Just a Legacy: Eco Engagement

I’m still sick.


To be fair, I am actually recovering finally, but I’m still sleeping massive amounts of hours in order to recover faster. When you normally sleep 4 hours a day. Getting 10 feels like I’m wasting the day and being unproductive, so I’ve been on a bit of a mopey depressed spiral the past couple weeks. I want to be getting things done on the house and making it our home and our style. Organized and clean, and an environment that we can all function healthy in. That’s…. not happening yet. The other thing is that I’m in EST. A majority of my friends…. are not. Because of being sick, I’ve been sleeping right through the times of the day that I would normally get to talk to people and I’ve been feeling insanely lonely.

It really sucks. But now I can sit at the computer again and not feel completely ready to pass out at all hours of the day. So I’m at least getting to play sims again. Not as great as talking to people, but it’s a nice alternative for me while I’m still recovering. I’ll probably spend good moments continuing to work on updating my blog here since I still haven’t finished that. And mostly doing rest and recovery. So here is another short part of the Justice Family Story.

Starting off with some clean up that I did to the lot! I had Abbie collect together another grouping of her perfect plants and donate them to a garden center for others to liven up their homes and lawns, or to brighten up a public park. Many of these plants have actually been helped along by both Abbie, Knox, and the gardener they hired when toddlers were keeping them so busy. We don’t really need the gardener at this point, but I also don’t want to put her out of a job and the Justice Family has the money for it. So they’re going to keep paying her even though there’s very little for her to do.

The other thing I did was move the garden out from in front of the walk way, taking the bees with it so everyone stops getting stung walking in the front door. Hehe, oops. At some point I’ll do some proper landscaping, but right now, I just want to focus on figuring out how I want the house to look. It’s all developing naturally, and I have no plans going into build mode.

Delivery Notifications! New babies!!

Dina and Caleb Caliente had Triplets, Octavia and Kaylie and Humberto; Siobhan and J Huntington III had Nathaniel Huntington III; Olive and Fetu Paewai had Gem Paewai.

Oh wow, little Olive picked such a cute name for her daughter. We have to go meet her at some point!

An ENGAGED WHIM!! they’re ready to marry each other. omg!!! This is absolutely happening as soon as I can get them to! Do I have them go somewhere sweet and romantic? Do I just have them ask each other. What is the game going to narrate, because I never seem to get a choice, things just happen.


Abbie has finished another commission and is starting a new one because her plopsy is getting some attention right now because people love candles. This email was titled: “Waxing Poetic”

“Have you ever thought about what it must be like to be a candle? Your sole purpose is to burn away into nothingness. From birth you are doomed to the flame. Yet in your passing you banish away the darkness. Please send me a batch of these doomed heroes, I wish to think on this.”

Well that’s a little dark, but a job is a job. Also makes you think. I wonder how Abbie is going to feel working on this particular commission and how her conversations will go when she talks to the client.

Good morning routine today. Lilith is helping out with the radio that constantly needs repairs because they never turn it off. Willow is dancing to the other radio that is also constantly on. I don’t know why they insist on having both radios on at all times, but the Justice Family loves it, so I’m not going to stop them. And for some reason…. Monique is having peas for breakfast.

Definitely wouldn’t be my choice because I hate the texture of peas, but I guess it must be like having a weird mushy bowl of veggie cereal for breakfast. I’m glad she knows what she likes.

Finishing up her dancing, Willow still has plenty of time before school because everyone woke up insanely early, so she heads off to the computer to get some more typing practice in. She’s determined to beat that high score so she can talk about it at school.

Lyndsey wakes up and groggily wanders around to find Willow and watch the game over her shoulder, “You’re so amazing at this game Willow!”

“I know!! I just beat the high score!!” Hey, she did it! She got that high score she was hoping for, and now she can tell the tricks to her friends when she gets to school.

Meanwhile, I have Knox and Lilith sitting at the chess table chatting so that Knox can get that level in logic he needs for his next promotion. I really don’t think he’s going to reach level 10 in the career and finish his aspiration because he doesn’t seem to really want to. But having them play chess together does seem to put a smile on both of their faces. This morning though, their conversation seems a bit different than the usual friendly banter.

Normally there are some back and forth jokes, some how has your day been type conversations where they are checking in with each other since they both tend to spend their time alone and apart. Their genuine care for each other still shines through, but today, today they are both dreaming of being engaged to the other. Yet neither really knows how to approach that. So the conversation is light flirting. Knox being shy. Lilith feeling adoration.

Then suddenly, Knox decides to serenade Lilith even though he has no real singing or poetry experience. What he does have is some wonderfully strong feelings for her that bubbled to the surface and he needed to share. She’s touched.

But, he has to get to work, so an official proposal will have to wait.

Time passing, look at the new garden location. It’s not very pretty yet, that will come at some point. But I’m continuously trying to make the lot look better and better.

Someone is in a great mood taking care of the insects today. She loves napping in the trash and rummaging through garbage as much as Knox does as well. Something I didn’t expect to see. Today after being serenaded she’s spending time taking care of the family insects and the garden while Knox is off to work. She’s feeling overwhelmed with happiness and it’s absolutely bubbling out of her.

The other flirty happy couple is inside cooking a late breakfast together. I can absolutely picture a little butt smack from Brytani happening here and surprising Abbie. I’m really going to miss these two when this generation ends. As much as they’re not showing up much in the screenshots lately because they tend to just be in a routine of doing the same things over and over lately. I really do love watching them interact. They’re an adorable couple and it makes me super happy.

It may be he same things happening every day for them, but they find pure joy just being in each others company. They don’t need something new to keep the spark going, they are each others daily spark of life. Their conversations are always animated. It really is just generally a joy to watch and I tried to get the screenshots to give that love justice, I hope you all can feel it too. I love when I find sims this happy with each other.

Imagine these little conversations happening through out the day as the two of them go about practicing comedy, exercising, and working on jobs and childcare. This is basically what they do every single day.

Meanwhile, the new member of the family is in a really good mood…. and has an interesting aspiration that I’ve only played with a couple times in the past.

It’s Lilith having a great time making enemies! Her good mood from being in love with Knox has her once again prowling the borders of the lot to pick on random passersby. Today’s target? Actually I didn’t write down his name. It’s some guy. She approaches him, “Hey! Get off our lot.”

“I’m not on your lot.”

“This is all our land.”

“There’s a public walking path.”

“Well I don’t see a path, and I say you’re on our land so scram.”

He started trying to walk away and instead of actually letting him, she got in his face threateningly. She was just having fun being antagonistic.

Yes, that is Abbie in the background looking fabulous as she makes more candles.

“Lady you’re crazy. if you want me gone, let me leave.”

“Did you just call me crazy?!”

He tried to flee and she followed after him and shoved him. “Don’t try to run from me. You trespassed and it’s my right to pick a fight with you if I want to.”

“A fight?! Whaa-?”

He couldn’t finish defending himself as she launched herself at him for a proper thrilling fight.

Which left her absolutely satisfied as she proudly walked back inside leaving him dazed and confused, he had done absolutely nothing wrong and his crazy chick had just assaulted him out of nowhere. Should he report this? Then he realized whose house it was. The famous comedian Brytani lived here, and she had some strange rumors surrounding her about a crime ring. It was probably all falsifications because she was an excellent comedian and the public relations department of her staff was just trying to drum up some attention on her because she was getting up there in years.

Best not report the fight though, if the rumors were true he would for sure lose that case in court because they had plenty of money and backing. For all he knew the crazy chick was just an overzealous bodyguard.

The fight over I looked around to see what else was going on and.. wait. what? There’s a visitor at the door. Don’t get me wrong, the Justice Family has daily visitors, but I didn’t expect to see this one again really.

Tina?! You’re visiting? :O SHOCK! Also love your summer look, it’s cute.

“Surprise Abbie, I have a present for you.”

“Well… thanks Tina. Ummm, good to see you?”

“Uh thanks for the electronics part. I’m sure I can make use of this in some upgrades around the house.” Abbie didn’t seem all that impressed, but at least Tina was trying to reach out and make amends.

They just kind of stood there awkwardly for a few moments and then Tina decided to do pushups as Brytani walked up.

“It’s okay, I love you babe.” Cheek smooches!! Dawwww.

Tina left after that, she really came by just to drop off a present. I’m not sure what that was all about. It was a strange interaction. She’s either trying to make up or she’s working for those FBI guys from the festival awhile back and the electronics part is actually bugged so that when Abbie installs it into something in the house they will be able to listen in to the conversations that go on in the house.

Which wouldn’t work anyways because it will likely get placed in one of the two constantly playing stereos, and crime business is never discussed anymore anyways.

Nah, Tina is probably just trying to make up and it’s just super awkward because they’ve had such a long falling out period.

Besides, Knox is home from work now!

Which means it’s time!!!!!

“Lilith my love. I wanted to ask you this morning, but time escaped me while I enjoyed being in your presence so I had to run to work. Will you spend the rest of our lives with me?”

“Knoxy!! I was going to ask you! Absolutely yes! Of course!”

“You were?” Of course he’s surprised by that. “I love you, you’re amazing.”

“I love you too!”


Congratulations you two! Now shall we plan a wedding? Or are you going to elope the next chance you get at the wedding arch? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what they decide.

Oh, it’s trash day! Hi lady! I’m not sure why you’re coming inside because the Justice family actually has zero trash cans inside the house, an over sight I keep forgetting to amend. Oh. There was a pile of garbage on the floor and you wanted to pick it up for them. Cool. Thanks. Didn’t know that was part of your job but we appreciate the help.

Get a cool shot of Willow and Brytani dancing together as well, framed by the doorway.

Time passes. There are lots of changes going on in the Justice Family home. Wedding plans being made for Knox and Lilith, a few sims are getting some minor makeovers, I’m thinking about giving Abbie a tattoo as well, but I’m not really sure I want to change to many of her outfits, I love her look so much that I don’t really want to change it.

Lilith is doing great at her job, and looks good doing it too. I haven’t actually changed anything for her yet, I figure when her life extender potion gets used I’ll give her a bit of a makeover. But this is the first time I’m actually getting to see her in the outfit because it’s technically her first day of work. I think I need to give her some outfits that have this general kind of casual formal look.

Brytani has decided to grow her hair out like her lover and wife, Abbie. Honestly. it looks really cute on her!! I tried out a few hairstyles and I was absolutely sold when I clicked on this one. I love it so much! I think so far I’ve only added an additional outfit to her everyday wear. When I was updating everything I was still really tired so I didn’t want to stay to long in CAS, but I will most likely go back in and do some more little tweaks here and there.

For now though, Abbie has gotten a call from Marcus to go out dancing, and I was about to turn it down to finish up with things I had queued for some of my goals for the sims day when I realized that Marcus has been an elder for quite awhile now. That, and Abbie almost never turns down an invitation. I usually only turn it down if some activity is active that I really don’t want interrupted. So out we go with Marcus.

It’s club dancing night and there are plenty of people coming out. A pregnant Candy for example. Our friend Jade is also there. Marcus is looking really pleased that Abbie decided to come out, they’re just waiting for Joaquin to stop spinning glowsticks on the dance floor so that they can get to dancing on the main dance stage themselves.

They danced and chatted the night away, enjoying catching up with things and just sharing in that close friendship that they have. Marcus has always felt like a best friend, without having received the actual best friend in game interaction. So I’m not surprised that they spent a majority of the first part of the dance party just chatting and half dancing.

But, even with all the life around them and the animated conversations, something felt off. Really off. There’s plenty of friends and acquaintances around, but Marcus himself is acting super odd. Normally he’s into dancing, he’s more social with everyone around. His attention is on Abbie and he stops his dancing action often, just standing and staring into space for a bit; then resuming the conversation as Abbie talks at him.

Abbie sensed that there was something off to and this was her solution, turn around to show off her booty to him, she knows he’s a big flirt even if they never did go that route together. Be your normal self Marcus, you’re scaring me.

They continued to dance and chat and have a great night, but I couldn’t stop watching Marcus because he’s scaring me as well. I can’t put my finger on it exactly, what was off about him. Maybe there was less speech bubbles showing up for him directly and he was quieter than usual. Or maybe it was the off pauses in his dancing he got that were just a moment here and there. Or maybe it was that he stayed in mainly one spot the entire time. I’m not really sure.

It had to be some kind of subtle thing, and he’s in this story often enough that I was just picking up on it. But I had that feeling of dread wash over me.

I got this feeling come over me that this is the last time we’re gonna see Marcus and this was a celebration party of his life. I can’t tell you why I felt that way, I just did. I can only guess why.

“You’ve been an amazing friend Abbie.” Marcus seemed to say as he left the building closely followed by Abbie where they hugged at the bottom of the stairs away from all the conversations and music.

“It’s time to go to my castle.” He got a speech bubble about a castle, and Abbie got a speech bubble with his face. I can only imagine that he’s actually confirming my thoughts that this may be the last time we see him and I’m really sad about that, this may be a really foreboding conversation with a bitter sweet dance party ending. I hope it’s not the last time of course because I love Marcus. But this is pretty much as far as I’ve played in game at this point. Once I post this part, I’ll have caught up to my gameplay.

I say pretty much the end because I got back to Knox cooking sausages on the grill, and within seconds…

Oops a fire. Knox looks so sad about his sausages. I quickly have him try to extinguish the flames.

Then out of nowhere, there’s Abbie also with a fire extinguisher! Those competitive eyes of best friends. Who can put out the fire better. Haha, these two!

Knox looking guilty, and Abbie just laughing at her best friend. “It’s okay. The grill can be replaced. at least everyone is safe. maybe next time don’t cook with the propane so high when you’re that tired.”

I’ll end this part here. Monique has a birthday coming up soon and I want to try to do some focusing on her Willow and Brytani since they’re the next three spinning into the next stage of life. Monique’s birthday falls on talk like a pirate day. and I think that’s actually pretty cute and fitting for her. I love it.

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