Outcast surprise

You lay in the grass,
you form shapes in the clouds.
You dream and wonder about the future.

You never know what it can hold.
What surprises lay in wait.

Sometimes it makes you think about the past.
What of your past is shaping your future?
What from your past have you been missing?

Do you leave it in the past?
Or do you try to relive it?

Sometimes any amount of reflection,
just doesn’t matter.
You can still be surprised.

The decisions of others,
just can’t be controlled.

When you’re an outcast,
you don’t expect to be approached.
You expect to be left alone.

And when you are approached,
you expect them to leave.

You especially don’t expect to make a friend.
To find yourself laughing.
To be enjoying yourself.

And sometimes you’re oblivious,
and you get surprised.

But the biggest surprise,
is when a new friend,
surprises you even more.

And they inform you,
that they were trying to flirt.

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