Fish out of water

Does it matter how deep the water is?
Does it matter how blue?
What do you see when you look at the water?

Is it the fish beneath the surface?
Or the reflections of the sky?

Does what you see when you look at the water,
determine who you are?
Is it like a personality test?
Or just a test of philosophy?

Perhaps all you see is the shadows where the fish hide,
and you can imagine that fish on a plate
served up as a meal, just waiting to be eaten.

But does it matter if you see something different than the next?

Perhaps instead you hear the sound.
You wonder where the water goes,
it trickles and bubbles,
ripples and moves.
Sometimes peaceful,
and sometimes wild.

Regardless of what you see,
or what you hear.
Water can always provide something.
It is almost like a form of meditation.

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