Just a Legacy: We can make it if we try

It has felt absolutely wonderful to get back to playing sims! I’ve missed this so much it’s crazy. I’m still not quite up to the point I used to be at, I’m still writing really slow but I’m at least getting back to it.

So as I get back to playing out this next part with a pregnant Lilith. I’m still mostly just letting them all play on freewill mode. The big reason is that it’s nice to just relax and not worry about actually making goals. I do need to pick an heir soon though. Which is crazy. Maybe I’ll just keep playing the first generation out until Willow is about to be a young adult and then I’ll pick. Wait no… when Monique is about to be a young adult since she’s actually the oldest of the kids.

I’ve decided I do want to include Knox’s children in the possible heirs as well.

So here is Lilith with her pregnancy hormones’ induced piano playing desires. Her horomones actually do seem to flip flop quite often compared to other sims I’ve played. She will go from happy to sad super fast, then she’ll start wanting to do something she never wants to. Like playing the piano for example. She also really wanted to do some paintings. Now this one I actually understand because she has some painting skills, she just really doesn’t take to the easel ever.

I wonder if she is stressed about being a getaway driver and that’s why she felt she was going to be a bad parent.

Knock Knock Knock!

Oh. Tina is back again. She says she heard that the Justice family had something broken and she could come help fix it. Yeah.. funny enough Tina, two sinks, a shower, and the radio were all broken this morning, but all of the awesome adults of the Justice family took care of one there is nothing broken left in the house and it’s been fixed since before you showed up. What is your real reason for showing up.

Lightning cracks!

Oh are you kidding me! Well now we have something broken. It’s a good thing I just put Knox’s machine inside when I remodeled the lot. Oh, yeah… I just remodeled the lot though it’s not done yet. I’ll have to show it off at some point but I kind of like having the little surprises in the background right now.

Abbie answered the door though she clearly wasn’t happy about it.

“So… could I stay and hang out for a bit? I know we haven’t been the closest of friends lately.”

“Lately? Tina… it’s been years since we were close. Olive was still a child, now she has a child.”

“I…I know.”

Oof, this is is so awkward, they still aren’t apologizing to each other. Some kind of effort is being attempted though. I wonder if it will actually amount to anything.

They did try to sit on the couch an have a conversation. But it lasted only a couple minutes and then Tina ran away again unable to talk to Abbie.

Instead she went to talk to Brytani while Abbie answered her phone and decided to leave the house instead of continuing to stick around with the awkward conversation. Morgan Kalani is pregnant and wanted Abbie to come over and see her house. She also had a secret reason for inviting Abbie over.

Wow, her house is beautiful. I’m pretty sure this is the house I put the Cathys in to be neighbors of the Plums in my ISBI. Which… I really should get back to at some point, but I’m still on a break from it for reasons. I will get back to it for sure though, it’s not a permanent hiatus.

“Morgan congratulations! You must be so excited to be having a child.”

“Well… I know you love children Abbie, I’m not sure I’m cut out to be a mom.”

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll do a wonderful job!”

“I appreciate the support Abbie, but there’s another reason I invited you out. Well… you see. My husband and I aren’t doing so great. He just doesn’t understand me and what I need right now.”

“Well let me go talk to him.”

Oh dear. Abbie went to go talk to Mitchell and instead hit it off because she thinks he’s friendly and cool, which really ticked Morgan off. She got up from the couch angry and yelled at Abbie to go home. I think her pregnancy hormones’ are also really getting to her. Poor girl.

As Abbie left she passed this guy on his phone looking tired and worried. I glanced at his name.

This is little Olive’s husband! Er… not so little anymore. But yay, her husband has finally appeared in the story! He’s actually kinda cute, I like his style. Nice to meet you Fetu Paewai!

Huh… speaking of relationships, what does Abbie’s relationship panels look like now?



God. There’s so many.

I kind of want to just examine this for a moment because it’s kind of crazy that I didn’t realize how big her panels had gotten. So apparently, Abbie has lost 8 friends already to the purple passing. She’s still really strong friends with Tina, even though when they see each other they act like they hate each other. She is still building a relationship with Lilith and her family though she acts like she has a full friendship bar with her. She has many, many, many random acquaintances, most of which I didn’t have her talk to, she just did on her own.

She’s of course, full bars with Brytani the love of her life, her soul mate.

And of course, Knox and Marcus are her almost full bars best friends. Hmm… looking at this though, perhaps Abbie should spend some time catching up with her clubs soon. She really hasn’t been to a club meeting in the actual visual by us part of her life. Perhaps I shall go do that shortly. Monique is about to be a teenager though, talk like a pirate day is tomorrow and it’s the little Pirate girls birthday.

Honestly, I really love Monique already. I’m sorry I really didn’t get to help her with her aspiration, but I think her real goal was just to be accepted and have a wonderful family. Goal accomplished there!

I wonder what WIllow is thinking about, she just randomly decided to play chess by herself. I guess she’s trying to get her logic up to have the best strategical mind that she can. Like Sherlock Holmes or Moriarty. Gotta be able to out strategy everyone else.

Hah! Lyndsey just got a phone call from Morgan who wants to come over for a visit right after getting mad at Abbie.

Knox is looking with love at his fiance who is enjoying the thunderstorm weather just as much as he does.

So here is Morgan arriving. What she decided to do upon arrival? Play chess with Monique instead of Lilith. That’s fine, I guess everyone in the house is starting to really like chess so it all works out. I probably should have bought the chess table earlier, but it wasn’t really on our radar at the time.

Again, I wasn’t really paying attention and just enjoying watching them all go about their lives on their own whims and suddenly it was notifications time as poor Willow had a nightmare about Yamachan.

Looks like it’s pregnancy start time:
Lilliana and Makoa Kealoha; Miko and Max Ojo; Supriya and Justin Delgato; Tianna and Malcolm Dove; Hana Wada and Salim Capricciosa; Rarahu Niu (the garbage collector! ) and Tobias Pizzazz (my reality tv star sim); Jenna and Kado Akiyama.
Liberty Lee and Tomax Lee adopted Aliyah Flaherty; Anaya and Johnny Jang adopted Monique Doran; Megumi and Naoki Ito adopted Rose Donohue.

When everyone had pretty much gone to bed, Lilith decided to head out to the library because she felt likepicking a fight with someone where it would be the biggest nuisance to have a fight. Only know one was showing up, not even a librarian, so she swiped a picture to decorate the walls in her and Knox’s house on the Justice Lot. After which she wandered around the library waiting for people to show up.

Eventually she sat down at the computer and tried her hand out at writing while she browsed the art forums looking for big pieces to swipe. She’d learned from Brytani and Abbie how profitable it was to go after large art pieces. Eventually she grew bored and wandered down the street to see if anyone was at the tavern.

Well, looks like it’s our mortal enemy mister pervy in love bartender. But we need to make another enemy. Who to pick? Tomax Lee who keeps showing up in MCC and has several kids… or the goodie two shoes from university that most likely was an enemy of Lilith’s anyways. Oh wait, that’s an easy answer.

She may be super pretty, but Lilith needs another enemy, sorry Julia Wright!

She started to flaunt her university superiority when of course…

the bartender finished making drinks for the two ordering alcohol and then went all lovey flirty posing for Lilith who just tried to ignore him. Geez guy take a hint, I beat you up, I’m not interested in you and I have a fiance!

The funny thing is that she managed to quickly be disliked by Julia and so her next goal is to have 5 fights (which of course I’m going to wait until after she’s done being pregnant) and have a declared enemy. The declared enemy task is already done, and who is it? Why the bartender of course! Yet he still seems to be deeply attracted to her.

It’s now talk like a pirate day though, so she’s heading back home to see her daughter grow into a beautiful teenager.

We get a little sneak peek at the recent adoptions through MCCC, and then everyone gets back to their daily lives. poor Lyndsey is in a bad mood today. Monique is happy to chat with her and make her feel better of course, once she’s finished with a nap.

While Lyndsey is napping, Monique starts getting her pirate chat on with Abbie who is of course using our new chess table. It seems to be a favorite location in the house now.

Knox finishes up his chores and then shoots a basket. Yes, one basket. That’s all he ever does. He’ll happily go shoot once and then get back to whatever gardening things he wants to do. It’s been slowly building his fitness skill though, so all the power to him for doing what he wants to do.

There we go. The oldest and youngest are now sitting to have a conversation. Monique makes such a sweet big sister, making sure the currently youngest can have her spirits lifted up when she’s feeling down.

In the background you can see Brytani looking a little sad. Her comedy routines have all been used and refined to an extent where she’s feeling like she needs to spice them up. In other words, she’s written and refined every single available short comedy routine and is ready to move on to the medium length routines.

Knox finished up his painting while Abbie finished up her latest candle commission. She didn’t have another order waiting for her this time so she’s going to relax for awhile and enjoy her family and the big celebration day.

It’s not a perfect recreation, but I’m still really happy with how it turned out.

Brytani has finished backing a honey cake for the family to enjoy for Monique’s birthday. Also, awwwww, look at Lyndsey enjoying trash just as much as Knox does. How cute! He’s really been around for so long that he’s like a third parent or an awesome uncle to her.

Time for you to make a wish Monique! Your family is rooting for you to have a wonderful birthday. We’re so happy for you!

Yay! What did you wish for beautiful girl?

You’d be surprised with how many books she’s stolen from school and brought home, but she rolled into bookworm! Who’da thunk that would happen!

And she’s beautiful!!! I love her look so much. She’s just a cutie teenager. Oh my goodness! She also rolled Extreme Sports Enthusiast, so I guess she was wishing for a vacation that was like going into one of her fantasy books. That’s how I would feel going on a vacation anyways, it’s like going to another world just like when I read my books.

Gosh, I love her so much!

For the next bit I was just having the sims talk to each other and try to complete the talk like a pirate day. Having various fun conversations and listening to their pirate accents. Suddenly I got the notification that the Festival of Snow is starting. Well… you know what, wish granted Monique. Happy age up day! For your special birthday wish, we shall go! I hope no one is to tired.

Actually, let’s end this part here and have a vacation special of snow in the summer in the next part!

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