Just a Legacy: Making a decision

Fighting being sick sucks a ton when you want to be active, healthy, and productive. That’s what I’ve been dealing with lately, but I’m doing my best to get through it. It has kept me doing other things that are lazier, like binge watching YouTube and Netflix shows.

I have gotten in some gaming sessions here and there, but my creative side has been more neglected. I’ll get there. I’m starting to accept that I really do seem to have a rather weak immune system. Otherwise I must me allergic to myself. Hahaha. (Right? I think that’s a joke?)

For the Justice family, there has been much of the same day on and day out of their lives. The twins spend their mornings playing and skill building so that they can be bright young children one day.

The siblings all spend time talking, playing, and eating meals together, and the adults work on their various quiet solo projects. Brytani is retired but is leaving behind a book of her jokes for future generations. Abbie has been concentrating on her candle business on plopsy. Knox continues to enjoy nature, and Lilith works the night shift with the thieving ring she got involved with because of Brytani and Abbie’s help.

So, completely normal every day life for all of them.

Why hello there Brent. Did you need more screentime?

Oops sorry, already moving on because Willow decided to walk out and purchase a drink from a vendor and I was curious where she had gone. I really love her look though. She’s got such a unique style.

Monique continues to climb the rock wall and work on improving her skills so that she can face her real goal. Climbing Mt. Komorebi.

Sometimes her routine is interrupted by the paparazzi that come by to try to get more candid shots of the family for the press. But she shrugs them off and jumps right back on the wall. She is serious about her goals.

The stereos continue to play music all day and night for whoever wants to come dance. Today it’s Abbie who is taking a break from work. Knox watches on while he gets a glass of water. Honestly, I think he would have been happy as a plant sim.

Willow doesn’t notice, she’s deep in the pages of a book she’s been reading. I could actually see her getting in to writing one day.

Lyndsey is on the phone chatting with her new friends to get to know them better. Maybe one will even be free to come over for a visit! She sure hopes so. Willow doesn’t play with her much any more, stupid teenagers. Always leaving her out of the fun.

As usual, a fan of paparazzi will show up at the house, but Brytani is alit more giving with autographs these days.

Oh, but here is the big celebration of the day! It’s Knox’s elder birthday. His highlights of the family have been mostly quiet lately, which fits his personality. So I’m not sure he has much to wish for, just as Brytani didn’t have much to wish for. Everyone is happy, and that has been plenty.

Welcome to your elder years Knox. We really enjoyed you being part of the family. It’s been wonderful to have you.

I don’t remember why, but Yuki was over to celebrate his life state change day while Brytani entertained and told jokes about him and his life.

But with it being a beautiful day. Of course he wants to be outside.

So he and Abbie…

Went for a jog in the neighborhood together.

Lyndsey had one of her new friends accept the invitation to visit. But by the time his parents were able to drop him off, she regretted inviting him over. She was feeling itchy all over and was feeling nauseous and miserable. It had to be the cute boy that jumped on the chance to come over to visit. It just had to be.

She was so embaressed.

“You sound horrible compared to what you did on the phone. Are you okay?”

“Not really… Something hit me hard after we hung up.”

“Well you should take some meds and eat something then. We don’t have to play. I’ll just hang out and we can chat.”

He was super supportive instead of calling ewww cooties on her as she found some meds with Abbie’s help and grabbed one of Knox’s leftover burgers since he was always cooking to many and leaving them in the fridge as emergency meals for those that needed something quick before they had to run out the door.

Her stomach didn’t agree with her right away as she started eating, but slowly as the food mixed with the medicine to calm her stomach, she started feeling better.

Karter bugged her when she was almost done because he wanted food too.

“No don’t worry about it, I got it.” The boy hopped off his stool and reheated a burger for Karter while Lyndsey slowly finished chewing her meal. He had been chatting at her and keeping his promise of just keeping her company. Absolutely no pressure on her which she was incredibly grateful for.

“Here you go Karter. One burger.” Lyndsey handed her little brother the plate that the boy (I’m calling him that cause I forgot to write his name down and don’t have my game open.) Had prepared. He handed it to her to deliver though as he slid back into his stool.

Karter laughed in delight and took as big a bite as his little mouth would allow.

I took that moment to look at the faces of these two children. I was curious, what else can I say. Currently, Lyndsey is the heir and I’m interested in who she might be interested in.

I was rewarded with theses faves. Lyndsey, almost blushing as she tries not to look over her shoulder at this sweet boy that she just met. His face seeming to say, “I’ve done a good deed. I am proud of myself.”

It may be to early to tell since they’re still children, but I’m feeling positive about these two. If nothing else, these two may end up dating and seeing how things go.

Then, they reward me again, with this.

“I like you.”

“I like you too.”

It’s a silent exchange, but the exchange is there. Lyndsey has a crush, and he feels the same way it seems. Maybe it’s just puppy love right now, but maybe one day it will blossom in to a true romance.

As this part comes to a close, I shall leave you with Brytani being a wonderful aunt and reading Karter and Harmony to sleep.

See you next time!

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    1. Nope there hasn’t been a vote yet. I just put the names on a wheel and spun it. Lyndsey is the heir currently. The rules I picked cause I hadn’t used it before was picking randomly every new eligible heir xD but I forgot about it for awhile.


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