KC: To the Future

The plan was to adopt several foster kids when their were babies that needed a family. With all the family drama, they hadn’t done that in awhile. Kristopher and Chance talked it over, and decided it was high time that they adopt again. Better yet, they found twins that had been put up for adoption! Now they don’t have to be separated!

Kristopher is working really hard on screenplays, he’s found his niche for writing because he uses it to write musicals. So when Chance went to the mailbox and saw a reply from his newest penpal Jennifer who was also a writer, he was excited to see what she had to say.

Even better, she had sent him a postcard and he hadn’t even needed to ask!

Immediately he added it to his bulletin board where he was collecting pictures from all around the world.

The babies would be born soon, they were just waiting for the notification from the mother with excitement so Chance took the time he had to try to get a good photograph of Loma.

He got a decent one… then she decided to spite him.

The Keener-Baker family’s kitten spun into adulthood. He would have to try to include that photo when he sent out his next letter.

Next he got stopped from writing a response letter by his sister dropping by for a visit. It was wonderful that he got so much time with family now that all of the drama had been sorted out.

The letter dropped from his mind for a week as they got busy planning Britta’s birthday party.

Kristopher’s books weren’t best sellers, but he was enjoying publishing them anyways. It didn’t matter if they only sold a couple hundred here and there. It was still a little bit of money coming in.

Then it was Britta’s birthday! Their precious girl loved greens and yellows. So they moved to decorating her bedroom to suit her style. Time kept slipping past them faster than they realized.

Just as Chance felt that he could sit down and write a response when he had a moment, they got a call from the hospital. The mother of their twins had gone into labor early and they were needed at the hospital to get their sons!

A couple days later they brought their sons Raymond and Zechariah Keener home. They used Chance’s last name because they wanted to show that they had forgiven his parents for what they had done.

Finally, it was time to sit down and write his letter. Chance pulled out his stationary and pondered what to write.

Dear Jennifer,

First off, I am so sorry that this took so long for me to get a reply sent to you. Life can get so dramatic some times and time just slips away as you’re enjoying or dealing with what life brings you. Like, I went to take a picture of Loma my kitten for you and she decided she would get bigger before I could actually find the time to sit down and write to you so I had to get a better picture of what she looks like now! I guess she’s not my precious kitten anymore either. I did include a picture of her though, but she’s not as colorful as your Mist. Furbabies absolutely count as children by the way.

My husband… hmmm, I think he just likes writing, and doesn’t particularly care if they’re good to others or not. He just likes getting his story out there. It helps that he was pretty famous already because of his work as a child violist. Lately he’s been focusing in on writing musicals though, so his books are getting neglected. Hah! I guess that does count as not being able to focus on one story doesn’t it!

I hope you find the book that catches your attention and you can share it with the world. Also send my best wishes to your mom for working to being a nurse. Nurses are wonderful people.

Oh, and I don’t think that collecting voidcritters is silly at all. I have my own guilty collection. Kristopher and I have been collecting unique snow globes that we find, and we’ve built a shelf for them over our bed.

Oh right, I forgot to mention a couple more reasons why it took me so long to write. Kristopher and I decided to adopt a couple more children after all. There were twins getting born to a mother who couldn’t keep them, so we took them in so that they didn’t have to be separated at birth. Their names are Raymond and Zechariah. It is going to be a lot of hard work, but it’ll be worth it.

Until the next letter! Your penpal,

Chance Keener

Donovan asked for some attention after the letter was finished, so Chance helped his oldest son build blocks before he mailed out the letter.

As he mailed out the letter, adding a few pictures to it to show off his family, his family had a dance party.

His family would continue to grow, and he would continue to celebrate its growth with his penpals.

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