Just a Legacy: Childhood bonding

I haven’t actually finished writing the last part as I start this one. It’s been so long since I’ve played that I just really want to play for a bit and collect some screenshots and notes, and get back to the writing when my mind is working better. Currently as I’m writing this, I’ve been running a fever for a week, and I just got tested for covid yesterday and I’m waiting on results. By the time this part comes out, I’ll probably actually have the results, so no worries everyone, I’m sure I’ll have an all clear, or hey I’m entering quarantine but I’m fine answer by the end of this part.

Well, I’ve just released the part before this one and I can say that I still currently don’t have results from my covid test from Friday. It’s now Sunday, so I didn’t exactly expect to have results yet cause they said 3-5 days, but I’m anxiously waiting to find out what the results are. This part is still probably going to take me a couple days to finish writing because I’m still napping an unusually large amount.

The other reason it’s going to take me a little while, I’m starting off strong with a Knox painting to recreate while I’m sick! And it’s Knox’s first painting with color!

I realized that this isn’t the first color piece he’s done as I was finishing it, but it is his first fully colored piece. I think it’s a good point for him to start trying to add more color and shading to his pieces because he’s slowly improving his art style. I actually like how this turned out even though I mostly just quickly sketched, I was playing with some brushes to see how it would turn out.

Willow and Monique are spending their free time on the jungle gym together making friends with each other. The interesting thing here is that they’re both neglecting their homework. I also haven’t felt the need to force them to do their homework if they don’t want to do it, so it’s perfectly fine to me if they decide to spend their afternoons playing space games.

While they’re spending time together, the family closeness has grown. Jeb and Angela are both visiting and getting some family time in. I like to imagine that Emery is with them because she’s spinning into toddler hood, and I want to imagine that they brought her over to celebrate her birthday.

Lyndsey is a social butterfly, but she desires to show it through music. Her first whim as a child was to play an instrument so I bought her a keyboard that I rarely play with and wanted to let her enjoy herself before I pushed her aspiration.

Yuki is still over and is talking to Angela about graves. This seems to be a constant speech bubble that shows up in this legacy. I’m not sure why. Brytani decided to stop and listen instead of interuppting the conversation.

Monique loves being able to just play dolls whenever she wants to. She doesn’t have to work on household chores to help her mom’s sanity levels out. She is now surrounded by adults and can relax and be a kid.

The paparazzi is in the house taking picture of Good momma Brytani as she helps Willow work on her homework.

At this point I’ve realized that I am not really saying that much this part. I’m still really tired lately but I want to keep telling the story of the Justice Family. I’ve really missed playing and writing. So I do apologize that this chapter is going to be so sleepily written. I feel like I could almost just let the story tell itself via screenshots, but I like sharing the random interpretations that my mind creates. So through my sick induced sleepiness. Here’s as many words as I can get out!

chores and laughs. Lilith may not be blood related to Willow and Lyndsey, but she has been fully welcomed into the household by the kids as mom number three. They even ask her for advice and love her.

Lilith has to work on her body if she wants to work her way further up her career track. Right now she is just a getaway driver, but her goal is to have a much more important roll that doesn’t often end up as the fall guy.

Oh no! Teulia!!! You were a special part of this legacy, so sorry to see your death notification pop up. I take a moment to pause and pay my respects and thank you for being a character in our little corner of this legacies are connected world.

Knox is being good dad and making sure the kids all have breakfast before school because all the moms tend to be up all night from their various jobs.

These three really could be full siblings. They’re precious together. I think maybe I need to count Monique as eligible to be the heir as well.

Gardening before work.

In a rare moment. Abbie has the house pretty much to herself. Lilith and Brytani are still sleeping. The kids and Knox are off to school and work.

I called this chapter childhood bonding, but perhaps I should have used sibling bonding since Lilith got invited out by her sister Angela to geek con. she’s super tired, but I had her say yes so that she could get at least a little bit of time with her sister.

She meets llama lady and feels her mischief bubbling to the surface. Her sister is looking on and judging, but it’s hard to resist not tossing a few taunts their way.

Working at the computer and eating con food together, another seat scratches the ground as it gets pullet out.

“Listen here Llama lady, stop following us around, we all know your momma is a llama!”

Kids checking out the bees hives health when they get home from school.

Looking fabulous while making candles.

School project time, first Willow does hers with the help of a visiting Marcus and momma Brytani.

Lyndsey is getting a snack before she starts hers and talking to family friend Morgan.

Monique takes her turn next and school project time turns into a full on family event.

Willow even helps because she has finished hers and wants to help her new sister.

By sisters, I meant best friends! They’ve made it official!

engaged!!! :O Oh my goodness, yes!! They’ve had the whim, it’s really going to happen!

Perfect ending to this chapter I think. Keep it a shorter one honestly. Romance and romance notifications.

More townies pregnancy notifications. joy!!

Alice and Eric Lewis; Nani Kealoha and Shingo Miyamoto (Lilith convinced the bartender that she made enemies with that Shingo is a horrible person do not friend him); Darling and Gunther Munch; Eva and Salim Capricciosa; Holly and Hugo Villareal; Luna Villareal and Masaru Suzuki; Morgan and Mitchell Kalani; Kayla Flemming and Fetu Kalawai’a; Zoe and Arnold Armstrong; Prisha and Akira Kibo; Sofia Kaneko and Manuia Paewai; Hali’a Ausage and Gideon Harris; Christie and Arnav Joyson; Hina Kakamura and Kelvin Vatore; Lanuola and Dallas Paoa; Riya and Rangi Parikh

Adoptions: Leila and Oliana Ngata adopted Blakely Naranjo; Lilith Vatore and Tomax Lee adopted Diane Becker

Marriages: Lia Hauata and Travis (scott) Hauata; Izzy Fabulous and Billie (Jang) Fabulous; Johnny (Zest) Jang and Anaya Jang; Penny Pizzazz and Tobias (Frye) Pizzazz; Rangi Topasna and Kyra (Raghavan) Topasna; Malcolm (Cottrell) Dove and Tianna Dove; Leinani Ka’ana’ana and Jamison (Bowles) Ka’ana’ana; Vivaan Ramesh and Kalamainu’u (Iona) Ramesh; Ashaya (Banerjee) Goth and Bella Goth; Bronson (Mercado) Ichmawin and Aicha Ichmawin; Samaria Akana and Callen (Parsons) Akana; Vaea (Ngata) Gupta and Prisha Gupta.

Oh and my covid test was negative. Woo! Still sick and exhausted though… hopefully it clears up soon.

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