Just a Legacy: Coming True

It’s funny, it didn’t feel that long ago that there was notifications of new pregnancies, and here they are, as I load the game for another play session, waiting for any of the Justice family to wake up, that the delivery notifications come through. It’s tough to realize how quickly time is going. I know that I have to make a decision soon. Brytani will pass away as an Elder. Do I want to have Abbie take her potion and stick around? Did I have Lilith take a potion already? I can’t recall. I could have her take one and stick around as well if I did.  Knox will be an elder soon, and I know I can’t avoid that one since he for sure has already taken a potion. Monique and Willow are teenagers. Do I look for a relationship for them to marry when they move out?

Do I let MCCC do it once they move out?

Do I even move them out? I kind of wish I could just keep playing all of them, but I know it gets hard with so many in one house. Especially since I can’t play in CAS when there are more than 8 in one household. . . like there currently is. I’ll have to figure out something to do to solve my desires for wanting to play them all and follow their stories.

For now, here’s how the town is expanding:

Bess and Jules Rico had daughter Briella; Liberty and Tomax Lee had daughter Elena; Venessa Jeong and Nuihaur Elikapika and son Emmitt Jeong; Nina and Sergio Romeo had son Hayden; Sachiko Imai and Krishna Chauhan had son Davon Imai; Prsha Savalani and Rua Smith had daughter Haeju Savalani; Raina Riggs and Noel Gustafson had daughter Kacie Riggs.

Finally, important to the story in background ways is Olive Paewai formerly Tinker and her husband Fetu gave birth to a daughter Estrella. Olivia Kim-Lewis and her husband Enele gave birth to their daughter Teresa. Over in the Anansi household Grace has given birth to Marcus’ daughter Alisa Anansi. I’m sorry he wasn’t able to be around to see her birth. And last is Angela Harris, Lilith’s sister; giving birth to son Kayden Harris. For some reason, the father did not pop up in the notification, but I assume it was Jeb without checking my notes.

Karter splashed happily in the bath tub and waved at big sister Willow after she finished cleaning the sink. “Buh bye We-oh!”

“Bye Karter you silly boy.”

Lilith laughed, “Come on Karter stop splashing me!”

The Justice Family is still just living day to day with keeping the house running, doing chores, and generally doing their own thing in the same general area as other family members. It’s funny. They do things together once in awhile like dancing, or getting help with homework, or eating. But for some reason, it’s like for the majority of the time, every single last Justice Family member seems to have a loner trait. They’re incredibly comfortable just being by themselves working towards their goals.

Because of that, and the fact that I can’t remember who has taken their potions and who hasn’t. I’m actually going to just let Abbie age up to an elder when it’s time for her age up day. She has very little left to accomplish her goals and I feel like she is satisfied with her life just as much as Brytani is. I can’t really see seperating the two of them by giving Abbie her potion.

As for Lilith. I still can’t remember if she had a potion. I’m nervous about giving her one when I can’t remember if she had one. But I’m also nervous letting all of the adults become elders when there are toddlers in the house. On the other hand, there are plenty of teenagers who will be able to handle the job. In fact, I’m pretty sure there were be a young adult or two by the time the current generation actually passes away.

I’ll just have to see where the story goes.

It’s funny. when they sit at the counter for meals, everyone  always sits on the outside seats first. I guess it’s part of them being secretly loners, but enjoying spending time doing their own things near each other.

Brytani is still working on her comedy daily even though she has finally retired. Something I ended up deciding to do with her, though I don’t know if it will end up working, I was curious to try, is that I’m having her write routines. She has mastered with excellent quality all of the short routines, and is currently working on the medium length routines.

Harmony looks so cute playing with her momma in the kitchen. I love her little raincoat and boots, it’s a shame I can’t tweak anything because I don’t want to accidentally make the game crash because of too many sims.

Honestly, I haven’t been paying all that much attention to the twins. I set them down with something to do after making sure that they’re happy, and then I watch all of the older sims.

Like today, I’ve realized our current heir Lyndsey just hasn’t been working on her childhood aspiration. Well oh geez! I need to fix that for sure! She wants to be a social butterfly, she’s going to be!

But, I wasn’t sure what park I really wanted her to go to so I looked to see what Willow and Monique also needed to do. With two teenagers, I’m sure Lyndsey will be safe going to the park with no parents tagging along to cramp all their styles.

So where do they end up? Back in Mt. komorebi of course! Monique is still looking to spend more time there, and since Lyndsey wants to go to the park, she’s going to get the nature hike in that she wanted to take.

The girls arrive at the park and make a promise to meet back up when the festival starts. Before all the celebrating sims arrive for the light show, it should be fine for Lyndsey to hang out at the park alone. She’s a good kid after all and only a little younger than Willow.

It’s okay, as the girls head off in their own directions, Willow isn’t going to far. If Lyndsey needs her, she will be in heading range of a yell.

She’s just going across the street to attempt to go fishing. She thought it might be a fun thing to do, catch and add fish to the family pet list. She could buy an aquarium, it would be super cute!

…. So cute.

But after hours, she hadn’t caught a single fish and it was time to go meet her sisters back at the park. Well that was a bust.

Monique had an entirely different adventure when she left her sisters at the park. She jogged off to check out the hiking trails and snapped a picture so that she would have a map to follow in case she got lost.

She was just going to take the short easy trail today, she wanted to be back by sunset after all so as to not worry Willow or Lyndsey. It felt great to get out in nature, the scenery was beautiful.

It reminds me of my own hikes that I used to take. I think it’s something I really want to do again on a more serious level when covid restrictions are lifted. As of right now I can’t really go out because I have yet to get vaccinated, and I still have my little one to worry about.

I know, “but you can just wear a mask”, but the problem with that is that I have an anxiety attack with it on my face and I can’t breath. Or at least it feels that way, and I get lightheaded. Eh. That’s not important, my point was that where I live there are dozens upon dozens of cool hiking trails. If I drive within just 30 minutes there are several lakes, canals, creeks, and waterfall trails. Then there are parks with forest trails. Go about an hour from home and I can even add some beautiful nature preserve trails to the list of places I could go hiking.

Right now, I feel very much out of shape, and I know hiking isn’t exactly the best thing when I really need to work on my abs and arms, but I love it. I think enjoying nature is more important then being ‘the right body shape’.

Monique gets a shiver up her spine, I know that look. It’s when you sense it’s presence. When you know a creepy crawly has just entered your bubble of awareness, and it’s coming for you.


Thank goodness she had bought some bug spray back at the last festival and has been keeping it in her travel bag since. I don’t want to call it a purse, because she doesn’t seem the girl to carry one. If anything, she’d be carrying some kind of bookbag that she can still safely climb with.

She was still shivering off the encounter and lost in her thoughts, so she didn’t notice the small giggling voices of some friendly spirits as she continued hiking along the trail. They playfully bounced around watching her, content in their own games.

It wasn’t long before Monique reached the end of the trail and started hiking back, happy with her outing, but wanting to make it back to the park in time.

She passed a giant caterpillar thing on the way and marveled once more at the beauty of nature before continuing her hike.

When she reached the clearing however, she hesitated. Pulling out her textbook to skim about the culture in Mt. Komorebi. Cause before her was the spirits, still playing their little games. What was the correct way to approach them?

She nervously bowed to pay her respects to the tiny spirits and thanked them for taking care of the forest.

They giggled as she watched in awe as simoleons seemed to materialize on the ground at her feet beneath her bowed head. Thank you again kind spirits.

As she continues on her hike back to the park, I shall cut back in time once more to Lyndsey, and her adventure while her teenage sisters were off doing their own thing.

At first, she ran into a cute boy on the monkey bars.

“Hey, my name is Lyndsey, cdn I play with you?”

He said sure, but he didn’t stay on the park equipment long. He just wasn’t feeling it.

However, he was nice enough to stick around and continue chatting with her and the other children that showed up to play.

As Lyndsey got to know more and more sims, she unconsciously decided who her best friend was going to be. She really felt a binding relationship with this girl on the bench. They chatted for the longest time.

That is… Until a Tinker appeared.

Lyndsey felt awkward being around Yasemin, so she excused herself to go talk with the other kids some more. Her likely best friend watched her go confused. She just muttered, family friend, won that lotto thing. Not a fan. The girl understood and gave her a wave. Chat later than Lyndsey!

There are plenty of other kids around to chat with anyways, and they’ve all been really fun and kind, so Lyndsey likes them as well. Her parents always say it’s good to get to know people of all ages but as she looks around at all the teens and adults she just can’t find a reason to converse with them.

She looks to grumpy. She looks to sad. Why is she cleaning the dirt? Ewww a scarf tied around the neck? Aren’t those types of people super snobby and rude?

Oh but him? He’s so cute. She really wants to get to know him better. She could listen to him talk all day.

An explosion of fireworks snapped her out of her reverie…. Actually is that specifically memory recollection? Or a day dream? I think I’ve been using it as daydream for years cause it is such a pretty word.

Oops. Her sisters should be back in a moment or two, the festival was starting!

Wrong, they were already there, sitting and watching over her while they did their homework and Yasemin chatted with them.

“It’s been a long time girls. You’re looking great. My Olive is just a bit older than you and can you believer it? I’m a grandma. It seems so strange to say. Her husband isn’t to bad. Do you two have anyone you’re crushing on? Spill the tea ladies.”

“Honestly, we haven’t thought about love. We’ve got our own goals in mind and we’ve been focusing on that future as independent woman like our moms. If love happens, it happens, no big deal and no rush.”

“Can I have one of those fried fishy bread deserts please? I’ve been wanting to try one!”

“Sure thing little lady. Coming right up.”

Lyndsey ran over to the food vendors as the festival started and used some of her spending money to purchase a treat she had been looking forward to since she had seen it on a tv commercial for the festival.

“They’re so cute! It really does look like a fish!”

Hmmm, Brent is sitting at the table now. It’s funny, when I see him I think about some other legacy stories he’s in. I wonder how he’s been doing in mine. I don’t think I’ve paid to much attention to him. I believe he showed up in Legacy’s legacy, as well as the my sims trophy legacy of the Ridley Residence, just off the top of my brain. Both are good reads, I should remember to add links at some point. Oops.

As the evening is winding up and the moon begins to rise, I notice our friend Jade also there for the festivities with her husband, though they are sitting at separate tables.

But, what’s this? Yamachan is here! How exciting! Lyndsey rushes over to get a mystery capsule and greet Yamachan.

How about a picture?

Uh Yamachan, you’re looking the wrong way.

Oh no! Yamachan is sorry. She just has other things on her mind and sometimes it is hard to see where the camera is.

Why what’s wrong?

Yamachan is gonna have a baby!

Looks like the premonition came true! I knew there had to be a reason she was showing up so much. Though I had no idea when I was writing that chapter.it is still super exciting!

One final quick meal before everyone heads home, and I’d say the girls had a really successful sister’s day out together.

When we head home, Knox gets back from work with a surprise. He has finally gotten another promotion! I’m so happy for him. I know he’s unlikely to finish his aspiration at this point, but he’s never really pushed for it. He’s been happy with his life as it is.

It just makes him happy to be green and live life day by day without worrying about the stress if what ifs.

Of course, he is still going to celebrate his promotion with some wonderful grilled foods. Yum yum.

Meanwhile, the Justice family has a visitor. Lilith greets him in what looks like a friendly manner. But what she says us, “what the heck are you doing in our home?”

I thought this house liked having visitors?

Not complete strangers! Get out!

Lilith has no qualms with the age of the person she fights with. This man is no exception to that rule. Sorry mister.

Time for some more notifiacations:

Pregnancies: Alice and Eric Lewis; Alex and Pierce Moyer; Eva and Salim Capricciosa; Kalamainu’u and Dirk Dreamer; Holly and Hugo Villareal; Elsa and Zayne Arnold; Lorelei and Alexander Shalvoy; Avani and Fetu Kalawai’a; Aicha and Bronson Ichmawin; Sofia and Nuihaur Elikapika; Riya and Rangi Parikh

Adoptions: Yuki and Duane Behr adopted Trisha Pratt; Hali’a and Dustin Broke adopted Tasha Hsu; Penny and Tobias Pizzazz adopted Anabelle Solitto; Hali’a and Manuia Paewai adopted Dale Harley; Teulia Ausage and Koji Wada adopted Princess Miller

and… what?!? Yamachan and Pranav Chauhan. Turns out I was super right about the Yamachan premonition.

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5 thoughts on “Just a Legacy: Coming True

  1. Yamachan had twins in my save! I don’t remember who’s the father, gotta check. And ooh! When Alisa Anansi, Marcus’s daughter, grows up to a toddler, could you save her to the gallery so I can put her in my game and maybe adopt her? Grace has been dead in my game for a while now – almost all of the original premades have died – but it would be fun to discover another daughter by Marcus. I would age her up to teen or even young adult so it would be within my timeline.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh gosh absolutely!! She should be a toddler fairly soon. I’m a day or two ahead in game atm. I’ll make sure to grab her and out her on the gallery when I see the notification pop up. 🙂
      That’s so cool though, I wonder if yamachan will have twins in mine as well.


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