AAS: The bear phase

I must admit, I think I may have let a couple years slip by since I wrote in here last. We’ve been extremely busy since we got the rocket materials. Between writing books, helping you with school work, working on the rocket, and getting an occasional painting finished, we have been extremely busy.

The rocket has been especially hard, but I am determined to get it built for you. I’ve had to research like crazy every step of the way. Rocket Science is not something I ever was interested in as a child.

Thankfully, your extraterrestrial family has been helping me out.

Every so often they will come by for a visit and help me with an especially hard part that I’m stuck on. It’s coming along really well with their help.

Besides the rocket, now that you’re at school, I’ve been taking up running because I didn’t realize that I had started gaining weight. I used to walk every day, but my activity lately has been very low so I want to get back in shape. Hopefully it’s a good example to you as well.

But, the progress of the rocket isn’t what I actually decided I needed to sit down and write about. You are currently going through a phase. I’m really worried that you’re starting to question that you look different than the other kids at school.

You asked me to pick up a bear costume for you that you’ve been wearing around the house. I want to let you reach into that need, but I also had to make sure that you knew that you are wonderful, and your appearance isn’t important.

You’re my son and I love you no matter what. True friends will look past appearance because you are what is important, not what you look like. I reminded you to just be yourself, and if that is dressing as a bear then you have fun with it.

To show my support I let you come out with me to the humor and hijinks festival that we got invited to, wearing your bear costume.

It wasn’t exactly a crazy fun kid friendly festival, but I think you enjoyed being out in a crowd without other people judging you, everyone was wearing silly outfits that night so they didn’t even bat an eye at the fact that you were a citrus bear.

We had some great conversations as we laughed at all the terrible jokes. I think really, that you’re worried about seeing your family in person, and what it will be like when we finish building the rocket. Will you want to go back to your home planet? Or will you still be content here?

While you were getting a drink i addressed your concerns with some of my friends that have been helping me with the rocket. I don’t want to talk about what they said in detail, you’re to young still. But I think you will be content to stay here, or at least… I really hope you will be. The battle they are fighting sounds incredibly dangerous and I hope that you don’t have to get involved in it.

I hope I can protect you from it, but you’re an incredibly smart boy. I’m sure you already know.

This phase will pass by fairly fast I’m sure.

So for now my dear Alex, continue enjoying your childhood. Stay innocent as long as you can.

I’m glad your biggest worry is that you aren’t sure other kids at school like you. We’ve all been through those years of our childhood, and it will pass. I promise.


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