Just a Legacy: Text Change Catch up Part 3

Taking my sweet time lately with playing sims. I haven’t been feeling it as much because I haven’t had hours of free time at a time to play it. I want to be able to focus for hours and just relax. Instead I’ve been getting sporadic gaming done in some other games that I’ve been negelcting. 15 minutes here. Maybe an hour there while in a call talking to people that I’m catching up with. It’s been kind of wild all the stuff that’s been keeping me busy.

On a positive note, part of what that’s been happening this year is that I met a group of people that have been making my days filled with happiness. My anxiety attacks are lessening. They’re helping me see myself in a more positive light. Because of the sims community and some other forum communities, I have already been healing. This new group is taking that healing even further. I have so many friends now all over the world. People who see me for me. They don’t look at me and automatically judge and make assumptions. Where people in my life have seen fat and ugly, this group has been showering me with comments about beautiful and kind. I haven’t known what to do with myself.

I hate my voice and being called cute because it’s always been accompanied by this, “you’re cute because we look down on you because you’re clearly to dumb and inferior to be taken seriously.” This group is changing that. They’ve helped me realize that I use cute in a good way. I’ve always used it so positively, but when it’s said to me it had a foul taste. Suddenly, I’m realizing, that it’s not.

It’s okay to accept the fact that I have a cute voice, I do cute things. I have cute art. I’m cute height, I’m cute sized. None of that is bad. I’m learning this. It’s different, it’s nice. I’m so happy.

But, I haven’t been in the mindset to write because I’ve just been overwhelmed with good feelings that I don’t know what to do with myself. I ended up making a silly Assassins Creed Origins post on my other blog. I have several other blogs I don’t really pay attention to. The Legend of Siwa begins. It’s mostly just me rambling about screenshots and such. You’re welcome to look though. (A/N: As I’m getting back to writing this I realize I just linked this in another story part and clearly my mind is a little fuzzy still right now. So sorry!)

I should get back to talking about my wonderful Justice family though!

This Part I’m going to be looking at Knox’s part of our little family. Jumping right in with Knox of course.

Knox is going to be an elder soon, oh goodness. I don’t want any of them to be elders yet!! It’s going to be crazy trying to get everything done for his aspiration, I wonder if I even can? The only thing he has left is hitting level 10 of the Civil Designer career. He’s only level 2 because he joined the family so late. Luckily his traits all really show off his love for the green and being out in nature, even if it’s in the middle of a thunderstorm.

His tendency to spend all his time outdoors though is getting in the way of his aspiration progress. I don’t think that he would particularly care if he actually completes the aspiration, so I’m not going to push him to hard to make progress, but I wanted to get him started at least. If he can hit level 2 logic skill, he gets to get another promotion and hit level 3. It’s not much, but it’s at least something. I want to push him a teeny bit because I want to try the home grown meat thing on the vertical planter because I never have.

I’m pretty sure that the career he needs for his aspiration anyways is the one I need to try that feature out so I’ve been rather excited that I have the chance to try it out in this legacy.

Here’s some interesting stats. Since moving in, somehow Knox has only cooked 4 meals since he moved in to the Justice Family household. I think all of them that he’s made though have been large group meals to share with everyone, and nothing solely for himself. He’s really sweet and cares about others. I’m glad I got to add him to the family! On a random side note, I’ve been behind on reading and I was just reading CathyTea’s latest legacy and Knox showed up to be an awesome friend to Kiki! It made me super happy to see him being an awesome person elsewhere as well.

One of the fun things about all of our legacies that started around the same time is that our various stories seem to be peeking through into the other stories. Those moments of game aware sims, but also separate universes. It’s fascinating honestly. If you haven’t read her legacy already, I highly suggest it.

Knox is leading a really nice, calm life. No misfortunes, (though I think his mothers dying should count) and a nice 40 whims completed. He could probably do with having more whims completed, but I’ve mostly just been letting him do his own thing and I think that’s how he is happy. He might have the whim, but he doesn’t feel the need to fulfill it. He just happily enjoys life as it comes to him.

The only times that Knox is Tense, uncomfortable, or dazed, tends to be when he has been struck by lightning spending to much time outside in the middle of a thunderstorm. Otherwise he is happy and inspired and enjoying life just as everything else points to. The funny thing about looking at these sims stats right now though is that Scared hasn’t been added. That’s actually kind of disappointing. I would love to see how many times a sim gets scared as well.

So somehow I’ve missed a few little features of Knox’s skills. I haven’t been paying attention to them really. I don’t think I realized that he had an interest in Mixology and Fitness. I’m thinking that I should get him a bar counter when he retires so he can just make drinks and enjoy himself. I don’t know how I didn’t realize he had this interest at all. I’m even surprised about the fitness, though I probably shouldn’t be since Knox loves to play basketball.

These two are adorable together! The friendly chess match has mock frustration while cute lovey dovey eyes are being shot at each other.

But to summarize before I move on to Lilith, here’s the goals I think I’m going to focus on with Knox over the next few sims days. (I also happen to be creating a page in my bullet journal to write down these goals for each member of the family. I think the page is turning out super cute!)

  • Marry Lilith? Get engaged? Have a child?
  • Casually let Knox work on his career
  • Let him live his life how he wants to

Now I’m going to move on to looking at Lilith, the public enemy that has joined the house. Right away, I know I need to get her a job in the criminal career to make progress on her aspiration. I think I’m going to do it as well because I haven’t had her use a potion yet and so she will have plenty of time to work towards leveling up in her career. The bonus of having her start her adult years again is that if I actually have her and Knox have a child (because I don’t know if they want one), she will be around for her child’s life for much longer.

Looking at her traits, I can see how their relationship grew so fast once they met. Abbie is a master thief, so is Lilith. In fact, I bet with the connections that Brytani and Abbie can provide from their old crew, they can get Lilith a good starting position in a criminal career, especially with her extra skill sets having taken the special classes required to acquire a villainy degree. As a loner, she matches super well with Knox who likes to spend most of his time working in the garden, so the two of them can get alone time and she would get stressed from having to much attention. Then her final trait of slob matches perfectly with Knox’s absolute love for trash!

They really are super adorable together and I’m glad that their traits matched so perfectly when they found each other. I really don’t check traits before hand I pay attention to the sims behavior themselves, so I didn’t know how perfect it would actually end up being. I’m pleased with the results. It’s story cute!!!!

Oh! Lilith has a niece! I completely forgot this was a thing. I do vaguely remember it showing up in all of the MCCC alerts, but I don’t think it had been important at the time, or I was just super tired when the alert happened so I promptly forgot. But look at the extended family that is now part of the Justice Family! I really wish I had been able to get to know Knox’s mothers as well.

As for her stats, I’m not really going to share it because it’s mostly all zeroes since she just joined the household and I’m pretty sure when the sims are “NPCs” they don’t always register the things that they’ve done.

Instead I’m going to just jump right into the skills to get to know her interests better, and decide what I want to add to the house to appeal to her and make her feel comfortable. But honestly, she just fits so well with the rest of the household, there isn’t much I could add. It’s like she belongs in the Justice Family.

In fact, I decided to just go ahead and grab her that job and I am now fully confused. There were a bunch of other jobs like “Boss” that were in her job opportunities, but I don’t think I have any job mods, so it must be something that happens with the university degrees? I haven’t actually gotten that far with university yet because I’ve been busy. So sticking her in the Boss career, does it still count as the criminal career for the aspiration? I’m really hoping so, because it would be amazing to have that short cut since Boss is technically the criminal career.

She just starts higher up and gets a huge signing bonus because of her awesome connections and degree. So right now, since I’m not super stressed about it, and I’m going to test it after she finishes the first stage of the aspiration and I can see if the career counted, I’m going to move on to her daughter. I really don’t seem to have much on Lilith quite yet. But oh! Let me get her little sheet pulled together and take down notes of what my to do list thoughts are for her over the next few sims days.

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but I’ve been adding middle names to everyone for fun. I actually picked Lilith’s middle name before looking her up on the wiki and laughed when I saw that her mother was a Mary. It’s perfect!!

Now onto her daughter who I have a feeling is going to be a fast friend for Willow. It’s Monique Butcher!

Monique doesn’t seem to have an easy life, she clearly tries to be responsible, but she struggles with a bad image. I wonder if she struggles because she’s adopted and something had happened to her that had her go up for adoption. Perhaps her parents had a negative reputation and she is suffering from that stigma and lashes out as a result, even though she wants to be a better person. I think that being a member of the Justice Family will be a positive influence on her and give her more confidence in herself.

Do you ever watch something while you’re typing, or try to reply out loud to a question while typing something and end up typing whatever else you were hearing or thinking? I’m having that issue pretty bad right now. It’s really silly. Just a random thought that is interrupting my train of thought while I explore, “Who is Monique?” I’m looking forward to getting back to actually playing here soon! I’m looking at the calendar in game in fact and wow. There’s going to be a lot going on soon!

So many upcoming birthdays! It’s exciting and also an oh no moment! I’m not prepared! Haha.

There isn’t actually to much I know about Monique yet, I’m going to get to know her here soon and I hope you all enjoy that journey.

Of course, after saying I don’t know her very well, I decided to look at her genealogy, and woah. It’s rather large with all of the connections! Look at all the new extended Justice Family members! Monique’s adopted dad is Hugo Villareal, so because of the Villareal’s she has 5 cousins!! Welcome to the family all you lovely kiddos!!

So yay! Here’s all of the family. I’m not sure really what my goal for Monique is going to be other than socialize as much as she can. Perhaps I’ll look for her extended family and get to know them a bit too. She will need to make friends with others for her aspiration after all.

And finally, I’m going to be getting back to some game play now that I have a bit of a plan in place. Things have been a bit to hectic for me lately and I just absolutely needed a kind of to do list to focus in and have some fun. As… strange as that sounds, to do lists are fun for me.

Back to the story and the adventure of following the life of sims!

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