Just a Legacy: Surprise, surprise

Right now I’m still getting back into the swing of things to get my stories updating again. I’m hoping that soon I’ll start being on top of it and be able to have parts queued to come out once more and get back to some of the other stories as well. Right now I’m trying to focus just the main two at the moment though. But now that I’m getting back to writing, I don’t think it’s to far behind to actually be able to get back to more parts coming out all over the place. I’ve fully missed the sims and it’s nice to be getting my life back in order.

I may have been sick, but I feel like things are finally starting to get manageable. I’m feeling happy more often then sad as of late, and it’s wonderful to finally feel like I’m getting to that point in my life that everyone kept saying is reachable, but I never quite saw it as possible. I had so much negative things to dwell on for so long, and I’ve got a friend now that is helping me get over all of it.

Monique really… Is this how we’re starting this chapter out, the first thing that catches my attention when I start playing today is you using your phone on the toilet? I couldn’t have taken an other screenshots at all before this one? Why!

Okay, so I took this one because I can’t actually recall seeing a child using a phone on the toilet before. I’m trying to recall any sim doing this actually. Is it a new interaction or have I just forgotten that it existed? Either way, Lyndsey needs a shower, could you stop just sitting there and let her in to shower? She really did finish filling her need bar and then just continued to sit there on the phone.

Oh I missed it when Abbie came out, but Lyndsey and Willow were chatting and Abbie came out and said goodnight to them and then went to bed. I thought it was super cute. While the girls were at school Abbie took a nap and then finished up her latest candle gig then checked her messages for her next commission request. The title of the newest email was “Hip to be rectangular.” so she took it on and read the email before talking to the client.

“I need your help. For science. My brother says cylindrical candles burn better. I say rectangular candles burn better. Help us settle this! I need your best rectangular candles.”

Sure, that’s easy enough, Abbie already has the molds for rectangular candles and they’ve been selling like hotcakes.

Knox started a painting before he went off to work. I was kind of surprised when I saw what it was.

Looks an awful lot like a certain house. I love it. it’s beautiful.

A very sleepy Lilith home from her night shift greeted the girls good morning and shared a breakfast with them and her fiance before she also went off for a nap as the girls all went off for school and Knox went off to work.

Then, just before the kids got home there was a knock on the door. I am so happy to see this guest arrive! Marcus you’re still okay, and I couldn’t be happier that I was wrong about that weird feeling I got when you invited Abbie out to the club.

She’s also super excited to see her friend still alive. Maybe he just got the notification that his time is almost up since the game is self aware, and that’s what was waying on his mind.

He then got mischievous and tried to scare Abbie twice in a row neither of which she liked. Yup, just like in the beginning, she still doesn’t like being scared. Annoyed she walked away to get some food and let him do whatever he wanted while she ate.

He chose to go and talk to Brytani while she was working on refining some of her comedy routines for her show. I didn’t watch the conversation very closely. Today I’ve just been kind of letting them all do whatever they want and not pushing much besides making sure needs are taken care of by clicking the bubbles and letting them decide how they want to fill the needs.

Okay… and I may be following Marcus around a bit to see what he does. He kept walking from the main house to Knox’s bathroom and back. I have no idea why. He wasn’t doing anything in the bathroom, just kind of standing there and walking back. He mopped up some messes, did some push ups, and then decided to repair the sink for them.

He had many conversations with Brytani for some reason. When he wasn’t wandering he was talking to her. I can only speculate what they were talking about. But with his fear of death, it may have been that. My other speculation is that he felt bad that he kept wanting to scare Abbie but he hadn’t meant to actually scare her and make her feel bad.

When he left, one of the girls, I forget which, got a phone call from Caleb who wanted to come by for a visit. Of course we said yes, he’s practically family. I do mean that literally as well. While I didn’t have a brain working for story writing, I decided to chart out the family trees. Because of all the kids and marriages, Monique is connected in someway to almost the entire town that has showed up in MCCC. Not all of them thank goodness, but soooo many of them. I did not expect it to get so large, but it’s fascinating.

When Caleb showed up, he ended up helping the girls with their homework and chatting with them for awhile.

Before asking Brytani for an autograph.

He’s been a fan for years and I guess he finally got up the courage to ask her even though he spends plenty of time at the Justice house and probably could have asked long befor enow.

At the table for a meal, Caleb joins Lilith and Monique while they enjoy a little snack. Once again, that reaper thought bubble showed up. It seems to show up all the time, it’s crazy.

But now, it’s got me thinking. Speech bubbles tend to be filled with hints about future things in the games. We’ve seen sledding thoughts before we could go sledding, We’ve seen bunkbed thoughts before bunkbeds were announced. I say announced, because as I’m writing this, the livestream revealing them is happening sometime today, and the patch comes out tomorrow. What if this speech bubble that is showing up constantly is a hint at a kit back that is going to give us the reaper career from that one poll awhile back that got us Knifty Knitting. There were so many cool things in that poll, I wanted them all really. It would be so cool if they can all still happen!

I know many complain about the kit backs being a money grab, and that the CC creators can just implement all of these things. But… my opinion is that I like them. I know I don’t often have the money to get the packs right when they come out, but things go on sale, and it’s still supporting the creators of game that brings me pure joy. I think I can put up with that cost even if it seems like a money grab to most.

Angela is once again stopping by to express her disapproval of Knox and try to get Lilith to break up with him before they go through with the wedding. As Monique comes up behind her like ‘Hey Aunite. ugh.” Angela gets a huge disappointment seeing Lilith and Knox exchange a rose through the glass front door. It doesn’t look like she’s going to succeed in convincing her sister to leave Knox.

And rightfully so because we love Knox, he’s a wonderful guy.

Instead, she tried to help her niece with her homework and tries not to get in the way while formulating a plan in the back of her mind.

A useless plan as she finds out when she comes out of the girl’s bedroom to find her sister once more kissing Knox.

And still kissing him when she makes it to the couch and sits down looking on with sadness. Without really talking to her sister on the entire visit, she leaves disappointed. Lilith is to caught up with happiness with her fiance as they go off to woohoo to even notice that her sister is there.

In the morning, all the kids get a large breakfast that Lilith made as she bubbled with happiness. She was practically glowing from her love for Knox as she bustled around the kitchen.

“I’m off to work.”

“Ewwwww, get a room, that’s gross!!” The kids all cry. Well, except Monique who seems to be getting up close and personal to look at what’s going on. The kids go to school and Knox heads to work and wait… Lilith is glowing… and she looks like she’s going to be sick. Did they?

Did the condom break??

Well, check out these birth notification while we wait for the pregnancy test to process.

New birth notifications: Paolo and Summer Holiday had son Brody; Leslie and Wolfgang Munch had son Bret; Octavia and Thorne Bailey had son Cortez; Candy and Mark Eggleston had son Rigoberto; Lorelei and Alexander Shalvoy had daughter Frances; Alice and Masaru Suzuki had daughter Kira; Catarina and Melvin Humphreys had daughter Harmony; Cassandra and Ramin Smith had daughter Yang; and. wait what.

Kalamainu’u Ramesh and Shingo Miyamoto had son ANTWAN Ramesh. Oh my gosh there is going to be an Antwan. Hearts everyone. I’m sure he doesn’t look like my blue boy, but I can always hope. Haha.

Lanuola Turei and Tomax Lee had daughter Ryan Turei; and finally Hina Uchida and Fetu Kalawai’a had daughter Gwendolyn Uchida.

Oh my gosh, she is! Lilith is pregnant and I didn’t even tell them to try for a baby, they just kept whimming to woohoo. We’re going to have a new member of the Justice Family in a surprise turn of events!

The gardener arrives to take care of the garden, and I’m glad I didn’t let her go because the house is going to be far to busy with a new baby on the way, in fact, I think we may need to remodel the house soon to accommodate the large size.

“Abbie I’m pregnant!”

“Awwww, I’m so happy for you and Knox!”

Lilith has a sudden mood swing and starts crying her eyes out, “What if I’m a horrible parent? I was to busy to raise Monique she practically raised herself.”

“And she’s turned out perfectly fine because you provided her love, a home, and a family. You’re going to be a wonderful mom.”

“Abbie you’re the best. Thank you.”

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