Just a Legacy: Time is slipping away

We just finished up our trip to Mt. Komorebi, so now it’s time to get back to regular daily life with the Justice family. As Willow decides to do her schoolwork instead of going to bed I start getting notifications because it’s just that time.

Birth notifications this time!

Alice and Eric Lewis had a daughter named Chloe; Nani Shibata and Shingo Miyamoto had a son Mikel Shibata; Eva and Salim Capricciosa had son Houston Capricciosa; Darling and Gunter had son Kaleb; Morgan and Mitchell Kalani had son Saul; Holly and Hugo Villareal had daughter Avery; Zoe and Arnold Armstrong had son Magnus; Prisha and Akira Kibo had son Lex; Hali’a Ausage and Gideon Harris had son Deon Ausage; Christie and Arnav Joyson had son Santiago; Hina Miyamoto and Kelvin Vatore had daughter Aisha Miyamoto; Kayla Gustafson and Fetu Kalawai’a had daughter Blake Gustafson; Riya and Rangi Parikh had son Jayce; Lanuola and Dallas Paoa had daughter Angelica; and finally Sofia Elikapika and Manuia Paewai had daughter Bianca Elikapika.

Oh wait. for some reason this one popped up for me to name?? so Luna Villareal and Masaru Suzuki have had son Dario Villareal. I just clicked the randomizer and took the first name, but I’m not sure why it popped up for me to name them.

Brytani just waved at the computer greeting it before she sat down and researched parenting methods…okay then. You do you Brytani. It was rather cute of an interaction that I didn’t expect.

Something I wanted to get back to and have still been negletcting is having Abbie take pictures. So here’s some she took of Lyndsey

Photogenic little girl, and it gets Abbie closer to maxing photography to take some pictures that will count as immortalizing the generation. Though, I think the story itself has done a great job of that and there are plenty of screenshots to fully enjoy the family.

Monique is deep diving into thrill seeking now that she’s gotten a taste, and conveniently, Abbie had bought a rock climbing wall a while back when she was having a fitness kick. It’s like she knew it would come in handy for a future member of the Justice Family.

Brytani and Knox talking about the eco renovations on the house and how to improve more. Perhaps some fertilizer upgrades to decrease the power use of certain objects to reduce the household bills.

Then Knox gets a selfie with Abbie again who is moving around the house enjoying playing with her camera again.

The kids are playing as willow works towards her final motor skill point that she needs for her aspiration. Lyndsey looks a little bored. Maybe she’s seeing her big sister in a different light now as Willow is basically a preteen now and her interests are changing. Lyndsey still wants to play and have fun with childish stories, and Willow is starting to have more mature roleplays rather than magical fantasies.

Bad day at work. Oh no, poor Lilith. An overcast day and pregnant, she just wants to nap in a dumpster, but the cockroaches won’t let her sleep because they won’t settle down. She stomps on them and tries to squish them out of existence while looking like she could be called Agent L. She angrily texts all her disliked acquaintances and then tries to call over an enemy to get into a fight. Why will none say yes?! Poor Lilith, they know you’ll just fight them and they don’t want to lose. But also good, please don’t fight while pregnant!

Looking good Monique. I just hate your shoes with that outfit, they really don’t match.

Still playing, but it’s flea market today, so Abbie and Lilith are going out with Angela for a destress day out and leaving the kids to their games with Knox and Brytani to keep an eye on them. Monique can help to, but she has her own priorities right now.

Gotta haggle with the vendors for the event goal that popped up, but it never acknowledged that Abbie did it. Anyways, here she is finding a finely dressed woman selling lamps and she tries to convince the woman that they are to high priced with a stock that is just the same light mass produced but painted differently. The woman didn’t like that, so Abbie moves on to see what else is up for sale this month.

Johnny! So good to see you! Friends discount maybe? I’ll buy the entire stock if you give me a discount.

Of course hell give you a discount Abbie. She happily buys up the entire stock which manages to complete the snow globe collection for the family. Kind of awesome way to do it, and she got to support a family friend in the process. I kind of think it is a shame that Johnny didn’t get to join the family because I always enjoy playing him, but it is probably a good thing since we already have comedian star Brytani.

You should come by the house more often. It’s been awhile. They keep chatting, so I look around to see what everyone else is up to.

Lilith, pregnant and tired decided to try karaoke instead of looking around the flea market. She really is on a must do all the new things kick. Mid life crisis? Parenthood fears?

Chatty sister Angela talking to other flea market shoppers. I must say, these three sims in these particular outfits look super cute together and like they could be a best friends group.

Celebrity playing in the market? Of course there is going to be a huge crowd. Who isn’t even phased by a celebrity presence?

Abbie of course! She’s busy only thinking about food, though she decided on a spicy ramen that of course she couldn’t handle. You’d think she’d be used to the heat by now, but nope. She still feels like her mouth could actually breath fire.

When she’s done eating she decides to have a basketball competition with Angela. Lets go Abbie, you’ve got this!

“I cheer you on when you make a basket. but you laugh at me when I don’t make a basket? that doesn’t feel like good sportsmanship….” Poor Abbie is not looking happy with Angela, and she’s trying to hard to get to know her. At least they look cute together in their athletic outfits.

Hey Marcus good to see you!

“Booooo Angela! Boooo! Kick her butt Abbie! I gotta run, good to see you!” He left after angrily waving at Angela, but I’m glad he stopped to say hi and cheer on Abbie.

Oh hey Caleb! Sure let’s Karaoke! I need to feel better anyways after that game.

That was so much fun. Thanks!

No problem Abbie, glad you are such a good friend and never afraid of me.

Why would I be?

You know… I wonder if she even realizes that he’s a vampire, he’s never eaten plasma in front of her.

“I just want a drink…”

“You got this girl. It’s hard but you can do it. My baby is on its way. I’m expecting a birth notification soon so I can properly adopt them. But if it was my own girl I’d be right there supporting her in not drinking for her and her babies health too. I’m sure it won’t be long now and you can make it through and then you’ll be a great mom because look at what you’ve already done for the child.”

“Yeah, but I reaaaaaaly want a drink.” Sorry Lilith, no, no drinks for you yet.”

Oh, this guy is Tobias Frye who I made for 3 Worlds: An interactive Game show on the sims forums. I decided to add him into a random household in my file here and he keeps popping up. He’s a big Dungeons and Dragons nerd and he means well even though he can be a bit awkward.

Look at the adorable matching couple, so cute! This is one of Brytani’s new outfits I gave her that I felt matched her style but let her compliment Abbie better because I envision them taking after each other quite a bit as they get older. I want to do something for Abbie at some point as well to kind of take some of Brytani’s style.

You Hali’a Ausage are an imposter and have been making me very confused with notifications. But of course we’ll sign a photo for you. Why are you in our house?

If you haven’t been just skipping through all the notifications I write out (which I completely understand if you have been skipping through them. That’s why I don’t focus on them to much.) I’ve had two Hali’a Ausages show up and it’s been very confusing. I believe that both are members of the paparazzi actually. I’ve just recently re-watched the A-Team and it’s now making me giggle and wonder if the name is something like Lynch. Where everyone is called Hali’a Ausage as a code name for undercover paparazzi.

Looking good girl!

Thanks random lady in our house.

I was going to say the title of this book. But i can’t find it anymore. It sounded like some kind of hunger games book. Monique wanted to analyze a book so I let her and then the book disappeared. It is one of the books that she stole from school. I’m gonna have to click a bookshelf and return all books to shelves at some point. I have 0 idea where it went. I wonder if that whim is part of the new trait overhaul that game out as I’m playing this section and taking notes.

Oh wait… where did the pick up all books interaction go on the bookshelves? Am I imagining its existence, I could have sworn there was one. Shame, I may have lost the book. Oh well! Haha.

Monique no!! Don’t walk in on Knox and Lillith having sex!! Oh goodness girl.

“Oh my gawd ewwwwww!”

I’ve just kind of been playing out to get to birthdays because mostly it feels like this gen is actually wrapping up. Brytani and Abbie are both close to completing their aspirations, and Brytani and Knox are about to be elders. And I want to see what the new baby is.

So shocker, here’s some new pregnancy alerts!!

Bess and Jules Rico; Liberty and Tomax Lee; Venessa Jeong and Nuihaur Elikapika; Nina and Sergio Romeo; Sachiko Imai and Krishna Chauhan; Prisha Savalani and Rua Smith; Raina Riggs and Noel Gustafson

Angela and Jeb Harris! Monique is going to have another cousin! Olive and her husband Fetu Paewai are expecting another child! And I believe Olivia and her husband Enele Kim-Lewis are expecting their first!

And woooo! Grace and Marcus Anansi!!! Marcus is going to have a baby!

Finally the adoption: Belinda Bheeda and Tobias Pizzazz adopted baby Ronnie Lin.

Just a little dance session to show more time passing.

Another family visit, but this time with an actual smile from Angela! It’s a rare sighting!

Hugs before school. Best friends still, I’m looking forward to seeing what they’re like together when they’re both teenagers.

OH! Notification!

It’s baby time! Lilith is waiting outside the hospital.

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