V-Pec: My mother’s anguish

I slid the stack of pictures I’d been looking at back into their previously sealed envelope. They hit the bottom of the envelope with a thud that felt exactly like the pit of emptiness that I could feel in the base of my stomach. I want to cry. I want to scream. I want to leave this cabin now and just strangle Vlad with my bare hands and have this entire mess just be done with.

But I force myself to swallow as if I actually need a breath of air to get rid of the pain. My parents hid this huge secret from me. I have another sibling. Does there mission even matter? Or is it all about revenge at this point?

With dread I pick up the next ribbon wrapped pictures. The pictures that my parents didn’t seem to care if I stumbled upon. They didn’t hide any secrets inside ribbons. If I paid attention I could have noticed everything in them. But not my missing brother.

I almost don’t care to look at these. I feel numb, more dead inside than I ever have since I died when I came of age as a teenager. My mother runs and goes on an exercise fit. Who cares?

She did so because she lost her baby, and spoiled its twin, and ignored me.

These were her moments after she lost him though. So I guess I should pay attention at the very least instead of brooding myself. These moments are important. Not to mention mother looks… almost feral in this one.

She must have almost let her pain and anger take her to the other side.

I think I can vaguely recall this time when my mother’s presence was missing. She stayed out hunting. She came home to glance in on me and feed James, then she would leave again. I didn’t know what I had done wrong.

Apparently nothing.

[growls of anger can be heard]

Sorry, sorry. I saw Vlad still stalking my mother and I almost lost control myself. I held back the shift to my dark form at the last second.

They’re at opposite ends of the table. Arguing. I remember the arguments. I didn’t know then what they were about… but I remember her name. Bella. It was often a subject brought up when they were arguing. I hated her so much.

My parents argued about her, and I was ignored. How could I be so foolish not to realize there was something going on.

I was so innocent.

I saw the moments they loved each other, and assumed there was nothing wrong between them. That they loved James more than me and that’s why he was spoiled and I often had to play by myself after he was born.

How could I have known than that there was something more to their story.

There were stronger reasons why Mother stayed out so long, even after the sun had risen and it could fry her to her death.

There was a break in their plans that they never told me.

A crack that could mean all of the planning over the years. All the things they’ve trained me for. They could add up to nothing.

I’m a tool in a revenge story.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. Do I move forward with my Aunt’s plans to take down Vlad. Do I try to talk to my long lost brother who has been raised by Vlad as his own son and became his right hand man? Do I end this stupid feud and try to change everything myself?

Who even are my enemies? Who are my allies? I don’t know anymore.


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