Just a legacy: introduction

I see it once, I enjoy it. I see it a second time, I’m really loving the idea. I talk about and now I’m hooked. What am I talking about? Having a sim lit for just a regular follow those original rules and try to get points legacy. I fell in love with CathyTeas goofy legacy even if the trait never wanted to show up. And she’s starting another legacy inspired by another new legacy and we’re all going thru the year that is 2020. Love writing, and just haven’t been in that head place where something is like “yes. That’s it. That’s what I want to write.”

Maybe that’s just me though.

Regardless, my point is that I absolutely love legacies and so no other side rules or plotted storylines. No cheating because something happened in game I didn’t mean to happen because I click stupid sometimes. And that dumb click has made it so I ruined the plotline I was doing.

No. My head is disorganized right now. It needs a mental spring cleaning. I need to get myself back which has felt like a long journey since I almost stopped breathing a year ago.

Oh yeah. Sorry about that. BANG right there. Yeah I almost died. Health issues. Doctors that didn’t believe I could possibly know my own body. Belittling. Depression. Suicidal thoughts. Man. The last two years have been rough.

I mean the almost died totally wasn’t my fault. I was recovering from the operating table and my body was relieved that the baby was alive after so much struggle and so it just gave up and was ready to send that purple light to the sky. I got down to something like 20 heart beats per minute I think is what my husband said. I don’t recall much just being cold and so tired and trying to remember that I had to breath.

Anyways… Searching through lore fascinates me. Building maps fascinates me. Playing Sims makes me happy. Writing stories in my head makes me happy. But sometimes I just think. This isn’t good enough. I can’t let people see this. My intelligence isn’t high enough to reveal to the world the random disjointed thoughts that go through my head. It’s not perfect. Why am I sharing this?!

See what I mean? This somehow I end up on the topic of I want to do a regular old go to the root original pinstar legacy rules. I constantly use the succession and trait roller anyways. Might as well try to do the real thing finally. Right?

Makes sense to me!

But that point system. Oh dear that point system. It is so daunting. And there have been so many new packs and updates since the last score tracker was updated. (Actually I’m trying to make my own updated one but I’m having a hard time not trying to just list absolutely everything. So this may turn into some monster huge project endeavor thingy that I take on.)

I really like the bright shiny rainbow pretty tracker by bunny. So I’m going to be using that quite a bit I think. And just trying to go off that, not with an attempt to get everything but to jot down what I do happen to get.

For spouses I won’t be picking. I’m going to try the Tea way and let the sim choose. Even if it takes a long time. And please do let me know if those whims are broken anyone. Please. Cause I’ve been hearing chatter that whims are broken which is really sad to me because I love Sims whims. Those Sims know what they want. They’re their own people!

So in succession laws I suppose that means that I am going to be doing full modern and equality so that any child male, female, or other; adopted or bloodline, vampire, alien, mermaid, whatever can be the heir.

As for how they’re chosen… Uhhh well. I really love the idea of the audience choosing and getting to vote on it. I feel like maybe I’ll keep a little tally of any comments like “so and so should be the heir” or I’ll try to get a post up that kind of summarizes all the eligibles. So all children, in this legacy. Otherwise I’m just going random. And rerolling if there is a new child to see if the heir stays the same or shifts.

I really like the poll voting though. I’m just really… Really bad at making polls.

Holy cow have I rambled on for a long time or what. Yeah, that’s just how my head works, especially when I’m tired and can’t sleep which is when I’m writing this. Just one of those mornings I suppose. (It’s 3 am. Yikes)

I have no idea who my founder is going to be yet. I may even roll randomly. But I’m going to do a meet the founder post when I am more awake. And most likely I’m going to start drawing some Sims maps and developing my personal head canon of the Sims lore. Including locations on my own Sims planet. No matter how many alternate universes exist in it because of save files. Haha oops. They’re just different people with similar names that’s all…

I’m also just going to be doing a 50 x 50 lot without trying for the super mega ultra hard mode optional 5000. I’m going to take this super relaxed. Pondering picking a name theme as well.

I kind of have been naming all my familiars in ni no kuni after food and I rather love it. But I’m not sure food makes good people names. I don’t know. I’ll probably think of something.

Current Post: Introduction ——> Next Post: Meet the Founder


86 thoughts on “Just a legacy: introduction

  1. Yesssss!! New legacy ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m so happy you decided to go for it!
    Sorry to hear about your health problems, I hope you’re doing better now.
    Don’t feel too daunted by the point system, mine fell to the side after around two generations, when I decided to play just for the fun of it. I’m super looking forward to your legacy! Whoo!

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  2. I am so grateful you are OK. I can’t imagine this world without you. Big prayers of gratitude!

    Plus, fun way to write, right?

    I don’t keep track of the points, and I might not strictly follow the rules, if my Sims need something else. It’s so hard to trust the Sims with their own romances, but also so rewarding!

    So far, I don’t see any changes with whims… They seem about usual: meet someone new, woohoo in tent…

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  5. “I love Sims whims. Those Sims know what they want. Theyโ€™re their own people!”
    ^^ This. Yes!! I love it! I’m really terrible at keeping up with people’s stories and I kinda feel bad about it, but I really wanted to check out your new legacy. I’ve got a ton of your other stuff to catch up on eventually. Maybe over my break. I’m taking 10 days at Christmas (some for the holidays/anniversary stuff, but I’m hoping for lots of reading time). ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. Opps I posted before finished. First of all, I’m sooooooo glad you’re still here. I had a concussion 2 years ago, not the same thing in any way shape or form, but I had a rough patch for a long time. And then 2020 was… we won’t go there. It’s been rough for everyone.

    Playing the Sims and writing SimLit and reading SimLit has helped me rediscover myself and joy. No kidding. I really credit the Sims and this community for helping me find myself again and learn to love myself again… several times.

    Anyhoo… you’re such an important part of the Simming community and I’m thankful for your presence and friendship, and your fun stories. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Also points…schmoints? Yes, that’s a word. I just made it one. I never calculate points and I rarely follow rules, even my own ones, because the Sims have a mind of their own. Play for fun and do things your way. I’m looking forward to more!

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