Kado Akiyama have daughter Lorena Akiyama; Venessa and Cole Jeong have daughter Jasmine Jeong; Maaike and Don Haas have daughters Alison and Shanice Haas; Eliza and Bob Pancakes have son Ronnie Pancakes; Teulia Turei and Dakota Anansi have daughter Nevaeh Turei; Prisha and Akira Kibo have daughter Phoebe Kibo.

And then it’s time. Brytani climbs out of bed and points to the sky. It’s her time to go. She’s had a long and good life. She’s comfortable with the timing. She’s said her goodbyes and her final sweet moments with the wife she loves.

One last look across the room at her sleeping wife. Abbie Justice. The founder of the Justice Legacy. She wishes that she didn’t have to leave the love of her life alone even for a year or two. But Abbie is strong. She’ll make it through the hard days that will follow.

She can keep sleeping peacefully. They’ll see each other again soon. The purple mist continues swirling around Brytani and she feels its warmth wrap around her, telling her that it’s okay. It’s time to go. Everything will be fine.

Lilith hears the final thump and comes running. She doesn’t notice the hooded figure watching from next to the bed.

Monique comes running in as well, she’d been in the shower and didn’t know why Lilith has seemed so rushed. They both share quiet tears as the hooded one checks his death tablet doing some last minute calculations. A loving wife and mother vs her time as a thief handler in a smuggling ring. Nah, everything checks out. Brytani was a good soul.

Marcus is angry that it even took that long to calculate. He’s here to see the beloved family member off. He may not have been an official member of the family, but the Justice Family had included him like he was.

He kicked over the trash can to let out his sorrow before he took brytani’s spirit hand and led her away to the afterlife.

Brytani was buried next to Marcus in the garden. Some day, they will have a proper graveyard. Right now. The family seems right to be in nature.

The household lets their sadness sink in. Knox tries to relief his by snuggling a comfort trashbag.

But it’s not enough. He wanders out to the new grave stone to say goodbye.

Monique joins him and they share their sorrow. Recounting tales of the comedic mother of the house

By dawn. Abbie woke and cried for hours by the gravestone of her wife. She understood why Brytani had to go while she was sleeping though. She would have tried to follow her. Her wife wouldn’t have wanted that.

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6 thoughts on “Just a Legacy: Goodbye Brytani

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  2. Oh, several updates in a row! Goodbye Brytani. I don’t have a personal connection to her, like I now do to Marcus – I really need to play with more premades, it’s really fun exploring their characters – but I really loved how you portrayed her in your writing. I feel like I got to know her very well!
    I’m currently playing TS3 so you have time to catch up. In my TS4 save, my Gen3 heir is a YA now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am hoping to be able to get more playing in 🙂 so hopefully I can catch up soon. XD Ive been seeing your ts3 stuff pop up I just haven’t had much reading time lately. I feel like I’m behind all over the place.


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