BWC: Runaway Spirit

Marina has been working hard in the background to keep her family safe. The Garden Faeries haven’t been coming over nearly as often anymore, but perhaps they should.

Charlie doesn’t even remember them. Their help just hasn’t been needed with the garden lately so they’ve stopped meeting, and things have been running pretty smoothly. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade the club to something more relaxing where they all just get to hang out as friends.

Here’s that adorable kitten Cashew being cleaned by momma Aimee. Unless we have any more surprise kittens, Cashew is still likely to take over as the spirit animal when Charlie becomes a child. Hopefully I will stop upgrading the park and will actually save up enough simoleons for the family to move to a new lot to make a home for the second part of the challenge. Eh… Not likely, I keep finding more things I want to improve! Hah.

For example, Westfall park still needs so many frogs, and the goal was to fill the greenhouse with all of the plants… Well except maybe not that pesky ufo I can never seem to get even if I do go to space. So perhaps that one will get added much further down the line.

I’ve also made Sims family members for Eighmey and Marina but I’m having a hard time figuring out how to actually add them to the Sims family panel. Suggestions are very much welcome. On another point I think I’m really close to having all of the feathers displayed in the kitchen building, so at least one set of collectables will hopefully be complete soon.

Eighmey is getting some pointers on the new art style she’s been trying lately… Actually drawing people. Foreshortening, foreheads, hands, mouths, feet, noses… Generally everything about people is very difficult to get right and not have it look like it belongs in uncanny valley.

Her job has been asking her to get better at people so they can take commissions for paintings of clients that the clients want hung in their houses.

Marina thinks that it’s better to copy the money making artists of the past to make a quick buck on the black market.

There certainly seems to be a market for it. . . Though at the moment she’s just working on hacking some bank databases to skim a bit here and there off accounts so no one notices a Simoleon here and there go missing and add up to quite the payoff for her. She needs money to find her criminal schemes and take care of her family after all.

Life is a struggle though with all the problems going on and Marina is more stressed than she lets on. Just look at her spirit animal revealing what kind of panic she actually has inside her. So much panic that she’s sick with it.

Speaking of sick. Eighmey decided to wander off in the middle of the night and attempt to eat the cowplant cake without thinking. She stared at her hands in disgust. Why did she do that? Did she sleepwalk?

Perhaps she’s getting overwhelmed with stress as well. They are getting very close to finishing the Westfall park as Eighmey originally imagined it. So what do they do after that?

Oh no! Come on you two, must you constantly be in love and making kittens??

Author’s Note: I realize now that I’m just kind of not telling the story very well right now. My writing creativity has been on a low lately and I don’t know why. Aka i’ve got really bad writer’s block right now. But since I want to be writing and get out of that writer’s block, I’m just going to write and get out the bits of the story that I can get out. One day, perhaps I will rewrite my stories in full novel formats and do a much better job. I’m pretty sure my memory is heading down hill as well. Which is weird because I’m still pretty young, and that scares me. So I have to reread a lot every time I want to go write. So many notes to read through everytime. I want to right accurately. Oh and I’m sorry that this is turning into a bit of a rant right in the middle of this story post. I really need to just write in a journal to get my brain moving and write all of the random things that pop into my head that are absolutely not on the same train track of thought.

Eighmey is trying to hold the pose that she is drawing to get a sense of where to put what muscles.

Oh, and here is what the park looks like so far. I’m still working on the greenhouse and the general landscaping still. But it really is coming along great!

Okay this is just slowly tuning into commenting on the screenshots I took months and months ago before I moved because I do not remember where I left off in the story and I don’t have my notes cause their are boxes everywhere in my house still. But look, they’re playing chess!

He seems to be coming over again pretty frequently just like the rest of the Garden Faeries. I guess it was time for them to start the club up again for its original intention. Make sure mystery vampire man didn’t get to Eighmey. They had slacked off ever so briefly. Left her alone for a small amount of time, and that’s when he had shown up and bit her.

Here is the greenhouse interior in progress.

Poor Marina is exhausted. All these late nights are catching up to her. Alex is watching over her to make sure no one hurts her while she is passed out.

Aimee is such a star isn’t she? Kidding, the poor kitty isn’t feel well because I’m pretty sure she’s having kittens again, and her connection to Eighmey always gets thrown a bit out of wack when she’s pregnant.

See, Alex is worried about her. And Naoki is squeeing in aww over the cute cat couple. We should give him one of the extra kittens. I also saved them to my gallery if you want to adopt one of the kittens.

Charlie looked around at everyone and looked at the cake. “Is it my birthday yet?”

Time to take care of poor sick Aimee.

And she’s mad at me for giving her medicine. And she’s running away… again. While likely pregnant… again. Why does this keep happening?!?!

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