Just a Legacy: Snowy Vacation

Monique aged up in the last part and everything seemed to line up to say that she wanted to go to Mt. Komorebi for a vacation. So you know what? I decided to do it. I would need to have many of the Justice Family use points to get sleep replacement potions (though they glitched and I had to just cheat their sleep up anyways after purchasing the potions that DIDN’T work for all of them for some reason.) But here we go!!!!

I’m actually super excited about this vacation myself. I’ve been wanting to play with Mt. Komorebi since I saw the pack get announced. It just looks pretty everywhere! I decided to make it a family event so got the Justice family to head out, and then Monique invited her aunt, uncle, cousin, and her dad to join as well. It may not be the perfect way to do it, but it works. I wanted it to be a large family event so they could have an amazing time on the rare vacation.

Gotta shower before a hot spring bath. It said that it’s the respectful thing to do, so I made sure that everyone stopped to get clean before going in the bath. Abbie was the first one to finish and head for the relaxing hot water.

“PIZZA IN A VENDING MACHINE!!! Oh my god, this place is the best!” She begged some money off Brytani and then punched in the code to have a hot slice of teriyaki delivered to her.

This is the face of a smug momma who just swiped something while I wasn’t looking and then continued walking like she did nothing wrong. I looked later and found out that she stole a “rules to the hot springs” sign. Haha. I think that’s rather hilarious, maybe that’s why someone got in the hot springs dirty.

Someone climbed in without taking a shower first! All of the Justice family showered first though out of respect. So it was dissappointing for them to find that some had not followed the rules. Maybe it’s the sun block on Angela’s nose. I don’t know why she expected sunburn on the snowy Mt. Komorebi.

See, some of them are still showering and waiting to get in the hot springs. Brytani has been enjoying showering this way and been in for a long time. Maybe this is actually where she grew up and she’s having nostalgic memories so she doesn’t realize how long she’s taking. Monique looks like she is over the moon with happiness. Yay! I’m glad I could give her this birthday wish vacation.

These two faces. my heart. I love this picture. He’s swimsuit bag is hilarious and Hugo is shocked to see his daughter looking beautiful and grown up stepping in to the hot springs. It’s the first time he’s seen her since she aged up.

I feel like what is going through his head is along the lines of, “how long have I been out of her life?”

“What’s wrong dad?”

“It’s just strange seeing you all grown up. . . Why after all these years did you invite me out?”

“Well since you helped mom adopt me, I thought you would at least want to be part of my life. You could have reached out too you know.”

“I had other plans already in place and she didn’t say I needed to help raise you, she just needed help to adopt you.”

“Well my real parents aren’t around either but by the law of paperwork you’re my dad, so I think you should have helped mom out more often.” Monique settled into a comfortable position in the water and leaned back to relax. “Now I just think you should show some interest in me. Mom is happy with Knox, he’s taking care of her great.”

Oof, little harsh and to the point there Monique. But I definitely feel like you’d be a pretty no nonsense kind of teenager. Don’t mess around in the flowers sweeting words and just tell it like it is.

Brytani in the back there looks like she is trying to come up with a distraction for the other bathers so they don’t listen to close to the family drama. That, or she’s figuring out how to turn it into a comedy routine.

“Vending machine pizza. This is amazing.” This is all Willow has done since they arrived. Bought pizza, stared at pizza, slowly ate and savored each bite of said pizza.

Back to Monique the star of this episode . She doesn’t hate her parents, she doesn’t hate Hugo for adopting her and then never calling her. She just wanted to say something so maybe she could get to know him better.

But, we know kleptomaniacs in this family. Little thrill seeker Monique is feeling pumped up after telling Hugo off and praising Knox. She feels daring. She wants to try to swipe something from the Onsen.

Everyone is busy taking an after bath shower. Good, only one person in the lounge. Target aquired. This interesting light just out of her view. She took it just as the woman was about to reach her.

And just before Brytani walked in. She must be a really good thief! :O Also look at that swim suit. if it weren’t for sims hammer space, there is no way she could have gotten away with an entire lamp. Angela looks like she knows something is up. Or she’s just being generally grumpy. She is always really moody. I don’t think she’s happy with her life, and I have no idea how to help the poor girl lighten up.

Regardless, it’s time to celebrate at the snow festival! Off to the festival grounds!

Willow charges out first, revived from her pizza because she heard there was an icy space ship and there was no way pew pew, ice space ship from Pluto time was not going to happen with whatever other kids were around. She ended up grabbing a bunch of them for her space pilot game and made some good memories of her vacation with them.

Yamachan selfies! It’s not a trip with the Justice family if there isn’t random selfies right? Especially now that we have our first teenager! I love these big group screenshots though for more than just the main focus of the image, or rather, the reason that I took the screenshot in the first place. Often I’ll look at them much closer as I sit down to write just to see what I’ve caught in the background. Sometimes I’ve lined up a certain angle to fit as many people in as I can without actually ruining the main shot I was going for.

In this case… I accidentally got a Jeb sad bag stuck in between Monique and Yamachan’s hats and it is making me giggle.

On the flip side… Angela and Hugo… my goodness, the two of you need to get some smiles on your face. You poor things! I wonder what the guy on the right is raising his eyebrows at? Looks like something caught his interest.

Oh darn, I didn’t get where he went in the next screenshot. The next one is actually Monique meeting new people. I imagine that she’s asking about the mountain because of the sims goggles. Perhaps she had some tips for her.

Knox talking to his soon to be sister in law? I don’t know if he and Lilith are going to actually get married, but at least they’re engaged now! Woohoo! I’m happy about that.

Lilith getting some Ramen to try out the food from the festival. Looks like she’s really enjoying it. Again I’m just kind of enjoying the busyness of the backgrounds as I watch the sims.

Monique and Abbie went for the other food vendor from Lilith and got their own dinners. Some of this food really makes me hungry! It looks so good.

Getting a gift from Yamachan! I’m excited to try these new collection items out. Dawwww, look at Knox just watching Lilith walk by like ‘I love you.’

Oh wow. look at that sunset!!!!

Monique is incredibly happy about being here as she wished for on her age up candles. Abbie is trying to talk to her even though her back is turned. “Oh look, this is one of Brytani’s famous friends. Come meet her.”

Nope, Monique is far to busy for that. She’s on her dream vacation and she’s going to take full advantage of the situation. At least Abbie is getting to talk to people while I’m not fully paying attention to her.

Lyndsey has decided to help build some of the snow pals that were getting made by festival goers. I couldn’t actually figure out how to build them myself. I noticed that one of the sims. I forget who right now, I think it might have been Lilith? Wanted to make a snow angel. But everywhere I clicked said the ground was to frozen to do anything which was absolutely confusing to me since so many sims were stomping on the ground to loosen the ice to make things with the powdery snow underneath.

Lilith and Knox got some sweet couple time together building their own snowpal.

Fireworks!! I forgot their was fireworks at the snow festival. I think it said that in the trailer or the gameplay livestream or something. But this is just so pretty to look at.

Monique’s dad…… no comment. This is just bad screenshot timing.

More Abbie Selfies! I haven’t been taking enough of these. In fact. When I saw her taking a selfie with Yamachan… I believe she did it on her own anyways, I don’t recall telling her to do it. You can see the snowpals getting finished up in the background. Lyndsey and Willow in the back are also finishing up another together while they chat.

This did remind me to take some more selfies with her though.

First up, Best friend Selfies! It’s been awhile since they took one. I still really love how these two look together, but I’m much happier knowing that they’ve both found happiness and are still best friends after all these years.

After finishing the snowpals up, WIllow and Lyndsey moved to the picnic tables to continue their conversation and grabbed several of their new friends they had just met to join in.

“Hey little cousin Emery. Want to go sledding?”

Abbie dances while they climb the slopes.

Monique let’s Emery waddle the last few steps to get in line after carrying her up the slopes.

Abbie taking more selfies at the base of the slopes. I love this statue, it’s so cute!!!

Get ready!

Here we go!!!!!

First jump and plenty of excitement.

Oof, Rough landing! Hang on tight you two.

We still got it!

Second jump!

Landed it! But… oh no.. HOW DO WE STOP!!!?

Oof that looks like it hurt Monique. Emery though, popped right back up from where she tumbled to, unhurt, but covered in snow.

That was the best! Awwwwwwwwwww.

Looks like WIllow is finally getting her dinner, and she’s noticed the guy with the really wild and fun snow suit! I’m not sure why I like it so much.

Chatting with celebrities, that’s a Justice Family member for you. They never notice the fame level, they just see the person. Good job Lyndsey!

I love his snow suit. He keeps showing up. Oh, he’s pretty cute to.

There is no way that Knox actually cheated. He must have been flirted with and didn’t return the flirt, but with the pregnancy horomones Lilith took it the wrong way. She went off to work but I have a feeling she stomped off and decided not to take a vacation day. He’ll have to apologize to her regardless because he would never hurt her like that.

Oh, so that’s where Abbie was going.

You got this Abbie!

woosh woosh

Oof that out and in almost fail. Don’t pizza Abbie!

What’s everyone doing? Oh sorry should I have not jumped over to see what everyone else was up to when Abbie was struggling on the slopes?

Oof there’s the fail i was worried about, at least she made it to the bottom before she wiped out.

Maybe she was just trying to avoid hitting everyone at the festival and couldn’t figure out how to stop since she didn’t actually take any lessons first.

Just some fun conversations happening over here. Monique is asking Lyndsey and Willow if they want to hit the slopes as well. But Willow needs a bathroom break and is getting cold. Lyndsey is up for one run before they have to catch the train back home.

Akira got a thought bubble about Knox and had to join him and Abbie at the picnic table.

She’s telling a loch ness monster story I think it was. She’s not mad at Knox, I promise. It’s just a very dramatic and wild story.

Knox is always ready to listen to his best friend though see, all big smiles!

Oh. happy birthday Hugo!

Looks like there’s some interesting marriages and such happening right now as well:

Nani Kealoha and Abbey Shibata; Emilia Ernest and Darrel Charm; Diego Lobo and Evie Delgato; Dirk Dreamer and Kalamainu’u Ramesh; Lucas McKinnon and Lanuola Turei; Tetsu Nishimura and Hina Uchida; Hina Nakamura and Shingo Miyamoto; Noel Gustafson and Kayla Flemming; Oumaima Ghomari and Akito Ueda; Nuihaur Elikapika and Sofia Kaneko; Angel Anand and Aditya Mahajan; Rua Tilo and Cassandra Smith; Krishna Chauhan and Bella Goth.

Monique had to buy medicine for aspiration, so also bought boards while she was at it. Grabbed a Festival of light snowsuit, and then headed back for the slopes with Lyndsey.

It’s getting late. Abbie has sleepy eyes, the train is coming soon to get them all back home. She stifles a yawn as Knox gets another plate of food and everyone starts winding up the last of what they want to do while the festival starts closing up.

Jeb just standing at the top of the slopes not doing anything. No idea what he’s doing. He spent this entire festival wandering around aimlessly and never got involved with the family interactions.

Get ready Lyndsey!

This is the straight face of contained fear


Straight face. Okay that wasn’t bad. I can do this.

Terror face versus pure delight.

Straight face before they stop badly and go for a tumble and Lyndsey jumps up cursing that she hates sledding and never wants to do it again. it’s to scary. She really hated sledding. Sorry Lyndsey, at least you can say that you experienced it and tried something new.

Brytani has to chat with Abbie before they all head home. It’s a distraction as much as just enjoying each others company.

Meanwhile, a nervous Monique is getting ready to ski for the first time.

Oops looks like we’re going this way.

Maybe no jumps yet

Oh this goes really fast . how do i stop?

Whipe out! Emery looking on like. ‘She fell down again.’

It’s 2 am and the festival is ending so they’re all heading home, but it’s been a wonderful time.

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